May 2017

Summary: Spain Trip with a subset of The Group With No Name. Dad passes. Orange County Trip with family and Patrick.

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Mon May 1, 2017

Breakfast at home: 3 mandarin oranges, one english muffin with cheddar cheese. Rode Uber Pool to UCSF Laurel Heights. Prepared an expense report. Forwarded a listserv request to Rodney. Missed and rescheduled my meeting with Cindy. Responded to Sara T's request about how to get colored boxes on pages on Updated the withdrawal and leave of absence page for Cindy. Followup with various tickets with IT. Filed pcard paperwork. Reported spam from Zoey Weaver at again. Completed a minor content request for Katherine K. For lunch I wanted to eat at b on the go but it was closed. I then went to Limu and Shoyu but there were three people waiting for orders to be prepared, and there are only three seats inside. I ended at Eliza's and ate the lemon chicken lunch special which included hot tea and hot and sour soup. My fortunes (two in one): A great pleasure in life is doing what others say you can't. You will soon be honored by someone you respect. Announced and delivered logo and letterhead bundles. Chatted with Tom C from IT about broken icons on the home page when viewed from within Lots of calendar management. Rode Uber Pool home. Dinner at home with Patrick: capellini with marinara sauce, giant kidney beans, and sauteed asparagus; red wine; san pell. Sometime today I continued studying Spanish on Duolingo.

Tue May 2, 2017

Breakfast at home: two hash browns, one sausage link, one slice of garlic rosemary toast with butter, two eggs scrambled with basil and garlic, 3 mandarin oranges. Rode Uber Pool to UCSF Laurel Heights. Along the way I continued studying Spanish on Duolingo. 1-on-1 with Eric. Today I created a makeshift standing desk out of faux leather storage cubes and boxes. Began preparing expense report. Caught up on email. UCSF shuttle from Laurel Heights to Parnassus. Lunch from Panda Express: Panda Bowl with chow mein and honey walnut shrimp, ate in front of Kalmanovitz Library. My fortune: A financial investment will yield returns beyond your hopes. Met Zoraida Q who started yesterday. PharmD current students microsite structure meeting with Cindy. We also chatted about Spain. UCSF shuttle from Parnassus to Laurel Heights. Education digest html email build. Rode Uber Pool to the Castro. Drinks and appetizers at Cafe Flore with Phil and Drew. Dinner at Eureka with Phil, Drew, and Wayne: aside from drinks, we shared scallops, marinated shrimp, corn bread, fish of the day, collard greens, bread pudding a la mode: $31.10 each after tip.

Wed May 3, 2017

Patrick prepared breakfast at home: two eggs over easy, two hash browns, bacon, one slice of garlic-rosemary bread with butter. Rode Uber Pool to UCSF Laurel Heights. Along the way I continued studying Spanish on Duolingo. Sprint standup. Education digest html email newsletter build all day in Email on Acid and Mailchimp. Lunch at b on the go: tuna melt, water. Rode Uber Pool home, ordering Uber Eats on the way. Dinner at home with Patrick: delivery from Patxi's Pizza (Irving): deep dish, regular crust pizza with basil and roasted garlic; butter leaf lettuce salad; San Pell prickly pear (Patrick) and blood orange (me).

Thu May 4, 2017

Breakfast at home: leftover pizza. Rode Uber Pool to UCSF Laurel Heights. Along the way I continued studying Spanish on Duolingo. Sprint standup. Letterhead followup, including phone chats with Erika. Helped Lucia resolve a problem with the secure data drive. Education digest html email newsletter build. Identity retheme styling. Lunch at Rigolo: chopped salad, water. Rode UberX with Eric to MCB for the Drupal Users Group meeting. Drinks with Jordan, John K, Eric G, and Eric D at Wooden Nickel (where Truck used to be). We were met late by Dana, who recently joined John's team as a project manager. Rode Uber Pool home. Dinner at home with Patrick: Green Chef barbecue chicken with bulgur wheat, yellow summer squash, cucumber salad; san pell. Watched Twin Peaks s2:e6 on Netflix instant watch with Patrick.

Fri May 5, 2017

Breakfast at home: quiche lorraine from frozen, sliced apple, chai for me, instant coffee for Patrick. Rode Uber Pool to UCSF Laurel Heights. Along the way I continued studying Spanish on Duolingo. Sprint standup. Calendar management. Identity retheme work. Rode UberX to a doctor appointment. Lunch at The Pub: cheddar cheeseburger with mushrooms, sweet potato fries, water: $11.39. Rode Uber Pool to UCSF Laurel Heights. Chatted with Eric about the Education digest html email template. PharmD Current Students microsite work. Rode Uber Pool to Shotwell House. Cinco de Mayo with Sandip, Steven, Wayne, Paul, Phil, Drew, Danny. Romy arrived very late. Phil prepared taco fixins with self-standing taco shells, steamed tortillas, taco salad shells. Cake. Rode UberX home. Recently finished watching Sicario (2015) on Amazon downloaded Prime Video. Recommended.

Sat May 6, 2017

Continued studying Spanish on Duolingo. Brunch: Green Chef korean shrimp noodle bowl with sautéed veggies, pickled radishes; prickly pear san pell. (I omitted the ssamjang sauce.) Watched Twin Peaks s2:e7 on Netflix instant watch with Patrick. Nap. Watched Twin Peaks s2:e8 on Netflix instant watch with Patrick. Dinner at home with Patrick: leftovers.

Sun May 7, 2017

Can't recall what I ate for brunch. Continued studying Spanish on Duolingo. Recharge Medical web work: some small stylesheet fixes. Tried setting up a second set of shelves in the garage but discovered that I had the wrong size of screws. Postponed this work for now. Watched La La Land (2016) on Netflix DVD with Patrick. Recommended. Packed for the forthcoming Spain trip. Dinner at home with Patrick: shells and cheese with corn and peas from frozen, red wine. Dessert: two small chocolate chip cookies from frozen each and milk for me. Watched Superstore s2:e22 on Hulu with Patrick. Whoa, quite a season finale. Caught up on journaling.

Mon May 8, 2017

Breakfast at home: oatmeal with diced gala apple, cinnamon, milk. Rode Uber Pool to UCSF Laurel Heights. Along the way I continued studying Spanish on Duolingo. Sprint standup. Minor edit regarding the Technical Standards Requirement page for Cindy and Joel. PharmD Current Students microsite linkcheck sweep all day. Lunch at Picnix Bistro: five-spice chicken with rice and soup of the day: chicken, rice, and tomato; hot water. Errands. Microsites work: Calpoison, SMDC. Followup with other microsites: Staff Wellness Group. Followup with Cindy about the Background Checks and Drug Screens page. Followup with Kevin L about Wells Lab website being down. Prepped for menu styling work. Logos work: plancomm cmyk. Rode Uber Pool home. Along the way I continued studying Spanish on Duolingo. Dinner at home with Patrick: Green Chef fajita polenta torta with sautéed veggies, tomatillo salsa, pickled veggies; red wine for me, black cherry Zevia for Patrick. (Zevia bothers me but not Patrick.) After dinner we watched YouTube: trailers for Blade Runner 2049 and Wonder Woman as well as a summary and outtakes for Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) in preparation for seeing Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (2017) tomorrow night.

Tue May 9, 2017

Continued studying Spanish on Duolingo. Rode Uber Pool to UCSF Laurel Heights. Breakfast from The View Cafe: egg and cheese on english muffin, chai tea latte. 1-on-1 with Eric. Styling work: PharmD new breadcrumbs and multilevel menus, identity retheme. Lunch at Starbucks: chicken pesto sandwich, london fog chai tea latte. Errand: hardware store. Rode Uber Pool to Alamo Drafthouse New Mission for dinner and Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 with Patrick. Devil's Canyon root beer for Patrick, airmail for me, popcorn, cow burger, cobb salad. Rode UberX home.

Wed May 10, 2017

Rode Uber Pool to UCSF Laurel Heights. Along the way I continued studying Spanish on Duolingo. Sprint standup. Styling work: PharmD secondary (right-column) nav. Prep for Servint transition to CP. Lunch at Picnix: salmon and rice with side salad, hot water. Prep for orgchart work. Susie gave me a ride home. Dinner at home with Patrick: spaghetti carbonara. Chatted online with Lani and Jeanne.

Thu May 11, 2017

Day 1 of the Spain trip. Vacation begins. Breakfast at home with Patrick: leftover torta and vegetables with eggs over easy, sausage links, toast with butter. Cut my hair, showered. Rode Muni and BART to Oakland Airport. Norwegian Air flight to LGW then BCN. Muni then BART to OAK took about 75 minutes. Early dinner at Chili's Too with Quyen and Dave. Norwegian Air flight from OAK to LGW with Quyen and Dave. Second dinner: beef with penne (beef partly too tough), mystery grain salad, lima beans with corn off the cob, red wine, water. Finished watching A Man Called Ove, which I enjoyed, on Amazon Prime downloaded video. Watched Twin Peaks s2:e9 on Netflix downloaded video. Slept. Rewatched La La Land on the Norwegian Air entertainment system, liking it again. Meal: smoked turkey and swiss mini sub, hot tea. Watched an episode of A to Z, which I enjoyed. Alighted at LGW for a 5-hour layover. We rested in terminal at LGW. Snack for take away from Pret a Manger: ham and swiss mini baguette sandwich, still water. Recommended. Norwegian Air flight from LGW to BCN. Taxi from BCN to our VRBO across the street from Casa Battlo where Danny let us in, and we rested. The others joined later, having been out exploring. To bed late.

Fri May 12, 2017

Day 2 of the Spain trip. This day was lost due to international travel.

Sat May 13, 2017

Day 1 in Barcelona; day 3 of the Spain trip. Rode the metro: Passeig de Gracia to Jaune. Visited Museo Picasso. My fave: mujer con mantilla. Refreshments at a cafe. Visited El Born Cultural Center of Memory, an archaeological site. We visited Park de la Ciutadella where we lost Paul. Visited L'Arc de Triompf. Beverages. L'Univers at Mercat de Santa Caterina where we found Paul. Cathedral of Barcelona. Palau de la Musica. Nap. Dining al fresca at TapaTapa where all the food had mixed reviews in our group except for the paella which everyone agreed was too salty. Barhopping with Wayne, Quyen, and Charles: Arena (where we arrived early and were pretty certain it was ladies' night), Believe, Punto. At Believe the Eurovision finale played on the big screen, and the place was very full with lots of excitement over the singing contest.

Sun May 14, 2017

Day 2 in Barcelona; day 4 of the Spain trip. Slept in. Quick breakfast at our VRBO: a muffin. Hop on hop off bus day. We boarded just outside our VRBO and bought one-day passes and rode the red line of Barcelona Busturistic. Phil took his exam for his travel medicine accreditation. Found Phil outside of CaixaForum station. We walked around looking for a cafe but could not find one easily and instead got refreshments at a convenience store. Walked to and visited the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion. Walked to the top of the hill with the Museo Nacional. The fountain stopped as we reached the top. We learned that it was because the museum closed at 3 PM. The view from here is excellent. Walked down. Brief stop down an escalator at CaixaForum Cultural Center. Rode the Busturistic, alighting at Poble Español, where we decided to not enter. Waited a long time for the bus. A Busturistic bus came and was so full it took on only two new passengers. We boarded the next one a few minutes later. Alighted at Coliseum. Late light meal at The Chipiron. Rested at our VRBO. Dinner at Bar Mut which was pricey and excellent. Stopped briefly at McDonald's just to look. A cafe station is in the front and the restaurant is in the back. Customers ordered items from large touch displays, which I had never seen before at a McDonald's. Laundry.

Mon May 15, 2017

Day 3 in Barcelona; day 5 of the Spain trip. Ironed. Breakfast pastries. Visited Sagrada Familia with a private tour guide. Portuguese lunch at Oporto. Visited Casa Battlo with iPhone audio-video guides including augmented reality features that worked mostly well. Nap. Walked La Rambla. Explored Mercat St. Josep La Boqueria. Rode the metro: Cassanes to Espanya. Walked around (and did not enter) a ticketed auto show only to discover that a light show at Museo Nacional did not take place today. We walked around again to Arenas de Barcelona where we paid one euro each to ride to the top for the view. We circled once then rode the inner escalator down. Bought groceries. Rode the metro: Espanya to Passeig de Gracia—a long wait this time, and the train was very full. This took us about 35 minutes from station to station. We dined at the VRBO: ramen with vegetables, pate and bread.

Tue May 16, 2017

Day 4 in Barcelona; day 6 of the Spain trip. Pre-breakfast: two bananas, fig yogurt, water. Breakfast: pastries. Coffee at a nearby local coffee shop. La Rambla. Mercado La Bocaria. Met Phong. Ramblero with Charles and Phong: mixed seafood for three. Dunkin Donuts. Bought candy. Rode the metro: Liceu to Paral-lel, then the funicular to the top of Parc Montjuic. Entered and toured the citadel. Funicular then metro from Paral-lel to Liceu. Mercado La Bocaria for beverages and wine tasting. Starbucks: beverages. Back to the VRBO. Drinks and appetizers at Terrat in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Dinner at Corchos. El Nacional.

Wed May 17, 2017

Day 5 in Barcelona; day 7 of the Spain trip. Private transport via Barcelona Airport Transfers via Bohigas—recommended—in two vans to BCN with pickup time of 8:30 AM took less than 30 minutes even with some heavy traffic (actual: 8:38 to 9:03). Van 1: Phil, Wayne, Charles, me. Van 2: Drew, Quyen, Dave, Paul, Danny. Attempted to check in to an airport VIP lounge, but it was far from our gate, so they suggested a closer lounge. Long walk to the other VIP lounge. Breakfast: pastries, yogurt with fruit, water. The flight was only about 67% full, so some people changed seats after the door was closed. Arrival in Madrid. Private transport from MAD to the VRBO did not work very well. We had to walk a long way to the van. Checked in to our Madrid VRBO with owner Miguel. Late afternoon meal at Platea: beef skewers with potatoes. Nap. Walked to Circulo de Belles Artes after accidentally walking to the closed art store called Belles Artes. White wine and potato chips with a stellar view and chill music: unplugged pop. It seems that everywhere here potato chips are a common appetizer and snack appropriate for any occasion. Dinner at Cappuccino: caesar salad with langoustine brochettes, Perrier. Returned to the VRBO. Danny and Wayne went to a late night party. Spoke with and Facetimed with Jeanne and Dad. Witnessed a rain storm begin. To bed late.

Thu May 18, 2017

Day 1 in Madrid; day 8 of the Spain trip. Light breakfast at home. Tested our VRBO's internet: 30 Mbps down and 19 Mbps up—surprisingly excellent. Matt arrives. We join Jaime. Stopped at Crespo for some to look at espradrilles. Placa de Espanya. Jardins de Sanatini. Drinks and tapas at Mercado de San Miguel where I learned via SMS from my sister that my dad had passed away last night. Late meal at Restaurant El Gallego (C/ Cucuilleros, 2): chipiron tapa, albondigas, pulpo a la gallega, morcilla de burgos, pan, vina pedrosa crianza: 110,50 euros. Plaza Mayor. Plaza de Opera. Chocolateria San Gines. plaza del sol. Capas Seseña. Got a cold tea to go from MUJI. Rested in the VRBO. Dinner at La Trainera.

Fri May 19, 2017

Day 2 in Madrid; day 9 of the Spain trip. Light breakfast. Prado. Reina Sofia. Cafe for refreshments. Back to the Airbnb. Nap. Dinner prepared by Danny and Phil: chorizo fried rice, stewed pork, sautéed vegetables with octopus, spinach salad with simulated angulas made of pollock, white steamed rice. Nap. Barhopping with Paul.

Sat May 20, 2017

Day 3 in Madrid; day 10 of the Spain trip. Wine day trip tour with David. Stopped for coffee in Segovia. Winery tour by Ben at Bodega Sarmentero who took us for a short walk to the vineyards in warm, breezy weather before a tasting indoors. Winery tour and lunch at Aster with the interesting and unique second story at the tops of the wine vats. Lunch was on the salty side and exquisitely prepared with excellent service: ham and mushroom brochettes, piquillo peppers, white asparagus for Wayne, ham croquettes, morthilla, salad with sliced onions, roast lamb, mille-feuille, coffee and tea, grappa. Perhaps the best mille-feuille I have ever tasted. Winery tour at Bodegas Ismael Arroyo ValSotillo with the fantastic caves which reminded me of Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland Anaheim. Rested at the VRBO. Dinner at the VRBO prepared by Danny: steamed white rice, veggie omelettes, leftover stewed pork, salad, sautéed fish. Others went barhopping while I rested at the VRBO.

Sun May 21, 2017

Day 4 in Madrid; day 11 of the Spain trip. Light breakfast in the VRBO. Rode the metro: Alonso Martinez to Chueca, stopped in the station only so that Charles could take rainbow photos, emerged at La Latina for El Rastro where we wandered somewhat aimlessly. We encountered Madrid Hot Jazz, which seemed to be a really excellent band from the few minutes we watched. We continued walking and browsing to San Cayetano Church, around when Quyen and Dave joined us late, then to Mercado San Fernando—just browsed and explored. We enjoyed a light sidewalk meal at Don Quixote Bar Ceveceria Kebab. Matt and Jaime joined us. We encountered Lucia aka Lucy, whom I had trouble remembering from a previous visit. We stopped at Sani Sapori for ice cream. Attack (closed). Le Retiro Park. Juice. empanadas and beer for jaime and matt. botanical garden. vrbo rest dinner at la barreca

Mon May 22, 2017

Day 5 in Madrid; day 12 of the Spain trip. Cleaned a bit in the vrbo. Chatted with the cleaning woman when she arrived. She complimented me on my Spanish. Left my luggage in the VRBO for later pickup. Wandered, ending in La Chueca at ? for lunch: scrambled eggs with mushrooms, sautéed chicken breast, red wine, sparkling water. Light shopping: Mañana (A Fish Called Fred, Cetti Shoes), ES, SR, XXXMadrid, Platea, Mama Framboise, Alejandro Montes. Rode the metro: Line 4 (brown) Colon towards Pinar de Chamartin to Mar de Cristal, transfer to Line 8 (pink) towards Aeropuerto T4 to Aeropuerto T1-T2-T3. Unusually long walk to the pre-gate area, then an unusually long wait for the gate number. Light meal at Urban Grill: veggie lasagne, tomato juice. Norwegian Air flight from Madrid MAD to London Gatwick LGW. Long wait in UK customs. Checked in to Sofitel London Gatwick. Dinner at a restaurant in Sofitel London Gatwick: Urban Cafe: mixed vegetables, little gems salad with bacon, masala butter popcorn, sparkling mineral water.

Tue May 23, 2017

Day 1 in London; day 13 of the Spain trip. Today's flight delayed one hour. Continental breakfast in La Brasserie at Sofitel London Gatwick: fried egg, fried bread, sautéed mushrooms, one hash brown, grilled tomato, one small pastry, hot tea, various juices. Finished watching Following on Netflix downloaded video. Norwegian Air Shuttle flight from LGW to OAK. Rewatched all of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and the end of Arrival. Inflight meal: chicken breast with vegetables and potatoes, fruit pie, red wine x 2, sparkling water. Watched The Accountant, La La Land, Rogue One. Breakfast: small chicken caesar wrap, Teoni's salted caramel shortbread, apple juice, hot black tea. To bed at 10:30 PM Pacific.

Wed May 24, 2017

Woke at 2:00 AM and couldn't sleep. Small meal: grilled cheddar cheese sandwich, water. Began dealing with collected snail mail and unpacking. Doctor appointment. Late lunch at My Father's Kitchen: #7, thai iced tea. shuttle to parn. Along the way I continued studying Spanish on Duolingo. Doctor appointment. Errands: dropped off Cindy's Barcelona guide, got quarters, printed a Pocket Tripod fit card at the Makers Lab. Rode Uber Pool home. Watched Twin Peaks s2:e10 on Netflix instant watch with Patrick. Dinner at home with Patrick: delivery from King of Thai Noodle: pad see yew with chicken, crispy garden rolls, coconut soup with tofu and veggies. Vacation ends. Caught up a bit on work email even tho I'm technically not working today.

Thu May 25, 2017

Bereavement leave from work. Breakfast: leftover coconut soup with tofu and veggies. Scanned some old photos. Chatted with Lani on the phone for an hour. Small meal: leftover pad see yew. Made more travel arrangements, helped Lani with Dad's resting place arrangements. Continued catching up on work email even tho I'm technically not working today. Got a lot of home tasks and webwork done. Dinner at home with Patrick: Green Chef grilled lemon chicken (bulgur, red beets, olives, red peppers, feta).

Fri May 26, 2017

Breakfast: leftover coconut soup with tofu and veggies. Packed. Snack: a banana, hot water. Is 800-386-6624 a legitimate phone number for the credit card company called Citibank aka Citi? 800-386-6624 appears to be a telephone number associated with a phishing scam that leaves voicemail messages asking you to call 800-386-6624 and provide a case number given in the message. I called the phone number on my credit card that was recently lost or stolen and a customer service representative said he searched all his databases for evidence that that number was associated with his organization, and he did not find such evidence. Beware! Installed Wikibuy based on a recommendation from BK. Bereavement leave from work. JetBlue flight from SFO to LGB (Long Beach). Watched Twin Peaks s2:e11 on Netflix instant watch with Patrick. Rode UberX to Doubletree Suites Anaheim. Checked in. Dinner in the hotel restaurant called Agio: crab cakes to share, lobster penne for me, craft burger for Patrick.

Sat May 27, 2017

Patrick and I walked to Downtown Disney. Late breakfast at Brennan's Jazz Kitchen Express: beignets and coffee and chicory au lait. Lunch at Tangaroa Terrace with family. Patrick and I shared a salad. Nap. Dinner at China Buffet (Fullerton) with family. Jeanne gave us a ride back to the hotel. Watched X-Men: Apocalypse on hotel TV by myself.

Sun May 28, 2017

Hot tub. Breakfast in the room: leftover lobster penne, water, and chocolate chip cookie with walnuts. Rested in the hotel room. Rode UberX to Bowers Museum with Patrick. Ate in the museum cafe called Tangata: cobb salad for Patrick, shrimp salad for me, san pell to share: $44.18 before an $8 tip. Rode UberX to South Coast Plaza with Patrick. Rode UberX to Doubletree Suites Anaheim with Patrick. Watched Twin Peaks s2:e12 on Netflix downloaded video with Patrick. Nap. Walked to dinner at Carolina's with Patrick: chicken parm and red wine for Patrick, angel hair with chicken and hot tea for me: $58.41 after a $9 tip.

Mon May 29, 2017

Rode UberX to LGB (Long Beach) airport. JetBlue flight from LGB to SFO. Watched Twin Peaks s2:e13 and s2:e14 on Netflix downloaded video with Patrick. Sam picked us up, then we picked up Mom Ryan and lunched at Eric's: 1.5 order of the appetizer platter, black bean salmon with vegetables, walnut prawns, sweet and sour chicken with spicy sauce on the side, brown rice, white rice, hot tea. My fortune: A new relationship is about to blossom. you will be blessed. Sam dropped off Mom Ryan, then us, with a pit stop for gasoline along the way. Investigated an issue with Corinna's website and took some precautionary measures. Unpacked. Computer updates. Dinner at home with Patrick: Green Chef fajita burger (chimichurri sauce, sweet potatoes, bell peppers), hot water.

Tue May 30, 2017

Breakfast at home: pumpkin-walnut bread toast with butter, granola with milk and yogurt. Rode Uber Pool to UCSF Laurel Heights. Along the way I continued studying Spanish on Duolingo. Filed pcard paperwork. Followup with Rick about people content and uploading images. Minor edit for Cindy to the background checks and drug screens page. 1-on-1 with Eric. Calendar management. Rx for Change / Servint followup. Various Asana task followup. Prepared for Meridian-to-Cisco phone migration. Lunch at As Quoted: beet latte, chinese chicken salad. Errand: drug store. Calpoison work: some minor content work and began theming. Orgchart work. Software updates. Rode Uber Pool home. Dinner at home with Patrick: Green Chef barbecue chickpea bowl (blistered corn, avocado, spinach, ranch slaw).

Wed May 31, 2017

Continued studying Spanish on Duolingo. Breakfast at home: croissant with scrambled eggs with cheddar and a touch of pancetta, hot water. Rode Uber Pool to UCSF Laurel Heights. Calpoison: logo remaster work. Orgchart work: remove dotted line reporting for Liana. Lunch to go from Cafe Bellini: chicken sandwich with bacon, coconut water. Marshall Strategy meeting. Picked up my 3d prints of a Pocket Tripod fit guide from the Makers Lab. Rode Uber Pool home. Dinner at home with Patrick: Patrick had my leftover chicken sandwich; barbecue chickpea for me. Watched about half of The Magnificent Seven (2016) on Netflix DVD with Patrick and microwave popcorn.