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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Breakfast at home: oatmeal with diced pink lady apple, cinnamon, soy milk. Rode Muni to UCSF Parnassus. UCSF shuttle from Parnassus to Laurel Heights. HTML email testing all day. UCSF shuttle from Laurel Heights to Mt. Zion. Kaiser lab visit. Lunch at Presidio Pizza Company: one veggie slice, one Grandma slice, limonata, water from my Contigo water bottle. Walked to UCSF Laurel Heights. More HTML email testing. Comm team meeting. More HTML email testing. UCSF shuttle from Laurel Heights to Parnassus. Rode Muni home. Dinner at home with Patrick: delivery from King of Thai Noodle via EAT24. KOTN delivered in about 45 minutes. Did some catching up on journaling. Labelmaker work: put my phone number on each of my new handwarmers.