Monday, October 3, 2011

Archived tax documents. Breakfast at home: organic oatmeal with fresh, sliced banana; California sage honey; cinnamon; organic applesauce; organic soy milk. Rain expected today, so I rode Muni to work. Linkchecking, Flickr work, kiosk work. Lots of QBC web work today. Conference call with Susie and Robin: QBC rollover graphics. Answered an InDesign question for Lucia. Made live new PID dates for Shirin. Submitted a request to DLS to set up new monitors for Lisa and Lynn. Lunch from the cafeteria: pasta salad, shrimp dim sum. More QBC web work. Supp app project work in Drupal: an import. Snack: frozen yogurt from the cafeteria, corn chips that I brought from home. Got my flu shot. I think today was the first day UCSF offered it to staff, faculty, employees. It was pretty fast—about 10 minutes total. Troubleshot a problem in which using Lucida Grande with Adobe Photoshop CS5 produced an error: "Could not use the type tool because of a program error." I spent about 30 minutes on the problem trying a lot of possible solutions, but none worked. Very frustrating. We couldn't not use Lucida Grande—it was everywhere in our website. I gave up trying to fix it. Computer maintenance for Lucia, Sammie, Cindy, and Joel: 7zip installation, Firefox 7.0.1 installation, Java update to R27, disk cleanup, disk defrag. Rode Muni home. Dinner at home with Patrick. Patrick was late getting home, so I cooked. Same salmon from last night, organic stuffing with added fresh parsley. Dessert: one chocolate chip cookie each. Smith and Wesson for me. Tried helping Patrick set his PCR-30 up again, but it seems some of the keys are broken now.