Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Guadalajara trip day 3 of 4. Breakfast buffet in the hotel restaurant Piso Siete, similar to yesterday. Phil and Drew attempt to buy money at the ATM inside the subway station, but it is unsuccessful. Danny decided to be on his own today, so Patrick, Phil, Drew, and I walked to Plaza Guadalajara, visited la asuncion de maria cathedral then palacio municipal and Rotonda de los Jalicienses Ilustres. Then we walked along Plaza de la Liberacion and Paseo Hospicio and Plaza Fundadores to Hospicio Cabañas aka Instituto Cultural Cabañas where admission happened to be free today (but we oddly still needed tickets that said we paid nothing). We saw items from the permanent collection as well as a special exhibition of David Lachappelle's Lost + Found, which reminded us of Pierre et Gilles, but less homoerotic. Afterwards we visited and browsed at Mercado Libertad, aka Mercado San Juan de Dios. We continued walking to Café Boutique Teatro Degollado and sat on the patio above the steps at the corner of Teatro Degollado. The four of us shared a delicious carnitas torta ahogada and various drinks. We walked back to the hotel, stopping briefly at La Rinconada thinking we might want to eat dinner there tonight. (We didn't.) Patrick and I napped. In the mid-afternoon we awoke and joined Phil, Danny, and Drew for an Uber ride to Casa Fayette, which was recommended by Paul. Fayette negronis, tortilla chips and guacamoles, salsas, appetizer sample (more chips and guacamole, grilled chicken scaloppine). I liked this property very much, and Patrick said he might prefer to stay here on a return visit. Afterwards we walked in the neighborhood then dined at La Bodega de León: four types of mini breads (onion, chili, romano, and herbs) with three salsas (salsa piquante, salsa mild, chimichurri sauce) and refried beans. Danny ordered octopus and sent it back for being too salty. Drew had fusilli bolognese. Phil had a tuna steak. Patrick and I shared grilled chicken with fries and cream of pistachio soup. Salad to share. Another Uber ride back to the hotel. Danny gave leftovers to needy persons, one of them blind.