September 2011

Summary: Emery's Labor Day BBQ, Dinner at Park Chow with Will, Lake Merritt paddleboating with Will, Union Square shopping with Danny and Patrick, Dolores Park with Patrick then Churchill with Syndicate, Shangri La Underwear Fashion Show, The Family Crest with Will at the Apple Store

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Thu Sep 1, 2011

Vacation day. Home with a sore throat. Breakfast at home: toasted pumpernickel bagel with cream cheese. Cleaned the bathroom. Organized the pantry and other stuff. Vacuumed. Drink: semi-homemade watermelon lemonade. Washed the bicycle. Repaired 2 cables that were chewed up by the vacuum cleaner. Snack: a banana. Weight training: door pull ups. Dinner at home with Patrick: leftover mayocoba beans with rice, mini heirloom tomatoes grilled with olive oil, thyme, and garlic. Dessert: biscotti with hot chocolate. Watched X-Men: The Last Stand on Netflix DVD with Patrick.

Fri Sep 2, 2011

Vacation day. Sore throat pretty much all gone finally. Swept dirt in the garbage bins area. Showered. Mailed a package to Tina. Lunch at Kingdom of Dumpling: salt and pepper tofu, xiao long bao, hot tea. Tried driving to IKEA Emeryville but the bridge traffic was crawling at about 3 miles per hour so I drove to IKEA East Palo Alto instead. Returned a mirrored medicine cabinet, ate a nonfat yogurt cone. Stopped at BevMo Colma. Dinner at home with Patrick: orecchiette with māche and leftover marinara sauce with leftover grilled heirloom tomatoes, dinner roll with butter, hot water. Watched The Scorpion's Tale - The Simpsons on Hulu with Patrick.

Sat Sep 3, 2011

Woke up too early. I thought my sore throat was gone, but it's not really—I was fooled. Drove to work. Got to the elevators and realized I forgot my office key at home. Drove home. Drove to work. Breakfast at the cafeteria: home fries, eggs, wheat toast, no meat. Picked up personal packages that I had had sent to work. Organized stuff at home. Nap. Cleaned the bathroom. Shower. Dinner at home: leftover mayocoba beans with rice. Watched Season 6 Episode 25 Timescape of Star Trek: The Next Generation on Netflix instant watch with Patrick.

Sun Sep 4, 2011

Weight training: leg lifts. Breakfast with Patrick: mayocoba beans and rice breakfast burritos, hot water. Afterwards we went to Stonestown Farmers Market, bought a few groceries. Lunch: tofu and gai lan stir fry, leftover salt and pepper tofu, steamed white rice, semi-homemade watermelon lemonade. Organized photos in Flickr. Dinner at Xiao Loong with Patrick: Xiao Loong steamed fish, steamed veggie potstickers (which weren't potstickers), shrimp chow mein, hot water. Patrick's fortune: You will always have an attractive home that'll be a source of pride and pleasure. My fortune: Stay close to your inner self. You will benefit in many ways. Organized photos in Flickr.

Mon Sep 5, 2011

Breakfast: all-organic banana pancakes, half of an organic banana, hot water. Yoga: standing warmup practice. Weight training: beat your boots, inverse push ups. Syndicate BBQ at Norfolk Street. Met David Ng, Toby, David, Sadie, Kale, Matt, Jeff. Dinner at home with Patrick: leftover fish with leftover stir fry and rice. Edited photos. Realized that I probably suffered an allergic reaction to the dogs at today's BBQ. It was not as severe as I have suffered in the past with cats, but this is the first time I have found that I am allergic to any dogs. So I think now that I am mildly allergic to some but not all dogs and very allergic to most but not all cats. I learned that Henry tends bar at an Indian restaurant called Seva.

Tue Sep 6, 2011

Breakfast at home: 2 small, sliced green apples; hot water. Rode my bike to work. It was my first time riding my bike since my surgery. I felt winded. Linkchecking, Flickr work, kiosk work. Set up 2 Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 mice for the shared office laptops. Previously I had Logitech bluetooth mice (V470 Cordless Laser Mouse for Bluetooth) that would not stay paired correctly between sessions in Windows 7. (I believe they worked properly with OS 10.6 Snow Leopard.) I thought about getting 2 Apple Magic Mouse mice but Apple doesn't officially support those mice in Windows 7 under Boot Camp. Some third-party solutions claim to exist to enable Magic Mouse to work in Windows in Boot Camp, but I didn't want to have to deal with a third-party solution. The Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 was very easy to install compared to the Logitech bluetooth mouse (V470 Cordless Laser Mouse for Bluetooth). The Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 just worked. The Apple Magic Mouse did not work as expected. The V470 Cordless Laser Mouse for Bluetooth did not work as expected in Windows 7. So far very happy with Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 except that the name is too long and the on-off switch needs to have a fluorescent dot of paint on it or something like that. Web team conference call. Lunch #1: leftover stir fry with rice. Began testing a Canon DR-3010C scanner. The software included with it might not be adequate to meet our workflow needs, so I am pondering the purchase of Omnipage Professional 18 ($499, or $299 for the educational price). Lunch #2 at the cafeteria: 12 ounces of vegetable soup, 1 dinner roll with butter, water; $2.68. Laptop maintenance. Reviewed QBC images with Susie, gathered more images, gathered captions interactively from Susie. Rode my bike home, annoyed by 2 cars that passed me with very little room to spare. Drink: semi-homemade watermelon lemonade. Filled my rear tire with some air. Dinner at home with Patrick: leftover orecchiette with pan-fried tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, and garlic; TJ's chickenless nuggets (they tasted pretty good); organic blue cheese dressing; ketchup; hot water. Edited BBQ photos.

Wed Sep 7, 2011

Breakfast at home with Patrick: red onion scramble with mixed cheeses, hash browns, hot water. Rode my bike to work. I didn't put enough air in the rear tire. Listserv management: annual usage reminder, one add for Tanishia B. Announced new mice for shared office laptops to the office staff. Posted updated fall draft schedules for Lucia. Chatted with Eric about my UPS being discovered overloaded while I was gone. No easy resolution since the problem never happens when I'm in the office. I suspect the cleaning staff plugs the vacuum cleaner into it. Lots of listserv management. Sent the websteering lunch reminder. Played with our CQ5 test site, encountered and reported some problems. Conference call and demo with TERMINALFOUR. Prepared the student leadership group facebook sheet for Cindy. Supp app project work in Drupal: reset payment for 2 applicants, did an import. Responded to an entering student about computer requirements. Updated the list of students spreadsheet on the network to remove the recent graduates. Stopped by to check in with Rodney but I was too late; he had already left for the day. Reviewed an RFP reply for ImageX Media. Played more with our CQ5 test site. It looks very pretty but the interface seems to require a lot of repetitive actions in order to get common things done. Set up Apple Mail and iCal because I was tired of Outlook not finding messages when it was supposed to (even with Windows Desktop Search installed). Encountered a lot of problems with Apple Mail asking me for my password repeatedly. I think I resolved it by removing the account from both Mail and iCal and then deleting appropriate keys in the Apple Keychain and then readding the account in Mail. Linkchecking, Flickr work, kiosk work. Rode my bike home. Stopped at the bike shop on the way home, got some advice about pumping air. Home. Filled my tires with air more properly than before. Dinner at home with Patrick: we each had half of a veggie quesadilla, side of refried beans, really tasty sliced heirloom tomatoes topped with sour cream and cilantro, side of 4 TJ's breaded shrimp, hot water. Edited and uploaded photos. Drink: semi-homemade watermelon lemonade.

Thu Sep 8, 2011

Breakfast at home: organic oatmeal with fresh, diced green apple; raisins; cinnamon; organic lowfat milk. Archived IRS documents. Rode my bike to work. Linkchecking, Flickr work, kiosk work. Web team meeting. Lunch from Panda Express: fried rice, honey walnut prawns, veggie spring rolls; water. My fortune: Good news will come to you by mail. 3 back-to-back-to-back conference calls. CQ5 followup. Rode my bike home. I realized that I left my phone at work. Dinner at home with Patrick: stir fry with mushrooms and extra firm tofu; leftover rice; hot water. Dessert: we shared one sliced asian pear. Stretches. Weight training: bridge, advanced hip extensions.

Fri Sep 9, 2011

Breakfast: organic oatmeal with organic vanilla extract, almond extract, sliced almonds, California sage honey, organic lowfat milk; semi-homemade watermelon lemonade. Rode Muni to work. Responded to a supp app issue from Joel. Responded to a BSOD report from Lucia. Finally made a purchase with Nuance—customer support was a very poor experience Web redesign conference calls and meetings almost all day. Snack: a banana. Updated the student leadership headshots page for Cindy. Lunch: leftover stir fry and fish with rice. Scanner software installation onto testing laptop. Will picked me up at work. Dinner at Park Chow with Will, served well by Sarah. Cup of tortilla soup, lasagna, Coke for Will; veggie taquitos, bowl of shrimp bisque, chai tea latte for me. For dessert, we shared ginger cake with pumpkin ice cream and whipped cream. As we walked back to his car, Will encountered someone he knew but didn't introduce me. Will and I drove separately to his place. I spent the night at Will's, seeing his new place for the first time. Met Ray and Shawn (sp?). Started noticing some congestion in my lungs if I forced a cough.

Sat Sep 10, 2011

Spent the day with Will. Dropped off my bike for a tune up at Bay Area Bikes, Dale receiving. We then ate at Arizmendi Bakery: salad with balsamic vinaigrette, 2 slices of veggie pizza, 1 apple-apricot muffin, Boylan orange for me, a juice for Will, about $17. Farmers Market. Observed festivities related to the breast cancer walk. Pedal boat on Lake Merritt at Lake Merritt Boating Center for an hour, about $15 (non-resident—Will's ID didn't reflect his Oakland address). While out on the lake we shared a pecan roll left over from Arizmendi. On our return pass through the Farmers Market I bought 2 white nectarines, 1 pluot, and 1 heirloom tomato. I think everything I bought was organic. Everything was $2 per pound—pretty inexpensive. Frozen yogurt. Will's place. Nap. Watched a few videos on YouTube, starting with the Whole Foods Parking Lot video. I picked up my bike from Bay Area Bikes, then drove home. Traffic at the bridge toll was heavy. Shower. Appetizer: slices of heirloom tomato, sweet potato chips. Patrick got home but had already eaten dinner. Dinner: semi-homemade watermelon lemonade, organic lentil soup with slices of organic heirloom tomato. Watched Taxi Driver (1976) on Netflix DVD with Patrick. Late snack: the organic pluot, very perfectly sweet and juicy.

Sun Sep 11, 2011

Weight training: door pull ups. Spent the day with Danny and Patrick. I arrived early at Union Square and got a small chai tea latte at Cafe Rulli. We ate breakfast at Cafe Rulli. shopped in Union Square. Danny took us to the parfumerie in the bowels of Neiman Marcus. We were seeking Jonathan, as recommended by Romy, but he wasn't available and we consequently met Christina and enjoyed about 30 minutes of her pleasant assistance as we tried various selections and Danny made his purchase. After a little more shopping, Danny left to go to work, and Patrick and I continued shopping then had lunch at Bread and Cocoa (415-956-7200, 199 Sutter Street, San Francisco, California, USA): harvest salad with balsamic vinaigrette, toasted tuna melt. Honest Tea for Patrick, plain iced water for me. About $23. Patrick and I later took a taxi to Recharge Medical and Day Spa—about $8. Patrick got an eyebrow waxing. We chatted with Danny and Phil. We were both a bit tired, but I wanted to walk Sunday Streets Western Addition. We rode Muni there and walked most of the route. Rode Muni home. Encountered one of our neighbors as we got home. She apologized for recently being noisy with friends at 3:00 AM. I napped. Dinner at home with Patrick: TJ's organic spaghetti with organic heirloom tomatoes, broccolini, zucchini, olive oil, black truffle oil, lime juice, parm-reg; hot water. Dessert: we shared a very sweet, very juicy organic white nectarine. Web work for Drew: updated the PDF price list, fixed a double table problem on the hair removal page. Chest congestion noticed on Friday turned out to not be a problem. Seems to be going away.

Mon Sep 12, 2011

Stretches, tennis ball massage. Weight training: reverse push ups. Shower. Breakfast at home: organic oatmeal with fresh, diced organic white nectarine, organic lowfat milk. Rode my bike to work. Linkchecking, Flickr work, kiosk work. Responded to an email support request from student DP. Had problems logging in to Windows from my normal account. I could log in as admin. My normal account was not locked out. After much flailing, I finally resolved the problem by logging in as admin, removing the Windows computer from the domain, and readding it to the domain with a slightly different computer name. (No restart necessary.) Finally got Omnipage and PaperPort installed and began testing. The good news is that Omnipage is the closest thing to an ideal mass-scanning workflow I have seen so far. There were a few problems, however, so I spent a good portion of the morning on the phone with Nuance technical support. The quality of their telephone lines is bad (voip?), and the agent I spoke with seemed like a novice. I led the call most of the time, and he wasn't able to follow along with all the dialog boxes through which I was being walked. He did not have a good grasp of troubleshooting methodology; I was coming up with new things to try faster than he was. He wouldn't let me leave so that he could research the problem and call me back later. He said I had to stay on the call. The problem was that I would set Omnipage Professional 18 for a letter-sized scan but the PDF that resulted came out as legal. I was unable to find the answer to this problem on the Nuance website before calling technical support. The scanner is a Canon DR-3010C. Other apps (Canon's CapturePerfect and Nuance's PaperPort Pro 14) did not have the problem. We reran the Omnipage scanner setup twice, and that did not fix the problem. On my own I looked for and changed settings in the printing preferences for the printer drivers that convert things to PDF, but that didn't fix it, either. The thing that fixed it was to not use TWAIN and instead use ISIS. I got a few other questions answered and finally got off the phone after 80 minutes. Lots of laptop maintenance and wireless setup following new OS installations. Also prepared new desktop wallpapers for those laptops. Lunch: leftover spaghetti with vegetables. Coded the new update from the dean. Followup with Day support on the CQ5 preview. Began installing scanner software for Sammie's computer. Worked late. Patrick picked me up at work in the car. Dinner with Danny, Drew, Romy, Phil at their place. Patrick brought dessert: country peach pie from Chile Pies, an offshoot of Green Chile Kitchen. This pie seemed to me to be lacking a little sugar for my taste, but others liked it the way it was. I agreed that the crust was particularly tasty. Home. Repaired a problem with my local CrashPlan backup. Web work for Drew: homepage features.

Tue Sep 13, 2011

Stretches, tennis ball massage. Weight training: advanced hip extensions, reverse crunch. Breakfast: a banana. Rode my bike to work. Linkchecking, Flickr work, kiosk work. ICRD work for Rodney: added Michael W. Chatted with Susie about QBC content. Supp app project work in Drupal: import, issues with applicants who had paid but did not submit, created an account for Sarah. Listserv management. Found and delivered photos to Cindy and Shirin. Update from the Dean edits from Susie. Snack: a few grapes. Chatted with Nate online. Lunch: 2 tacos from Carmelina's. Afterwards I stopped at the bookstore to stock up on toothbrushes since the bookstore is closing permanently in October. Help desk committee meeting. Wrote and sent a clarification to current students about the new help desk. Snack: seaweed. Worked late. Rode my bike home. Dinner at home with Patrick: arugula and parm-reg ravioli in mushroom marinara with sweet yellow bell pepper, hot water. Dessert: leftover country peach pie with a small scoop of Breyer's vanilla ice cream. Did a little organizing of stuff.

Wed Sep 14, 2011

Stretches. Breakfast at home: all-organic oatmeal with fresh, diced New Zealand cripps pink apple, raisins, California sage honey, soy milk; 12 ounces of TJ's garden patch juice. This is my first time trying the garden patch juice. It has more bits of vegetable in it than V8 or generic V8—think "country style." It is also slightly spicy but not too spicy for me. Trader Joe's often surprises me with spiciness. This is a rare case in which the spiciness does not make me completely reject the item. This garden patch juice is probably a perfect ingredient for a tasty bloody mary. Archived a document. Rode my bike to work. Linkchecking, Flickr work, kiosk work. Listserv management. Supp app project work in Drupal: deadline extensions. Web edit: placement interviews for Lisa. More kiosk work with Paul D. More listserv management. Populated the P1 mailing list. Picked up ITS printed materials for orientation from Mark at CL-240. Lunch: hummus panini from Palio, organic grapes that I brought from home, water. Web edits: faculty listing, orientation prep, confirmation of current content. Conference call with 3|Share who helped with some CQ questions I had had. Upgraded half of the office from Firefox 3.6 to Firefox 6. Installed software for Lucia's new Brother MFC then set up the hardware. Finished installing Nuance software for Sammie. Installed Microsoft, Apple, and Sun updates for half the office. Worked late. Rode my bike home. Dinner at home with Patrick: grilled herbed salmon, seasoned vegetarian stuffing, steamed spinach, hot water. Web work for Drew: fixed the Spa-Booker header.

Thu Sep 15, 2011

Breakfast at home: organic oatmeal with fresh, diced, organic New Zealand cripps pink apple, California sage honey, cinnamon, soy milk; 12 ounces of TJ's garden patch juice. Small web edit for Susie: homepage update from the dean. Orientation materials prep. Helped Joel with 2 questions about Firefox 6. Supp app: resolved a PDF issue for Daliah. Followup with DLS about Tetty leaving. Set up access to the development biophysics site. The new UCSF School of Nursing website went live—it looks great. Helped student RH with questions about antivirus software and computer network problems. Reminded staff to log out or shut down at the end of the day. Calendar management. Supp app: an import. Adjusted the clear cache batch file on the kiosk. Lunch: leftover box lunch and other food/drink from orientation and a pathway meeting: turkey on dutch crunch, penne in pesto with sundried tomatoes, chocolate chip cookie, organic grapes from home, orange juice. Today was Carol's last day. Posted a new news story. Updated email setup web pages to remove references to ActiveSync activation, which is now automatic for everyone. Checked in with Lisa about whether she's ready for Firefox 6. Resolved a problem with Joel's personal laptop: while dragging Firefox 6 into the Applications folder to replace an older version an error appeared: "The operation cannot be completed because you do not have sufficient privileges." I did lots of troubleshooting with Disk Utility and TechTools Deluxe. To resolve the problem I had to restart the computer in single-user mode and run an fsck command followed by lots of chmod commands. I got stumped partway through and received some help from Syndicate on Mogwee. Emery was the one who brought the answer home with "How bout g+wX?" Eric was out ill today, so I took over his task of taking photos of the new students—took about 45 minutes for A through L, no problems. Worked late making photocopies for my presentation tomorrow and finishing installing updated MFC drivers for Lucia. Snack: one Andes chocolate mint, a handful of TJ's flat pretzel chips. Rode the bus home. Dinner at home by myself. (Patrick ate earlier.) Breaded shrimp and beans quesadilla with sour cream, side salad, water.

Fri Sep 16, 2011

Stretches, tennis ball massage. Weight training: advanced hip extensions, crunches, door pull ups. Rode Muni to work. Linkchecking, Flickr work, kiosk work. Adjusted the clear cache batch file on the kiosk—it didn't seem to be working correctly. I scheduled it to clear the cache at 6:58 PM every day, notified Rodney. Supp app project work in Drupal: import. Small web edits and followup with SCWG about new students having problems with Microsoft's email verification process to get Office for $99.95. Coded and posted a new news story for David and Susie. Presentation prep. Chatted briefly with Michael W. Lunch: Panda Express. My fortune: The rainbow's treasures will soon belong to you. Orientation computer services presentation with Rodney. Computer maintenance for office staff. Gathered keys and ID card from Carol on her last day. Worked late. Dinner from Moffitt Cafe Express (tomato florentine soup with crackers, veggie pizza slice) which I ate down the hall in an employee break room. (The dining area was closed off because a fire alarm had fired.) Rode Muni home.

Sat Sep 17, 2011

Made public my photos from last year's Folsom Street Fair which I only recently had gotten around to culling, editing, uploading to Flickr, and setting content filters appropriately. I made breakfast today for Patrick and me: veggie omelet, side of grilled vegan sausage with fresh basil, side of organic grapes, small raisin bagel with cream cheese, small doughnut bites. Organized stuff, sunbathed for a little while. Nap. Dinner at home with Patrick: Patrick's cauliflower soup, veggie burgers with cheddar, tomato, and lettuce.

Sun Sep 18, 2011

Breakfast: veggie omelet with vegan sausage coins, hash brown, croissant, maple rainbow-sprinkle cake doughnut. Edited and uploaded photos to Flickr. Lunch: cauliflower soup, breaded shrimp with tartar sauce and cocktail sauce, stuffing with corn off the cob, hot water. Patrick and I walked in the Castro, then sat on a park bench in Dolores Park for a while. Snack at Thorough Bread and Pastry: Patrick and I shared a mozzarella, basil, and tomato sandwich, bottled iced tea. Met some of the Syndicate at Churchill for a drink. Met (or remet?) Bob, Eric, Chris, Peter, James, (Rolf?). Back to the car. Picked up a coconut-passionfruit cake from Tartine. We had dinner with Drew, Romy, Phil at their place: spaghettini with TJ's (vegan?) meatballs and 2 kinds of sauces, side salad.

Mon Sep 19, 2011

Weight training: door pull ups, wide door pull ups. Uploaded photos to Flickr. Breakfast: melon slices, leftover omelet. Rode Muni to work. Linkchecking, Flickr work, kiosk work. Distributed presentation slides and handout to P1 students. Followup with SCWG: listserv attachment size limit, same-name problems. Web team meeting. Lunch: Susie and I got takeout from Palio. Web team meeting ran longer than planned. I had half of a tuna sandwich and a beet salad with water. Listserv management. Prepared and distributed feedback for the Student IT Support Guide and business card. More same-name problem reporting and followup. Posted final schedules for Lucia. Helped student PW with a question about rich text email messages. Met Romy, Drew, Phil, and Patrick at Lookout for drinks. Dinner at La Med, encountered Tim C, Bob, Eric, who were dining with (unknown).

Tue Sep 20, 2011

Breakfast at home: organic oatmeal with fresh, diced pink lady apple, California sage honey, cinnamon, organic lowfat milk. Rode Muni to work. Linkchecking, Flickr work, kiosk work. Investigated a problem in which after creating an HTML email message with rich text formatting in OWA/Firefox and sending the message to a listserv the rich text formatting does not appear to recipients of non-OWA clients such as gmail, yahoo mail, and—sometimes—Outlook 2010 for Windows. Workaround for now: distribute your message as a PDF. Web team conference call. Lunch: leftover veggie Subway sandwiches from orientation activities, water. Listserv management. Supp app project work in Drupal: prepped for restoring the stage from live, 2 fixes for pharmacy (multiple SEOs, incorrect PharmCAS ID), coded batch downloads script and view for dentistry (but must test it a bit further). Maintenance for Carol's computer: disk cleanup, defrag. Installed updates for my computers. Rode Muni home. Snack: seaweed. Laundry. Dinner at home with Patrick: moroccan-spiced grilled cod, kale, stuffing, dinner rolls, moscow mule coolers. Watched Thor (2011) on Netflix DVD with Patrick. Dessert: one almond roca, one piece of chocolate.

Wed Sep 21, 2011

Breakfast at home: organic oatmeal with fresh, sliced organic banana; sliced almonds; California sage honey; almond powder; organic lowfat milk; 12 ounces of TJ's garden patch juice. Began reading Ethan Marcotte's A List Apart article on Responsive Web Design. Rode my bike to work. Linkchecking, Flickr work, kiosk work. Updated a kiosk slide (computer support for students). Sent Darlena T feedback on the servicenow home page (the login screen doesn't help people who don't know what credentials to use). Listserv management. Conference call with Rodney and Andrew M from TreeAge. Training for Lucia on her new Brother MFC-7860DW. Lunch from Carmelina's: mushroom and grilled veggies quesadilla, water from my water bottle. Redirected a web services request from Kirby L to Gary M. Handled name issues for new students. Small web update for Lucia: travel reimbursement. Lots of purchasing research: dual monitors (and video cards) for Sammie and Joel. Worked late. Rode my bike home. Dinner at home with Patrick: stuffed merlitons, side salad, hot water. Dessert: one small scoop of chocolate ice cream for each.

Thu Sep 22, 2011

Installed Apple updates for my computer. Rode my bike to work. Linkchecking, Flickr work, kiosk work. Assisted student BP with a CLE accounts problem. Followup with ITS about same-name issues. Listserv management. ECAP brochure edit for Grace C. Linkchecking, Flickr work, kiosk work. Lunch with Matt S at You See Sushi. Helped Cindy access some documents she needed. Helped student TT with a computer question. Followup: same-name issues. Supp app project work in Drupal: enabled the dentistry team to access data in batches by day. Submitted a request to DLS to upgrade Carol's computer to Windows 7. Rode Muni to the Castro. Dinner at Woodhouse Fish Company with Patrick. Rode Muni home.

Fri Sep 23, 2011

Rode Muni to work. Canon DR-3010C training for Sammie. Computer maintenance for student YB. Linkchecking, Flickr work, kiosk work. Followup with Rodney about a question from student JS: creating PDF files in the IRC. Management activities: timesheets. Followup with Todd M, Rodney, and Kirk about wireless printing. Supp app project work in Drupal: import. Chatted with Eric about QBC templates. Account setup request for the forthcoming temp for Carol. Calendar management. Sent Cindy the dual monitors plan for Joel and Sammie for approval. Met with student YB, sent steps taken email. Assisted Kevin L in Desai Lab with a question about how to connect using WebDisk—it doesn't work for him. Very late lunch to go from the cafeteria: gardenburger, onion rings, hint pomegranate and orange; ate on the sidewalk in the sun in front of Millberry Union. QBC: secondary menu issues. Helped Susie with an editing interface issue. Calendar management. Rode my bike home. Dinner at home with Patrick: wild mushroom ravioli with mushroom and summer squash tomato cream sauce, cheddar-garlic ciabatta, hot water. Late snack: organic microwave popcorn.

Sat Sep 24, 2011

Pruned my bookmarks page. Breakfast at home: organic oatmeal with fresh, diced bartlett pear; California sage honey; cinnamon, soy milk. Ritual la folie coffee. Pruned my Firefox bookmarks. Cut my hair, showered. Lunch at Tower Burger with Patrick: gardenburger and onion rings for him, prawns and chips for me. Grocery shopping at Mollie Stone's Tower Market. Home. Patrick and I cooked 2 dishes: gingered yellow sweet potato soup, seafood jambalaya. Watched The Simpsons: A Midsummer's Nice Dream on Hulu with Patrick. Nap. Shangri La with Drewbad and Phil B. Underwear Fashion Show hosted by Tita Aida. Met or encountered Didiot, Fernando, John B, Shawn P, Steve D, Antuan, Toy, Almario Bonifacio, Tony A, Tony, Rob, Adam (who reminded me of Meeno Peluce), John Edward, Sean, Reynard (sp?), Alex (?), Tony (aka Anthony, marketing research), Will W, Jimmy C (UCSF), Brandon E (from Canada).

Sun Sep 25, 2011

Breakfast at home: vanilla-almond french toast, gravenstein apple juice. Tidied, vacuumed, folded napkins for dinner tonight. Did some catching up in my journal. Nap. Shower. Dinner at home. Patrick and I had Danny, Drew, Romy, and Phil over. We served gingered yellow sweet potato soup, seafood jambalaya, and cornbread muffins. Drinks: monkey spankers. Dessert: chocolate-almond pie with chocolate and vanilla ice creams. Watched YouTube. Organized my Google+ circles.

Mon Sep 26, 2011

Weight training: yes no maybes, door pull ups. Breakfast at home: straus organic nonfat vanilla yogurt with granola and fresh strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries. Same-name issue and CLE access problem for student JY. Fielded a question about a mysterious lock icon for Susie. New temp employee Lynn R begins today. I set her up with Webmail. There are problems with PGP and Outlook on her computer that I cannot resolve so I call it in to DLS. Helped student AA with a question about listservs. QBC work: populated CCB on the staging server, consulting several times over the day with Eric and Susie. Lunch at Loving Hut Vegan Cuisine: vegan wonton soup with noodles and vegetables. Listserv management. Kiosk work. Linkchecking. Supp app project work in Drupal: an import. Chatted with Mark B about cleaning up his request queue. Followup with student MK about an email alias request. SCWG work: followup regarding wireless printing for students. Lots of computer maintenance for staff computers: disk cleanup and disk defrag. Couldn't ride my bike home—the rear tire went flat. Rode Muni home. Snack from Panda Express: two veggie spring rolls. Dinner at home with Patrick: leftovers, water. Watched the first hour or so of Incendies on Netflix DVD.

Tue Sep 27, 2011

Weight training: advanced hip extensions, crunch, inverse push ups. Breakfast at home: organic oatmeal with fresh strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries; California sage honey; cinnamon; soy milk. Began reading from Ethan Marcotte's book Responsive Web Design. Rode Muni to work. SCWG meeting. Installed Firefox 7. Troubleshooting computer problems for students RH and YB. Web team conference call. Linkchecking, Flickr work, kiosk work. Helped student RH: computer pickup. Lunch from the cafeteria: caprese panini, tomato cream soup. Ran into Steaven C in the cafeteria. He is working in the power center now, thinks I have lost some weight but not in a bad way. Met briefly with Cindy. Helped Lynn with MyAccess. Helped student YB: computer pickup. QBC sites work with Eric. Created a kiosk announcement for Sharon F. QBC sites work with Eric. Supp app: email address correction. Followup on MyAccess and other new employee account setup issues. Pcard paperwork. Helped student KV with questions about SEP. Worked very late. Pumped my flat tire. Rode my bike home. Got half way, had to pump the tire again. Dinner at home with Patrick: 2 tacos (like before), leftover rice with fish that he had had for lunch. Dessert: a small piece of chocolate. Uninstalled Flash because I was tired of having to manually update it all the time. (My preferred browser is Firefox.)

Wed Sep 28, 2011

Breakfast at home: organic nonfat vanilla yogurt with fresh, sliced banana; raisins; soy milk. Rode Muni to work. Linkchecking, Flickr work, kiosk work. Followup with Lynn accounts setup. Helped student KV with a question about antivirus software. Lots of QBC sheetstyling. Lunch at Perilla: vermicelli noodles with bbq pork and imperial rolls, thai iced tea. Lots of QBC sheetstyling. Sent Melanie D a document she needed. Rode Muni home. Dinner at home with Patrick: steamed red snapper with ginger, lemon thyme, and shaoxing wine; green salad with heirloom tomatoes; bread and butter. Listened to a comedy channel on Pandora.

Thu Sep 29, 2011

Breakfast at home: organic nonfat vanilla yogurt, granola. Rode Muni to work. Linkchecking, Flickr work, kiosk work. Responded to a question about listservs from student JM. Lots of QBC sheetstyling and content pouring. Web team meeting. Snack: sesame bagel with cream cheese, a few grapes and blueberries, a banana. Lots of QBC sheetstyling. Lunch to go from Carmelina's: taco. Snack: seaweed. 1-on-1 with Cindy. QBC sheetstyling conference call with Eric and Susie. Installed Adobe updates. Followup with Tran about deleting temp folders on Lucia's computer to speed up defrag. Notified Lynn and Lisa about a forthcoming monitor upgrade for them. Supp app project work in Drupal: corrected an email address error for an applicant for Joel. Worked late. Late dinner by myself at New Sandy's: tofu and vegetables with cashew, white rice, hot tea. Rode Muni home.

Fri Sep 30, 2011

Weight training: door pull ups. Rode Muni to work. Linkchecking, Flickr work, kiosk work. Lots of QBC web work today. ICRD work for Rodney. Small web edit for Joel on the admissions section home page. Web edit for Sammie: course catalogs. Followup with Allison S and Mark B and Lynn R about the 4-MB filesize attachment limitation with our listserv system. Fixed a small problem with the kiosk. Submitted a request to ITS to clarify display names for certain students. Rode Muni N-Judah to Church Street. Met Will at work. We went to the Apple Store downtown and enjoyed watching a band called The Family Crest perform. A coworker of Will's (Lucas) is in the band. The band was surprisingly big (10+ members), and the small stage made that even more pronounced. In addition to the band members, a chorus of about 12 people lined the left wall and joined in for some songs, one of whom sang briefly and well in an operatic voice. Several of the band members performed multiple instruments. For example, one woman performed the keyboard, xylophone, timpani, and tambourine. She also sang. I was impressed with the whole outfit. Very professional and seemed to work seamlessly as a team, which is amazing, considering how large of a band it is. I met friends of Will: Tim and later Sarah. Afterwards we ate at Katana-Ya: rainbow roll, veggie skinny ramen for me, katana-ya ramen for Will. We ran into Sarah again outside of Katana-Ya. Spent the night at Will's.