Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Breakfast at home: Patrick prepared oatmeal with sliced banana and fixins, hot green-and-mint tea. Rode Uber Pool to UCSF Laurel Heights: $7.07 after a $1 tip. Reworked an old page I created about how to report spam to point to newer content owned by IT. Followup with Lucia about her printer problems. Chatted by email with Zev G and Millo P about resolving incorrect markup on his website. Calpoison site launch. Staff Wellness Group site launch. Followup with Erin H about an editor help request. Snack: seaweed. Lunch: leftovers. Orgchart work: add Kim K to Education, prep to remove Marny from CP. Web edit for Cindy: SSAC. Calendar management: added work holidays. Microsites work: SMDC ready for review. Rode UberX to the Mission: $17.85 after a $2 tip. Dinner and a movie with Patrick at Alamo Drafthouse New Mission: Thor: Rangarok with truffle popcorn, fennel sausage pizza, and drinks. Rode Lyft home: $18.01 after a $2 tip.