Saturday, November 11, 2017

Breakfast at home: Patrick prepared pancakes and sausage with hot chai. Lunch: tuna melt on burger buns, tortilla chips. Patrick stayed home to do schoolwork while I rode Uber Pool to the Castro and met with John W and Patrick S for a few hours following a wedding they attended in Sacramento. We had chips, guacamole, and drinks with excellent service from Travis (with hair partially dyed red) before getting champagne from the grocery store. We still had an hour before they had to leave so Patrick took the champagne back to where they were staying while John and I hung out at Midnight Sun waiting for him to return. Donna Sachet and another host whose name I did not hear entertained us. We visited Autoerotica, then later QBAR where we listened to 90s hip hop a while until time for them to leave for a potluck near Duboce Park. Patrick was expecting me home for dinner, so I left, riding Uber Pool home. Dinner with Patrick: italian sweet sausage and roasted red pepper pizza. To bed earlyish. Over the course of today I realized I was coming down with a cold.