April 2001

Summary: Patrick finishes his thesis, I start working for Marcia, I work on freelancing.

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Sun Apr 1, 2001

Saw Memento with Patrick. Chevy's after.

Mon Apr 2, 2001

Did laundry, cleaned some. Chatted with Marcia, who showed me one of the units around the corner in our same building. Errands: car wash, Home Depot, Bed Bath and Beyond (step stool, night lights), McDonald's, Borders, Starbuck's, Watch Station. Started reading DNS and BIND by Albitz and Liu.

Tue Apr 3, 2001

Went to the doctor at UCSF. Grocery shopping at Safeway.

Wed Apr 4, 2001

Talked with Kelly's coworkers today.

Thu Apr 5, 2001

I cut my hair. Patrick finishes writing I Wouldn't Say No, and I edit it. Talked with Brian and Kelly on the phone. I stayed up late and fixed some of the DNS problems with the Qube 3.

Fri Apr 6, 2001

Talked to Mikey. Tried to reach Don. Prepared for Patrick's birthday party. Grocery shopping at Tower Market.

Sat Apr 7, 2001

Patrick's 31st birthday (observed) today.

Sun Apr 8, 2001

Birthday party cleanup day.

Mon Apr 9, 2001

More job hunting. Errands in West Portal. Patrick finishes polishing his short story called Labor, and I edit it. PG and E goes bankrupt.

Tue Apr 10, 2001

Patrick's birthday today. We visited the buffalo paddock and the Japanese Tea Garden at Golden Gate Park. We went to dinner at P.J.'s Oyster Bed. Patrick had the jambalaya. I had shrimp-stuffed flank steak. For dessert, the banana bread pudding with ice cream. Then we checked out Le Video and rented Umbrellas of Cherbourg and Orson Welles' The Trial.

Wed Apr 11, 2001

I worked on Gail's website more today. Troubleshooted the problem with the DVD player. Played some Descent 3. Dinner at Jitra.

Thu Apr 12, 2001

I learn today from Chris that kozmo.com died. Dinner at Thanh Long.

Fri Apr 13, 2001

Shopping at Rainbow.

Sat Apr 14, 2001

We celebrate Jamie's and Aaron's birthdays at Jamie's place on 14th Avenue. We got Jamie a bottle of wine. We got Aaron a gift certificate to Pottery Barn, The Gay Canon : Great Books Every Gay Man Should Read by Robert Drake, and Yiddish Wisdom = Yiddishe Chochma by Kristina Swarner.

Sun Apr 15, 2001

Easter Sunday. Patrick finishes his thesis and gets a ride from Sam to deliver it to Bob.

Mon Apr 16, 2001

Some job hunting. We get our new Panasonic telephone. Patrick prepares for sending out his stories.

Tue Apr 17, 2001

Met with Marcia to organize her office. Doctor appointment in the afternoon. Shopping at Tower Market then dinner at Taipei Restaurant with Patrick.

Wed Apr 18, 2001

Worked for Marcia. Worked on Gail's website.

Thu Apr 19, 2001

Appointment today with Schiller.

Fri Apr 20, 2001

Worked for Marcia. Patrick picks up his thesis from Bob, who said it was the best thesis he had ever read. "Completely publishable."

Sat Apr 21, 2001

Shopped for health insurance. Tina and Daniel come over to spend the night before their trip to Hawaii. Domenica meets us at Jitra for dinner. We hang out afterwards, and I help D set up her PowerBook G3 to connect to the Internet and get her e-mail.

Sun Apr 22, 2001

We have breakfast with Tina and Daniel at Lyons of Daly City where I have the world's saltiest sausage patties with my 2-egg breakfast. Then we take them to the airport.

Mon Apr 23, 2001

Eye doctor regular checkup today. Errands in West Portal. A BBQ chicken sandwich from Ambrosia for lunch. Worked for Marcia. Patrick makes beef bourguinon for dinner.

Tue Apr 24, 2001

I dreamt last night that I hadn't seen my sister for a long time and then we met again. She drove up in a car, and she had muscles all over like a bodybuilder, complete with the fake tan. Patrick dreamt that he and I found a huge house to live in. It had a huge living room and the kitchen was stocked with food already. He carried the mule chest up the stairs by himself. And his mom was there, too. I worked for Marcia most of today.

Wed Apr 25, 2001

I signed up for a bunch of classes at learnit.com. I worked an hour for Marcia at Cameron Jones today. Late lunch at Lakeside Cafe. Domenica sends us Absolutely Fabulous Complete Series 2 on DVD as a thank you gift for helping her out with her laptop. How sweet! Marcia brings by a giant phalaenopsis orchid for me in observance of National Administrative Professionals day.

Thu Apr 26, 2001

jobhunting, freelance work setup, chatted with Domenica. I transferred some securities to etrade. Ate a late lunch at New Golden Dragon Restaurant in West Portal. Never again! Let me describe the decor for you: fake wood paneling, fake flowers, fake plants, a never-washed tablecloth under plastic flower bouquet placemats under a rounded corner sheet of glass, a TV playing Digimon cartoons in the back, Chinese art, Chinese lanterns, and an all-you-can-eat buffet near the front containing food that had been sitting for over two hours.

Fri Apr 27, 2001

Two Mormon boys stopped me on the street in Lakeside Village and tried to convert me to Mormonism. Luckily, I had an appointment so I had a real excuse. I wish I got their photo, though, coz they were hot looking guys. One was a strawberry blond with big, fleshy lips. The other had dark hair and eyes and baby smooth skin. Dressed in suits and ties like it was a classy funeral, holding Joseph Smith's paperback version of The Book of Mormon like I needed to read it. Today I worked for Marcia, who discovered that she had an ear infection. She treats me to lunch at Lakeside Cafe.

Sat Apr 28, 2001

I read a bit of Aaron's novel Rhoda Damascus. I played Descent 3 with Chris over the net. We jousted for about 3 hours—fun!

Sun Apr 29, 2001

Visited Brian and Kelly for an hour or so today. Met Kelly's dad. Read my PHP book at Jumpin' Java with Patrick. Visited Domenica and Corey and saw their place for the first time. Dinner with them at Memphis Minnie's BBQ.

Mon Apr 30, 2001

Worked for Marcia and Don today. Emergency dinner at McDonald's. After dinner we dropped off Patrick's broken watch at Nordstrom's. We got home and formatted his thesis for submittal to the graduate office.