July 2000

Summary: Patrick's first visit to Seattle

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Sat Jul 1, 2000

painted the bathroom and kitchen.

Tue Jul 4, 2000

fourth of july party at steve and bryan's.

Thu Jul 6, 2000

meatlover's dinner with tina and daniel at tina's.

Fri Jul 7, 2000

saw margaret cho's "i'm the one that i want" with scott at the egyptian.

Sat Jul 8, 2000

brunch with tina and daniel at macrina.

Sun Jul 9, 2000

late lunch at thanh vi with tina.

Mon Jul 10, 2000

world's biggest homemade onion burgers with tina and daniel. airport trip for daniel. doctor appointment - physical exam (everything's good).

Tue Jul 11, 2000

brunch at stars seattle with tina. we had: rich corn chowder, heirloom tomato salad (orange, red, green, and yellow) with cheese shavings, salmon from the wood-fired oven, roasted duck salad with cherries and almonds, roasted chicken salad, pistachio/almond cookies, chocolate chip cookies (milk, dark, and white chocolate chips), sorbet cup: (a) strawberry sorbet and (b) white peach and champagne sorbet with mango fruit leather, chocolate mousse cake with bing cherries, peach tart tatin with tahitian vanilla ice cream, lemon pot de creme with blueberries and a meringue wafer, panna cotta (a kind of custard dessert), three glasses of wine (all tina's), moroccan mint tea, and coffee. watched umbrellas of cherbourg with tina at her place.

Wed Jul 12, 2000

picked up patrick at the airport. drinks with tina and patrick at the waterfront. the matrix on dvd with patrick. (thanks, victor!)

Thu Jul 13, 2000

slept all day. drinks at peso's with tina, patrick, franz, and kevin. saw margaret cho's "i'm the one that i want" with tina, patrick, franz, and kevin at the egyptian.

Fri Jul 14, 2000

brunch at hi-spot with tina and patrick. helped clean tina's apartment. bought x-men tickets. photo shoot with patrick and tina at seattle university. nikko happy hour with patrick.

Sat Jul 15, 2000

saw x-men at the 12:15 am showing (night of the 14th). tina's last day in seattle. dinner at stars seattle with tina and patrick. we had: ultra violet, champoire, crab cakes, summer cherries salad, san pellegrino, chicken paillard, roast Sonoma duck, chocolate mousse cake with bing cherries, peach tart tatin with tahitian vanilla ice cream, and coffee. watched scary movie with patrick.

Sun Jul 16, 2000

shopping: home depot, z gallerie, banana republic, the gap, pottery barn, club monaco. steamed chicken at home with patrick. mary poppins on dvd at home with patrick.

Mon Jul 17, 2000

breakfast at satellite lounge with patrick. shopping, errands: rei, the crypt. galaxy quest on dvd with patrick. dinner at home (pagliacci and steamed chicken salad).

Tue Jul 18, 2000

computer stuff at home with patrick. printed photos and framed them. took pictures of patrick while having sex. dinner with steve and bryan at simpatico.

Wed Jul 19, 2000

breakfast at new american broadway grill - patrick loves the fresh-squeezed cantaloupe juice. errands: kinko's, beyond the closet bookstore. dinner at chinoise cafe on madison. picked up mikeob at the airport with patrick. drinks at bandeleone with mikeob and patrick.

Thu Jul 20, 2000

breakfast at glo's. "but i'm a cheerleader" with patrick at broadway market cinemas. dinner with patrick at kingfish. we had: the house salad, shrimp bisque, pork ribs, my way or the highway fried chicken, passion fruit iced tea, pear cider, and coconut cake. drinks at manray with mikey, neil, and mikeob.

Fri Jul 21, 2000

breakfast at home (leftovers from kingfish). made cookies from tina's cookie dough. tourist traps with patrick: pike place market, monorail, experience music project (exterior), bite of seattle 2000. nap with patrick. a perfect dinner with patrick at the space needle. we went at 8:45 pm and watched the sunset while we dined. after night fell, a storm north of seattle gave us teasing glimpses of lightning. we had: iron horse champagne (brut); lobster bisque; chicken, beef, shrimp satay sampler; beef tenderloin with wild mushrooms and sides of haricots vert, baby tomatoes, and fingerling potatoes; black pepper grilled salmon with wild rice and sides of baby tomatoes and fingerling potatoes; space needle sundae floating in a dry ice cloud; and coffee.

Sat Jul 22, 2000

slept in late. leftovers and green cat's pablo's potatoes for breakfast. errands at leathercare. dinner at carmelita with todd and patrick.

Sun Jul 23, 2000

blueberry pancakes for breakfast at home with patrick. worked on book designs and patrick's resume at home. beef and orange bell pepper stir-fry and chocolate and cherry trifle for dinner and dessert at home with patrick. dogma on dvd at home with patrick.

Mon Jul 24, 2000

ham and broccoli scramble and sausage and english muffins for breakfast at home with patrick. mailed packages at the post office. dinner at chinoise on madison with patrick (king crab roll, summer roll with shrimp, crispy green bean chicken, bird nest shrimp, kirin ichiban, green tea).

Tue Jul 25, 2000

took patrick to the airport. cut hair, cleaned the apartment.

Sun Jul 30, 2000

cleaned the deck.

Mon Jul 31, 2000

late lunch and drinks and adcritic with mikeob: arby's, the cuff, rosebud, the cuff.