January 2001

Summary: New Year's with Patrick, Patrick starts working at wcities, the house is almost completely done getting set up.

Dates on this page

Mon 1

A quiet day at home with Patrick. Coffee at Starbuck's West Portal with Patrick in the evening.

Tue 2

Errands: drop off movie rentals, pick up Patrick's paycheck. Lunch at The Olive Garden. Dinner at Lakeside Cafe. Bought computer cables online.

Wed 3

Jambalaya and other leftovers for lunch.

Thu 4

Patrick interviews for and gets a job at wcities.com. He's a part-time copy editor for web content. He starts on Tuesday the ninth. Installed rear speaker shelves and wiring. Starbucks for coffee in the evening. Grocery shopping at Tower Market.

Fri 5

Frank cleans up the garage, installs bike hooks. Patrick goes to Jumpin Java. Salmon for dinner at home.

Sat 6

Breakfast with Brian and Kelly and Patrick at Port Cafe. Coffee with Aaron and Patrick at Jumpin Java. Pot roast for dinner at home.

Sun 7

Worked on the Qube 3 configuration.

Mon 8

Worked on the Qube 3 configuration.

Tue 9

Patrick's first day at wcities. New IBM telephone arrives.

Fri 12

Joan Jett arrives. Touch of Evil at Castro Theater with Patrick.

Sat 13

Visited Lani, Rob, and Jeremy. Noodle house for lunch. Visited Eric, Maia, Kashi, and Rosebud. Tied House for dinner.

Sun 14

New Manor for breakfast. El Toreador for lunch. Grocery shopping at Tower Market. Remounted the computer in the rack.

Mon 15

Did research for buying a computer.

Tue 16

Watched Run Lola Run on DVD with Patrick.

Wed 17

Took a bath.

Thu 18

The power went out at 11:10 am for about an hour - the first time for us in California's power crisis of 2001. Patrick returned movies and picked up photos. The Picasso chair arrived today. Frank goes to the doctor for the first time after moving to San Francisco. Coffee at Starbuck's. Dinner at Fuzio. Watched Casablanca at Castro Theater with Patrick.

Fri 19

Bought a computer from hdnw: AMD K7 Duron 800 MHz CPU ($99.99), 1.44 MB floppy drive (13.99), 128 MB 168-pin PC-133 SDRAM 133 MHz (75.99), 46.1 GB IBM 07N3931 ATA100 7200 RPM hard drive (169.99), 50X Asus CD-S500 INT IDE cdrom drive (59.99), Creative SoundBlaster Live Value PCI (53.99), ABit KT7ARA ATA100 with RAID motherboard (175.99), free shipping. About $650.

Sat 20

Helped Patrick make a mix tape for Daniel: Grenouille Musique 2001.

Sun 21

Grocery shopping at Tower Market. Otherwise stayed home nursing a sore throat.

Mon 22

Worked on my resume some more. Signed up with monster.com. Mom and Dad came to visit.

Thu 25

Watched Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon at the Sony Metreon with Patrick. Patrick's first time to the Metreon.

Fri 26

Watched The Mummy on DVD with Patrick.

Sat 27

Visited the John Cage exhibit (and others) at the Palace of the Legion of Honor with Patrick.

Sun 28

Super Bowl party at Brian and Kelly's with Patrick, Ross, Terry, Randy, Bobby, Chris and others whose names I don't recall. Dinner at Jitra.

Mon 29

Completed the rack mount setup. Grocery shopping at Tower Market.

Tue 30

Finished installing applications.

Wed 31

Job hunting.