May 2001

Summary: I set up and (switched things around); Patrick graduates with a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing; Colleen's birthday party for Pedro, Antonio, and Alysia; Visit Tina and Daniel in Sonoma.

Dates on this page

Tue 1

Takeout lunch from Jitra. Grocery shopping at Andronico's for the first time. Dinner was potstickers and hamburgers.

Wed 2

I took my first class at today—Active Server Pages. The instructor, Robert Heist, is very good. Lunch at Lee's Deli. For dinner, Patrick makes yellow curry chicken with shrimp. Patrick prints the final copy of his thesis for the graduate office.

Thu 3

Class at Learn It! today.

Fri 4

Class at Learn It! today. Edmund White leaves us a telephone message today.

Sat 5

Started creating data structures for Marcia's web site. Watched some Ab Fab episodes with Patrick on DVD at home.

Sun 6

Vicki comes over for brunch. Saw The Mummy Returns with Patrick at the AMC Van Ness.

Mon 7

Class at Learn It! today.

Tue 8

Doctor appointment today, then Walgreens. Patrick gets his thesis signed and turns it in—he's a master of fine arts now! He also finished the first draft of his story called "Love is the Rage." Dinner to celebrate the MFA at Old Krakow. I convert my journal from static web pages to XML documents parsed by PHP.

Wed 9

Laundry and other house chores. Scanned photos for Marcia. Patrick starts writing a new story called "Driving Lessons."

Thu 10

Printed photos at Kinko's on Sloat for Marcia. Went to Office Depot for foam board. Dropped photos and foam board off at Marcia's. Dinner at La Tortilla on Castro. Grocery shopping at Andronico's with Patrick. Watched Dancer in the Dark on DVD.

Fri 11

More photos at Kinko's. Worked on the funeral program for Marcia. Watched Ab Fab on DVD.

Sat 12

Birthday party for Pedro, Antonio, and Alysia. I see Colleen, Pedro, and Maggie for the first time in 9 years. Talked with Matt Stave. Lunch with Eric and Maia at the delightfully delicious Krungthai Restaurant.

Sun 13

Dinner at Man Bo Duck Restaurant with Rob, Lani, Jeremy, Dexter, Patrick, and Corinna. It's the first time I've seen Corinna since Lani's wedding.

Mon 14

Class at Learn iT! today.

Tue 15

Class at Learn iT! today. Sam visits our apartment for the first time. Worked on Patrick's web site.

Wed 16

Class at Learn iT! today. Patrick and I meet at Starbucks in the Castro for dinner at the Thai restaurant next to Jumpin Java.

Thu 17

Class at Learn iT! today. More work on Patrick's web site.

Fri 18

Watched Erin Brockovich on DVD with Patrick.

Sat 19

Slept til 1 pm (!). Made cashew nut chicken for a late lunch. Grocery shopping at Tower Market.

Sun 20

Saw Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon at the Galaxy (which shows advertisements before the film). Burgers at Hot 'n' Hunky. Graduation party at Bob's house with Patrick. Patrick makes a great batch of YCC for dinner.

Mon 21

Made a web photo album for Marcia.

Tue 22

Worked on the new website. I made a veggie stir-fry for dinner tonight.

Wed 23

Last night I dreamt I was watching a musical that took place in the Southern United States. There was a white house with columns surrounding a small front porch. The house had large picture windows, and I'd watch some of the people singing through the window. Then more characters would appear at a distance in a driveway to the left of the house. Magically, they would lift themselves into the air and fly toward the camera, singing the whole time. First one character, then the next, and so on. However, the special effects were awful, and you could easily see the poor attempts to erase the cable from the film. I had the tune from the musical stuck in my head for several hours after I awoke, but I don't remember any of the words. What does it mean? Today I worked more on I also submitted Patrick's Fiction Writing Classes URL to search engines. Patrick makes orzi with chicken mango sausage for dinner.

Thu 24

Worked on

Fri 25

Patrick finds out today that he will be on the same discussion panel as Peter Weltner and Andrew Holleran at the Lambda Lit Festival this October. The panel is called "Creating universal themes in gay and lesbian literature." I make a flyer prototype for Patrick's fiction writing classes.

Sat 26

Dinner at Taipei Restaurant with Patrick.

Sun 27

Patrick and I visit Tina and Daniel in Sonoma. It's like a mini-vacation for us after not travelling for awhile. We meet their downstairs neighbors Pete, Sharmaine, and Logan. Tina sets up a taste test for me of three different kinds of salt: Morten's iodine table salt, kosher salt, and sea salt. I was surprised at my ability to distinguish them all by taste and by eye. Shopping at Sonoma Market. BBQ downstairs. Watched Billy Elliott on VHS. Patrick wrote two paragraphs for "Where It Takes Us."

Mon 28

Breakfast at Creekside Cafe. Shannie stops by. Patrick and I drive back to San Francisco. Grocery shopping at Andronico's.

Tue 29

Baked chicken, mashed potatoes, and two-tone corn on the cob for dinner.

Wed 30

Stayed up late all last night getting mysql to work with php and installing ezboo statistics for php pages. Slept most of today.

Thu 31

Finished and made live the enrollment form for Patrick's fiction writing classes website. Patrick and I had lunch at Zao in the Castro. We shopped for shorts for me and bought a pair at Body by Citizen on 18th.