August 2000

Summary: Rebuilt my web site, Polished my resume, Prepared for the move to San Francisco

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Tue Aug 1, 2000

worked on the redesign of my personal web site.

Wed Aug 2, 2000

got a filling put in - upper right wisdom tooth. sold a scsi card at pc trades for $50. dinner with kk and shelly at the waterfront restaurant called the waterfront. our server there carded kevin and me! i finished creating my sans souci playlist.

Thu Aug 3, 2000

installed mouseremote and maX10 so that i can control winamp and powerdvd remotely. lunch with mikey at cafe hue.

Fri Aug 4, 2000

golden gardens beach (which sounds better in french: la plage des jardins d'or) with mikey. biked around here and there.

Sat Aug 5, 2000

stayed home, worked on the web site.

Sun Aug 6, 2000

lunch with mikeob at daly's on eastlake. mikey stopped by for a few minutes to drop something off and check out the new web site. i read Adobe Acrobat 4.0 Classroom In A Book Second Edition.

Tue Aug 8, 2000

organized europe photos. took mikey to the airport. lunch at world wrapps on broadway. grocery shopping at QFC. bought flowers at Camellia Design, which is a really nice flower shop. web site work at home. mikeob came over to visit for a bit.

Wed Aug 9, 2000

lunch at tacos guayamas. printed portrait photos for patrick.

Thu Aug 10, 2000

doctor appointment.

Fri Aug 11, 2000

steve came over in the afternoon to pick up stuff for his garage sale. i worked on my resume today.

Sat Aug 12, 2000

more resume work. takeout for dinner from ballet.

Sun Aug 13, 2000

dinner with mikeob at siam on broadway. drinks and computer stuff afterwards at my place.

Mon Aug 14, 2000

lunch with kennedy at chinoise cafe on madison, then came back to my place to do computer stuff. researched salary ranges for senior web developer positions.

Tue Aug 15, 2000

made a 2-egg omelette and hash browns for breakfast. took the car in to get an oil change - the people are nice there, but i waited forever. lunch at kfc. dinner with steve at monsoon.

Wed Aug 16, 2000

lunch with kk at firenze. sat in the sun by lake sammamish reading jakob nielsen's designing web usability at idylwood park.

Thu Aug 17, 2000

dinner with marc, jenny, and mikeob at jimmy's table.

Fri Aug 18, 2000

mailed packages for dexter and victor. lunch at angel's thai cuisine. grocery shopping and other errands. it rained today!

Sat Aug 19, 2000

stayed home, read more of jakob nielsen, worked on the website.

Sun Aug 20, 2000

dinner at ray's boathouse then x-men at pacific place with kevin and shelly.

Mon Aug 21, 2000

web work at home. finished reading designing web usability.

Tue Aug 22, 2000

web work at home. late lunch at New American Broadway Grill.

Wed Aug 23, 2000

lunch with kennedy at Cafe Flora.

Thu Aug 24, 2000

reread Killer Websites by David Siegel and Hotwired Style by Jeffrey Veen so that I could get rid of them. sunbathed at volunteer park. dinner with bryan at fleming's prime steakhouse and wine bar, which just opened in Seattle this month.

Sat Aug 26, 2000

arrived in san francisco for househunting. dinner at my friend with patrick. stayed with brian and kelly.

Sun Aug 27, 2000

breakfast at the port cafe with brian, kelly, and patrick. renttech. dinner at firewood with brian, kelly, and patrick. club inferno at paradise lounge with brian, kelly, and patrick.

Tue Aug 29, 2000

breakfast at sparky's with patrick. late lunch at osaka sushi with patrick. househunting all day.

Wed Aug 30, 2000

mexican food with tina, daniel, and patrick at tina and daniel's new place in sonoma. beauty and the beast (vhs) with tina, daniel, and patrick.

Thu Aug 31, 2000

doughnuts with tina, washed luna, pasta pomodoro with patrick. patrick's first day teaching 30 students. shoe shopping at stonestown mall.