Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Patrick prepared breakfast: oatmeal with fixins, sausage patty, orange juice. Rode Uber Pool to UCSF Laurel Heights. Sprint standup. Calendar management. Met with Eric to discuss universal feedback. The plan is to add a link called Report a Problem in the footer. Mid-morning snack: leftovers from Yum Yum Hunan. Lunch at desk: leftovers from last night. Encountered a problem in which the left sidebar in Sublime Text 2 became completely black after attempting to increase the font size of the sidebar text. I realized that my Default.sublime-theme file in Sublime Text 2 > Packages > Theme - Default had become corrupted. I attempted to restore from Time Machine, but it was unresponsive. I attempted to restore from CrashPlan and realized that I had excluded most folders in ~/Library. I was able to restore the file from my old iMac, and this resolved the problem. Pair coding with Eric: resolved a problem with inconsistent dates on category pages like /news/research, added Report a Problem. I adjusted my CrashPlan settings so that it would cover everything in ~/​Library/​Application Support. Rode UberX to the Castro. Dinner at La Mediteranee with Patrick and Mom Ryan: avgolemono soup for all, chicken kebob plate (two skewers over rice pilaf) for Mom Ryan, fillo dough specialties plate for Patrick (one each of grecian spinach and feta, chicken cilicia, levantine meat tart, and cheese karni), and chicken pomegranate with rice pilaf for me. For dessert, we shared one Heavenly Trio (baklava, datil amandra, and chocolate mousse). Moroccan mint hot tea and water for all. I tried ordering a multi-stop Uber ride, but the instructions they provided did not match what my screen looked like. I switched to Lyft and was able to set up a multi-stop ride within a few minutes. We got Mom Ryan home before returning home ourselves. Caught up on a few issues from work before I forgot about them. Prepped for doing Recharge Medical work. Started watching Ryan Hamilton: Happy Face on Netflix instant watch.