December 2000

Summary: Received furniture orders and started setting up the house

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Sun Dec 3, 2000

Bought office supplies at Office Depot.

Mon Dec 4, 2000

We receive our two Brava trunks, but one is defective and must be returned. We also receive our coffee table, and it is in good condition.

Tue Dec 5, 2000

FedEx picks up the defective Brava trunk.

Wed Dec 6, 2000

Bought a tablecloth ($25) and Vornado EH1-0015-04 IntelliTemp heater ($80) from Amazon.

Fri Dec 8, 2000

Bought mulling spices ($9) and a 10-inch omelet pan ($82) at Williams-Sonoma.

Sun Dec 10, 2000

Celebrated Vicki's birthday at her potluck in Berkeley. Celebrated Dexter's birthday at Outback Steakhouse. It's the first time I use PayPal to pay someone (Rob) for a share of a meal.

Mon Dec 11, 2000

I realize today that I've neglected the journal for awhile now. Today I hemmed curtains with Lani's sewing machine. Patrick made jambalaya for an end-of-quarter party for his class. I discovered that Victor has quite possibly the world's longest wish list. We receive two of our dining chairs, but one is defective and must be returned.

Tue Dec 12, 2000

Patrick and I find a great little antique desk at One Eyed Jack's. Bought a variety of kitchen utensils and a steel and glass teapot from Amazon.

Thu Dec 14, 2000

Last day of teaching for this quarter for Patrick. He must write a paper for Brighde this weekend, however. I finish the curtains. We receive our small rustic table and rustic nightstand, but the rustic nightstand is defective and must be returned.

Fri Dec 15, 2000

Breakfast at Lakeside Cafe with Patrick. Patrick begins painting a reproduction of Bruno. I install the front speaker shelves and front speakers. We receive four more dining chairs, and all are in good condition. FedEx picks up the defective chair and nightstand.

Sat Dec 16, 2000

Our first official house guest, Aaron Jason, comes over for lunch—shrimp bisque and mint iced tea. Patrick and I build a dummy box that is the size of our soon-to-be-delivered Manhattan Sleeper Sofa. It's 86" x 40" x 35" and I fear it won't fit during transit up our one flight of stairs.

Sun Dec 17, 2000

Domenica visits, and we customize a birthday present for her friend D.J. Jinx.

Mon Dec 18, 2000

Patrick finishes and delivers the paper he had to write. Tina, Nicki, and Shannie visit San Francisco for the day. We meet them at Cafe de la Presse, shop in Chinatown, and dine at Stars.

Wed Dec 20, 2000

Patrick takes care of business at school. Frank stays home to let the plumber in. Huge shopping at Crate & Barrel. Bought a french press at Sur La Table.

Thu Dec 21, 2000

Buy drill and wood stain at Home Depot. Buy table linens at Williams-Sonoma. Buy housewares at Pottery Barn. Pick up plates that Crate & Barrel forgot to give us.

Fri Dec 22, 2000

Buy wood putty and screw hooks at Home Depot. Buy bundt pan ($28) at Williams-Sonoma. Buy Reflections mugs and bowls at Crate and Barrel. Buy ducks at Tower Market. Install stem rack in kitchen. Reprogram garage door opener to new secret code. Move unused furniture to the garage. Go to Aaron's Hanukkah party with Aaron, Georgie, Patrick, Tara, Dazelle, and Nicole. (I was shocked when I realized that this sounds like a day from Martha Stewart's calendar.)

Sat Dec 23, 2000

Stanford Shopping Center: bought housewares and a gift certificate at Williams-Sonoma. Bought housewares at Crate and Barrel.

Sun Dec 24, 2000

Dinner with Tina, Daniel, Joseph, Aaron, and Patrick. Sewer Rat Plumbing calls at 10:00 pm to say that their office is closing and will reopen at 9:00 am in the morning.

Mon Dec 25, 2000

Patrick's mother arrives from New Orleans.

Tue Dec 26, 2000

Breakfast at Ambrosia Cafe. Shopped at Stonestown Mall with Patrick and Mom. Bought housewares at Pottery Barn. Napped. Patrick made salmon for dinner.

Wed Dec 27, 2000

Patrick makes pancakes for breakfast. Patrick and Mom ride the cable car and see Lombard Street and Union Square. Frank stays home to let the plumber and the DSL installer in the house. Dinner with Tina, Daniel, Patrick, and Mom at The General's Daughter. Mom stays with Rose Marie and her husband in Sonoma.

Thu Dec 28, 2000

Went to Lakeside Cafe for breakfast. Bought groceries at Tower Market. Napped. Went to Jitra for dinner.

Fri Dec 29, 2000

Cereal for breakfast. Napped. Leftovers for lunch. Paid bills. Fixed stem rack. Felted the small rustic table. Pot roast for dinner. Bought power strip liberators from cyberguys (6 for $15.65 after shipping and tax).

Sat Dec 30, 2000

Patrick makes beignets for breakfast. Errands: pay rent, computer recycling, Crate & Barrel (champagne flutes), Sur La Table (rolling pin, sieve), car wash. Dinner at Firenze by Night with Patrick and Pat.

Sun Dec 31, 2000

Spent New Year's Eve with Patrick watching Mission Impossible: 2, eating popcorn, drinking champagne, and trying to find a webcast of the new millennium festivities (but none existed).