July 2017

Summary: Guadalajara trip with Patrick, Danny, Drew, Phil

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Sat 1

Finished watching Russell Peters: Two Concerts ... One Ticket. Breakfast: leftovers, 6 ounces of tangerine juice, one chocolate-coated cookie, 4 ounces of 2% milk. Began packing. Recharge Medical work: Google Ad asterisk and disclaimer edits, email news build. Watched Twin Peaks s2:e20 on Netflix instant watch with Patrick. Dinner at home with Patrick: delivery from Lemonade via DoorDash: texas bbq brisket, white truffle mac and cheese, pacific rim salad, roasted turkey blt, watermelon rosemary lemonade, peach ginger lemonade. Recharge Medical work: email news build. Finished packing.

Sun 2

Guadalajara trip day 1 of 4. Breakfast at home: leftovers. Recharge Medical work: launched July news, edits for travel health flyer (brochure). Sam drove Patrick and me to the airport. Volaris flight 887 from SFO to GDL was delayed 1 hour. VIP lounge visit courtesy of Phil, Drew, and Danny. During the flight Patrick asked if they had sandwiches or some kind of meal but we were told they had none so Patrick had a bag of potato chips and an apple juice. Watched Twin Peaks s2:e21 on Netflix instant watch with Patrick. Upon arrival, we encountered thundershowers while waiting for a ride. There was a long delay getting an Uber ride. We had what felt like a long ride to our hotel. We checked in to NH Collection on Calle Colon—it's very nice. I liked the wavy imprint in the toilet paper, the USB outlets in the wall for charging, the rain showerhead, the gourmet complimentary toiletries, the modern decor, the newness, the view of Plaza de Armas from room 416. The towels and sheets could have been softer, and the first time we used the shower the temperature inconsistently changed from hot to cold repeatedly, but it's nonetheless a very comfortable hotel room. We settled and refreshed then gathered for dinner in the hotel restaurant called Piso Siete: chips and guac and salsa to start. Patrick had beef tacos, Danny had chili shrimp, Phil had a shrimp caesar salad, Drew had veggie bbq skewers, I had chicken verde enchiladas. Food was good to very good for everything except my dish which was too salty but I was too tired to send it back and I was as able to eat half of it anyway. Service was good. Afterwards we walked around the nearby streets and squares and bought bottled water and snacks from Oxxo.

Mon 3

Guadalajara trip day 2 of 4. Patrick and I visited the hotel gym, which included a small balcony overlooking Plaza de Armas. Exercise: tai chi and free weights. Back to the hotel room for a shower. Breakfast buffet in the hotel restaurant Piso Siete is delightful, with stunningly arranged freshly cut fruit, cups of fruit salad, smoothies, many kinds of juices and juice blends, made-to-order eggs and waffles, many Mexican hot items (like chilaquiles, refried beans, and stewed chicken), gourmet donuts, and more. Afterwards we began our all-day Tequila Tour by Mickey Marentes with tour guide David and driver Raymundo. We started at 9:30 am. It was a very bumpy ride in an old 13-seat van (including the driver). The van's seats had seat belts, but they weren't arranged so that we could easily use them (because they were folded into the seat in a way that did not make them easily available). On the road we saw other people riding in the backs of trucks. We encountered lots of speed bumps, and that coupled with the poor road quality made for a somewhat unpleasant ride, but we lived through it. Our first stop was El Cascahuin near El Arenal where we toured the factory, saw agave hearts before they were to be placed in ovens, and tasted Cascahuin Blanco Reposade Añejo. This was also where our tour guide David mentioned Siembra Valles but we did not taste that on this tour. Our next stop was an establishment called Jarritos where we briefly visited the nearby lookout tower of El Arenal en el Paisaje Agavero then returned to Jarritos for refreshing tequila cocktails in souvenir mugs as well as a round of marengo shots. At around 2 PM we lunched at a roadside eatery that had bbq meat cooking on vertical skewers: chopped bbq pork, ground chorizo with cheese from jalisco, fresh tortillas, tortilla chips and salsas, boiled pinto beans. Our next stop was Hacienda de Oro, where we were greeted by Isabel who led us to a nearby agave field and one of their workers demonstrated how they harvest agave and let us try our hands at the harvesting technique. We returned to a patio for a tasting: hacienda de oro blanco, el ultimo agave reposado. (My notes also say "suave" here but now I can't recall why.) The next stop was Tequila Selecto de Amatitan, maker of Los Tres Tonas and crema tequilas. We watched a 10-minute video, saw live falcons and peacocks, including a white peacock. While attempting to complete a credit card transaction to pay for the tour and some purchases, Phil and Drew borrowed a bunch of pesos from me. Our next stop was the town of Tequila where we stopped at Mundo Cuervo and browsed in the Cuervo store but did not buy anything. Next we visited Iglesia de Santiago Apóstol and Capilla del Antiguo Hospital de Indios and walked a main shopping street. We drove back to Guadalajara, most or all of us napping from the day's exertion. We arrived around 8:30 pm. Patrick remained in the hotel to rest. The rest of us went out for dinner. The line was too long at La Chata, so we ate instead at La Gorda. I had pollo flautas. Afterwards the others left to buy groceries from Oxxo. I went to bed.

Tue 4

Guadalajara trip day 3 of 4. Breakfast buffet in the hotel restaurant Piso Siete, similar to yesterday. Phil and Drew attempt to buy money at the ATM inside the subway station, but it is unsuccessful. Danny decided to be on his own today, so Patrick, Phil, Drew, and I walked to Plaza Guadalajara, visited la asuncion de maria cathedral then palacio municipal and Rotonda de los Jalicienses Ilustres. Then we walked along Plaza de la Liberacion and Paseo Hospicio and Plaza Fundadores to Hospicio Cabañas aka Instituto Cultural Cabañas where admission happened to be free today (but we oddly still needed tickets that said we paid nothing). We saw items from the permanent collection as well as a special exhibition of David Lachappelle's Lost + Found, which reminded us of Pierre et Gilles, but less homoerotic. Afterwards we visited and browsed at Mercado Libertad, aka Mercado San Juan de Dios. We continued walking to Café Boutique Teatro Degollado and sat on the patio above the steps at the corner of Teatro Degollado. The four of us shared a delicious carnitas torta ahogada and various drinks. We walked back to the hotel, stopping briefly at La Rinconada thinking we might want to eat dinner there tonight. (We didn't.) Patrick and I napped. In the mid-afternoon we awoke and joined Phil, Danny, and Drew for an Uber ride to Casa Fayette, which was recommended by Paul. Fayette negronis, tortilla chips and guacamoles, salsas, appetizer sample (more chips and guacamole, grilled chicken scaloppine). I liked this property very much, and Patrick said he might prefer to stay here on a return visit. Afterwards we walked in the neighborhood then dined at La Bodega de León: four types of mini breads (onion, chili, romano, and herbs) with three salsas (salsa piquante, salsa mild, chimichurri sauce) and refried beans. Danny ordered octopus and sent it back for being too salty. Drew had fusilli bolognese. Phil had a tuna steak. Patrick and I shared grilled chicken with fries and cream of pistachio soup. Salad to share. Another Uber ride back to the hotel. Danny gave leftovers to needy persons, one of them blind.

Wed 5

Guadalajara trip day 4 of 4. Phil had difficulty getting an Uber ride for us, so we ended up asking the hotel front desk to get us a 5-person cab, arriving a little before 75 minutes before our flight's scheduled flight time, but we made it: Volaris flight 886 from GDL to SFO. A mixup at the check-in counter; I seemed to have mistakenly purchased checked bags instead of medium carry-on bags and they would not let us change it. We stopped briefly at a VIP lounge courtesy of Phil, Drew, and Danny for a quick breakfast. Upon arrival to SFO, Mobile Passport worked beautifully. Sam picked us up and drove us home. We dropped our bags, refreshed, then the three of us lunched at Lou's Sandwiches. I walked home; they departed. Unpacked, tidied, and rested. Dinner at Ninki with Patrick, my first time eating at this restaurant even though we've had delivery from them many times. Food and service is very good. Wednesdays they have all rolls half off. We ordered four rolls, which was one roll too many. Walked home. Watched part of Edge of Tomorrow (2014) on Netflix DVD with Patrick.

Thu 6

Breakfast at home: breakfast sandwich with sausage, egg, and mixed cheese on english muffin; 6 ounces of orange juice; hot water. Rode Uber Pool to UCSF Laurel Heights. Along the way I continued studying Spanish on Duolingo. Sprint standup. Content inventory updating, full sitemap updating, and linkchecking all day. Lunch at Beautifull!: small chicken curry, side of beets. Rode Uber Pool home. Dinner at home with Patrick: rigatoni with veggie marinara, red wine, san pell. Finished watching Edge of Tomorrow (2014) on Netflix DVD with Patrick. We liked it. Organized and rewrote journal notes from the Guadalajara trip.

Fri 7

Dinner at home with Patrick: vegetarian ramen. Troubleshot a problem with no internet. After confirming that the router was not the problem, I called Sonic and they walked me through unplugging the ONT and a few minutes later everything was working again. The ONT must be unplugged for 30 seconds, and then it takes a few minutes before the connection resumes. Performed computer maintenance on my non-work MacBook Air. Continued planning new computer hardware purchases. Chatted online with TP-Link technical support to ask them if the Archer C7 now supports HFS+. (I purchased an Archer C7 on January 29, 2017 and installed it and it has been working fine for the past 5 months. Now I'd like to add a hard drive to it. Does my C7 support HFS+? Much discussion in online forums says it does not, but my User Guide says that it is, so perhaps the support came in a later version or via firmware?) Answer: No, since I have hardware version 2. Hardware version 4 of the C7 does support it. Since it's not possible to specify what hardware version you want when you buy, there's no way for me to get a V4 of the C7.

Sat 8

Slept in. Chatted on Google Hangouts with Dex and Lani. Breakfast at home: leftover rigatoni. Edited photos in preparation for a slideshow for Dad's funeral service. Errands: shoe cleaning, post office. Snack: one egg roll from frozen, tortilla chips and salsa from a jar. Nap. Dinner at home with Patrick: fresh cow hamburger with cheddar on brioche and french fries from frozen, red wine, Spindrift flavored sparkling water. Built the slideshow in Apple Photos, which included buying some new music in iTunes, exported and copied to my iPad Pro and iPhone 6 Plus, converted a copy in Handbrake from m4v to mp4, and uploaded a copy for Dex and Lani to review.

Sun 9

Slept in. Breakfast at home with Patrick: variation on eggs in nest with sausage patty and cheddar cheese. Lunch at home with Patrick: I prepared Green Chef buddha's delight (saifun noodles, baby corn, portobellos, snap peas), Spindrift flavored sparkling water. Patrick made cornbread and a semolina cake. Watched Hollywood Game Night: Super Duper Store Night on Hulu with Patrick. Vacuumed. Lots of dishes were washed today. Organized and rewrote notes from the Guadalajara trip with Patrick's help. Dinner at home with Patrick: TJ's chicken balti pies, red wine. Recharge Medical work: travel health flyer.