November 2000

Summary: Moved in to 302 Junipero Serra Blvd—home for at least the next year

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Wed Nov 1, 2000

picked up our house key and visited 302 junipero serra blvd, which was still being painted. took car into the shop for tire repair (right rear) and loose brake cables. for dinner, indian food from kozmo. watched au revoir les enfants (video) with patrick.

Thu Nov 2, 2000

dinner at b & g lounge where the waiter wordlessly gave patrick a fork but no fork for me. better than average chinese food.

Sat Nov 4, 2000

dinner with patrick at cafe mozart. watched boys don't cry (video) with patrick.

Wed Nov 8, 2000

lunch with rob and patrick at plouf.

Fri Nov 10, 2000

alcatraz then lunch at johnny rocket's with mikey, judy, berkhard, and patrick. nap. dinner with patrick at oritalia. drinks: altenhofen and evian. starters were a mixed greens (i wanted to save my appetite for the meal) and crab cakes. i had pork medallions with persimmon jam. patrick had grilled duck breast with thai black rice. for dessert, i had a carmelized asian pear with mascarpone and on the side some reconstituted dried cherries which they called cherry chutney. patrick had "chocolate bliss" which was chocolate mousse and banana mousse and chocolate cake in a shell of hard chocolate like a big truffle and on the side of the plate a banana sliced lengthwise and carmelized down the cut faces. with our bill came fortune cookies that weren't fortune cookies. each of us got an inch-sized coin-shaped almond tea cookie. these were placed over strips of paper with custom "fortunes" laserprinted on them, then wrapped in foil squares like a hershey's kiss. my quote said, "One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.—Virginia Woolf"

Sat Nov 11, 2000

lunch with dexter at r & g.

Sun Nov 12, 2000

i ran errands while patrick stayed at home.

Wed Nov 15, 2000

Bought a black rack mount unit from

Thu Nov 16, 2000

breakfast at lori's diner.

Fri Nov 17, 2000

shopped all day. lunch at taxi's hamburgers. dinner at andale.

Sat Nov 18, 2000

shopped all day (macy's: pillows, bed linens).

Tue Nov 21, 2000

Bought a torchiere lamp ($195) and a fireplace set ($125) at Restoration Hardware in Berkeley from salesperson Aaron. Dinner at Sizzler.

Wed Nov 22, 2000

breakfast at ambrosia bakery & cafe. bought housewares at bed, bath, and beyond in colma. dinner at (italian restaurant).

Thu Nov 23, 2000

thanksgiving with patrick, tina, daniel, nicki, and shannie at tina and daniel's.

Mon Nov 27, 2000

errands in the castro. lunch at my friend. shopping at stroud's and macy's downtown (bed linens).