Thursday, May 11, 2017

Day 1 of the Spain trip. Vacation begins. Breakfast at home with Patrick: leftover torta and vegetables with eggs over easy, sausage links, toast with butter. Cut my hair, showered. Rode Muni and BART to Oakland Airport. Norwegian Air flight to LGW then BCN. Muni then BART to OAK took about 75 minutes. Early dinner at Chili's Too with Quyen and Dave. Norwegian Air flight from OAK to LGW with Quyen and Dave. Second dinner: beef with penne (beef partly too tough), mystery grain salad, lima beans with corn off the cob, red wine, water. Finished watching A Man Called Ove, which I enjoyed, on Amazon Prime downloaded video. Watched Twin Peaks s2:e9 on Netflix downloaded video. Slept. Rewatched La La Land on the Norwegian Air entertainment system, liking it again. Meal: smoked turkey and swiss mini sub, hot tea. Watched an episode of A to Z, which I enjoyed. Alighted at LGW for a 5-hour layover. We rested in terminal at LGW. Snack for take away from Pret a Manger: ham and swiss mini baguette sandwich, still water. Recommended. Norwegian Air flight from LGW to BCN. Taxi from BCN to our VRBO across the street from Casa Battlo where Danny let us in, and we rested. The others joined later, having been out exploring. To bed late.