Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Breakfast at home with Patrick: Patrick prepared scrambled eggs, sausage, toast with butter, and hash browns. Rode Muni to UCSF Parnassus. UCSF shuttle from Parnassus to Laurel Heights. Ed news work and launch. Microsite followup: Staff Wellness Group, Calpoison, Arkin, SMDC, Renslo, Smart Diaphragm. Resolved errors on local with identity retheme with Eric's help by dropping databases and reloading them. Today Marley hints that more content is coming for DRU. Today we schedule Calpoison for launch tomorrow. Helped Stu troubleshoot problems with mail delivery. UCSF shuttle from Laurel Heights to Parnassus. Rode Lyft Line home. Dinner at home with Patrick: Good Eggs roasted chicken thighs with a warm mushroom grain salad, raspberry lime Spindrift. Dessert: Wise Sons cinnamon-walnut rugelach with vegan chai gelato and dulce de leche. Watched Superstore s3:e6 on Hulu with Patrick.