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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

First day at work following vacation to Anaheim and San Diego. Rode Uber Pool to UCSF Laurel Heights. I brought an N95 particulate mask to work with me but did not wear it for the ride, but I almost immediately found myself coughing occasionally so I wore it for several hours today as the air quality changed from yellow (moderate) to orange (unhealthy for sensitive groups) to red (unhealthy). Forwarded a phishing attempt to IT security. Calendar management. Caught up on email. Submitted a resource email account request for Marisa. Completed a logo request from Mandy M. Followup with Scott N about a question about secure email (aka possible phishing attempt). Followup with Esther S about copying my content telling people how to report spams and scams. Followup with Liana and Denetra about the Staff Wellness Group website, now with Susie and Eric for approval. Responded to a WeID request from Mike S. Lunch from The View Cafe: deli case tempura shrimp sushi, water from my water bottle. Made an update to the curriculum chart for Susie. Updated all local databases and reverted modules as directed by James H in preparation for styling work. Identity retheme styling following James H's menu and hero image adjustments. We're switching our primary nav so that instead of revealing menus on hover they reveal upon click. Dinner at home with Patrick: Trader Joe's frozen pizza with enhancements, san pell. Sewing projects: repaired two items that had become broken. Successfully upgraded MAMP PRO from 4.2 to 4.2.1. Published vacation entries for my journal.