Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Breakfast at home: organic nonfat yogurt with fresh, sliced banana; granola. Rode Muni to work. Communications team meeting. Shared a document with the team (communications team staffing). Helped Lisa try to find the key to the lock on her monitor—unsuccessful. Sent Eric some notes about what we needed for Lytebox. The Lytebox website appears to be newly set up with a new domain, and the redirects for it are particularly annoying, makes it difficult to find information. Linkchecking, Flickr work, kiosk work. Listserv management. Followup with Mark B about the 4 MB attachment filesize limit in our listserv system. Lunch to go from Panda Express: chow mein, honey walnut prawns, eggplant tofu, water. My fortune: Past inspirations and experiences will be helpful in your job. Restarted the kiosk because it was displaying nothing but a black screen. Timesheet activities. QBC work: stylesheets, added privacy, accessibility, and contact us pages. QBC work with Eric: apply button, jquery, stylesheets. Worked late. Muni was terrible getting home. Took me an hour. Dinner at home with Patrick: tofu korma over steamed white rice. Dessert: one peanut butter cookie each. I organized stuff and moved photos from the camera to the computer.