Friday, November 10, 2017

Breakfast at home: Patrick prepared baked eggs on bed of roasted tomatoes and maple sausage and toast with orange juice. Did very little of anything all day except organize stuff and tidy. Lunch: leftovers for me. Nap. Rode UberX with Patrick to the Inner Sunset. Dinner at Pacific Catch: Drinks: agave margarita for Patrick, pom-ginger martini for me. Appetizer: tempura sashimi. Mains: two tacos platter for Patrick, one taco a la carte for me. Dessert: boston cream malasadas. I enjoyed everything. We had expected each piece of the tempura sashimi to be fully battered; it was only lightly breaded on the surface of the seaweed. The malasadas were sliced before filling rather than injected, and I was disappointed that they did not have sugar coating the outside. Afterwards we visited Free Fridays at the de Young Museum. I was surprised to find that we could enter the Teotihuacan exhibit for free as well; the normal adult price is $28. We mistakenly got drinks first and quickly found signs barring entry to all exhibits and the tower if you had food or drink. We browsed what we could while sipping our drinks, then visited everything. There were two ambient music performances, both of which were not much to our liking. Teotihuacan: City of Water, City of Fire was a much larger exhibit than I expected, and I enjoyed it, learning more beyond my recent, short visit to the site in person. Rode UberX home.