June 2011

Summary: Matt Alber concert at Hotel Utah Saloon with Jeff and Thom, sneak preview of Super 8 with Alex, Syndicate dim sum brunch at City View, Sunday Streets, Testarossa 80s night with Danny, started using Google+ (Google Plus), more tax paperwork, appetizers in the Music Concourse at Golden Gate Park, Six Until Seven at Farallon with Melissa, Richard's birthday dinner at Le Charm, Blush Pink Saturday party at Montecito North, late meal at Nombe with Ryan and Jason

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Wed Jun 1, 2011

Weight training: supermans. Breakfast at home: nonfat organic vanilla yogurt with Grandma Goodie's blueberry-apple granola and fresh, diced organic green apple. Rode the bus to work. Linkchecking, Flickr work, kiosk work. Archived website data to portable hard drives. Followup with David R about IPHE and the Curriculum Ambassador program. Followup with Gary M about CP website downtime. Management activities. Chatted with Michael W. Met with Eric to add Michael in HiTask. Followup with Michael W. Reminded Joel to check on the change of course schedule web page. Sent Eric my current list of the top 10 pharmacy schools (U.S. News and World Report). Lunch at Perilla: garlic noodles with vegetables, water. Stopped at the UCSF farmer's market but didn't buy anything. 90-minute phone meeting with Michael W. Lots of calendar management. Followup with David R and Kathryn H about secure computer recycling and data destruction for students. Listserv management. More scope document work. Rode the bus home. Baked caribbean banana bread. Dinner at home: 2 garden burgers, sweet potato fries. Watched Barefoot Contessa "What Friends Are For" on Hulu.

Thu Jun 2, 2011

Weight training: yes no maybes. Breakfast at home: nonfat organic vanilla yogurt with Grandma Goodie's super granola and fresh, diced organic green apple. A light sprinkle this morning even though the forecast called for no rain, so I rode the bus to work. Linkchecking, Flickr work, kiosk work. Coded the admissions calendar for 2012, sent it to Joel for review. Coded 2 new style guide pages: serial comma, sentence case. Sent the sentence case page to Susie and Eric for review. Short phone chat with Michael W. Left for lunch. While I was taking a photo of a sign from a public sidewalk, a UCSF security guard said that I couldn't take photos. We exchanged some words and then I went on my way. I believed him to be wrong but I did not challenge him on it. Lunch at Citrus Club: chow mein noodles. Followup with Susie and Michael W about vendor followup. Chatted with Eric about sentence case rules for links not on pharmacy.ucsf.edu. SCWG followup with Cindy: E*Value, Registrar. Purchased TransType Pro for Eric. Began coding an HTML email announcement for Sue and Susie. Helped David R with his mugbook. Dinner at Perilla: pho with vegetables (but no veggie broth option—beef only), water. Service here was slightly overattentive for the first half then mostly unattentive the second half. My waiter erroneously delivered another table's dish to me then picked it up a few seconds later and delivered it to the right table. Food is very fresh and basic. Prices are inexpensive for San Francisco. Rode the bus home. Prepared a pair of jeans for hemming. Weight training: calf raise.

Fri Jun 3, 2011

Breakfast at home: nonfat organic vanilla yogurt with Grandma Goodie's super granola and fresh, diced organic green apple. Rode the bus to work. Tested and delivered the HTML email announcement for Sue and Susie. Password reset for Shirin and Lisa. Linkchecking, Flickr work, kiosk work. PID reg work: implemented silent post. Before I did this, the code that updated the database to say someone had successfully paid did not occur until after they clicked the Continue button on their receipt page. If they just closed the browser window instead of clicking Continue, their payment would not be recorded. Supp app project work in Drupal: backed up the filesystem and mysql, upgraded Drush to 4.4, updated Drupal core from 6.20 to 6.22. Next step: make sure nothing broke, prepare to implement silent post. Muni to Epicenter Cafe: ratatouille (too spicy and I ate hardly any of it), side salad, chai tea latte. Matt Alber concert at Hotel Utah Saloon, encountered Thom and Jeff. The concert was sold out, perhaps slighly oversold. This particular venue had seating for some people and lots of standing room. Thom, Jeff, and I stood behind tables off of stage right. There was an upstairs section, but the angle was quite sharp so we stayed where we were. Some of us couldn't see Matt well or at all when he played the piano which was at far stage right. He played tracks from "Hide Nothing," some tracks I hadn't heard before, and 2 covers: "Walking on Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves and "Take a Bow" by Madonna. Matt Alber sang and played beautifully. Sound and lighting seemed excellent to me. Afterwards I bought the "Hide Nothing" cd for $20, happy to support his music with a direct purchase. Keywords for this show: heartfelt, personal, sweaty, packed. Dinner by myself at Citizen's Band: veggie special: diced squash biscuit sandwiches, side salad, green tea. I was pleasantly surprised by this dish. It has a lot of flavors that at first I thought might not go well together but after I tasted it I declared it a win. The salad greens were too bittery on their own but when eaten in the same bite as the rich biscuit laden with diced squash and a complex sauce I didn't catch it was perfect. Service was friendly and efficient. Club Dragon at Club Eight. Paul Goodyear in the main room, Joey Jinks upstairs, both very good. Encountered Jason P, Larry H, Ric L, Emery M; met Chris, David, Ryan. I hailed a taxi within 2 minutes right outside of Club Eight. It was raining steadily, and the driver was driving really fast. On the curves on Portola the taxi spun rather wildly out of control, and
we fortunately didn't crash. There was even a car following us. Hardened from my experiences being a passenger on the road between Luang Prabang and Vang Vieng, I wasn't scared at all. I was his last customer before his shift ended, so he was trying to just get done for the night. We had a nice chat the rest of the way. He drove a little slower than before.

Sat Jun 4, 2011

Breakfast at home: 3 slices of caribbean banana bread, a handful of cherries, 8 ounces of nonfat milk. Opened and ripped Matt Alber's "Hide Nothing" with Max. The cd packaging is particularly creative. Picked up alterations: black velveteen jacket. Installed Audacity and Lame Library for Audacity. Edited track 10 of "Hide Nothing" to properly split the tracks into 2 tracks. Donated to the AIDS Lifecycle riders that I knew were participating. Late lunch at home: stir fry with tofu, cabbage, baby bok choy, mushrooms, onion. Sewing: original hem on gold Levi's 511 skinny canvas jeans. Cleaned the oven. Dinner at home with Will: oven-roasted potatoes with sea salt and spices, garden burgers with Tillamook sharp chedddar. Watched Harry Potter 7 (The Deathly Hallows) on Netflix DVD with Will. Before the film started we were really annoyed because the way the DVD was created we could not start watching the film immediately and it felt like we had to sit through 20 or 30 minutes of commercials for the video games, theme park, and other things related to Harry Potter. I tried many times to skip to the DVD menu but received an error from Apple DVD player: "Operation not permitted." Yes, other DVDs do the same thing but this seemed like an unusually large number of commercials. The workaround: after each commercial sequence begins, jump to the end of the sequence on the bar with the progress indicator. Now I know: for the least amount of hassle and no commercials, insert the DVD 30 minutes before you plan to view the film.

Sun Jun 5, 2011

Slept in a bit with Will. Will went to work. Breakfast: caribbean banana bread, cherries. Lunch: small grilled cheese sandwich with Tillamook sharp cheddar, large organic hearts of romaine salad with cabbage, mushrooms, shredded mixed cheeses, ranch dressing, salt, pepper. Napped for a long time. Dinner at home: orecchiette with broccoli, cabbage, garlic, and onions in a nonfat milk cream sauce, 8 ounces of blueberry-pomegranate juice. Dessert: one scoop of strawberry ice cream on a bed of pitted cherries.

Mon Jun 6, 2011

Weight training: pec crawl. Breakfast at home: warmed caribbean banana bread. Snack: cherries. Supp app project work in Drupal. Lunch: leftovers from last night, at desk. Supp app project work in Drupal. 1-on-1 with Eric: changed to using backstretch for the background image on pharmacy.ucsf.edu, pushed it live. (Keyword: stretchy.) Muni to downtown, encountered Chris N (Class of 2007, I think) and chatted with him a bit. Clothes shopping: Zara boys, H&M boys. Dinner at Catch Isle, Westfield: fish and chips, very tasty, $6.02 after tax. L train home. Dessert: one Beard Papa cookie crunch cream puff with vanilla filling, very tasty.

Tue Jun 7, 2011

Breakfast at home: warmed caribbean banana bread, one sliced green apple. Rode the bus to work. Supp app project work in Drupal: /tmp 100% full. Weekly meeting with Michael W and Eric D. Lunch at L'Avenida, sitting on the sidewalk in the warm sun: veggie tostada with black beans and mild salsa, water. Supp app project work in Drupal: handoff followup, status report. Listserv management. Followup on CP downtime. Followup with Susie and Darius about Abate lab website. OE Help Desk meeting. On my bike ride home I stopped at a gas station to fill my bike tires with more air but I realized that I have unusual connectors on my tire that would not work with the gas station air machine. Stopped at Everybody Bikes, tried the free bike pump just outside the front door but I was unfamiliar with how to make it work with my connector (which I later learned is called a Presta valve). After a minute or two of waiting for other customers to finish, someone helped me with the pump but it was still either too difficult to get it to connect because of the size of the pump connector's head or the tightness of the space where my wheel's connector was or perhaps their pump's head just didn't fit well even after switching it to the Presta side. My tire went completely flat while we tried this. He took my bike inside and resolved this with a different pump. I also bought a compatible pump: Lezyne Pressure Drive M silver/hi-gloss for $40. While in the store I realized that this is the same location that Roaring Mouse used to be. Service was friendly, accommodating, fast. The dog in this store is named Ramona, friendly. Dinner at home: organic hearts of romaine salad with cabbage, mushrooms, ranch dressing. Dessert: one scoop of strawberry ice cream on a bed of pitted cherries. Today I received spam from Colorful Marking eamsion.com at the email address i gave to AT&T. Late meal: TJ's organic shells and cheese with organic vegetarian chili, hot water.

Wed Jun 8, 2011

Weight training: yes no maybes. Breakfast at home: nonfat organic vanilla yogurt with Grandma Goodie's super granola and fresh, sliced banana. Telecommute day. Answered a computer requirements question from entering student WD. Linkchecking, Flickr work, kiosk work. Prepared social media icons for insertion into our footer on the staging server. Lunch at home: stir fry with firm tofu, baby bok choy, sweet white corn from frozen, mushrooms, onions, shrimp-soy-garlic-cilantro sauce, white jasmine rice. More social media icons work, finished staging, sent to Susie and Eric for review. Web edits for the email setup pages. Dinner at home: leftover TJ's organic shells and cheese with organic vegetarian chili, hot water. Nap. Attended the #Super8Secret sneak preview of Super 8, the latest film written and directed by J.J. Abrams and produced by J.J. Abrams, Steven Spielberg, and Bryan Burk. Alex R found me via Foursquare then found me in line and pulled me ahead about 250 people. We chatted in line then sat together during the film. I met some of his co-workers and their families. In line, some people received free baseball caps. In the theatre, people received free mini posters for the film. Super 8 is a loud and fully entertaining film with plenty of nods to popular films and television of mostly the late 1970s and early 1980s. Some elements and scenes will seem vaguely familiar without being outright copycats. The film has the human element right in many places, but at the end all the relationships are still only about 85% baked. The film has moral guidance to its various plot threads, but they're merely suggestions—more "Oh, that's interesting" than "I understand your point." These are the film's only disappointments. The film doesn't fit squarely into any particular genre. It's like having a pretty good taste of many different things on the menu, which is not an easy thing to accomplish in a single film. I was particularly impressed by the young cast as well as the supertight editing. I think J.J. Abrams learning more from Spielberg can only bring good things, and I look forward to his/their next effort. Stick around while the credits roll.

Thu Jun 9, 2011

Breakfast at home: nonfat organic vanilla yogurt with Grandma Goodie's super granola and fresh, diced green apple, water. Weight training: door pull ups. Susie reported some display issues with my social media icon links in IE8/Win7 and I haven't had a Windows 7 VM in a long time so I began reinstalling it. Found out my activation key wouldn't work, so I submitted a ticket to DLS requesting a new key. Staff meeting. Lunch: 2 tacos from Carmelina's to go. CP department meeting. A nice surprise visit from Scotty E. UCSF Shuttle to Mission Bay. Communicators Group meeting with Sarah P, Ami J, Lara M, Kaspar M, ?, Beth B, Jonathan P, John K, Ed C, Sandy B. UCSF Shuttle to Parnassus. Too tired to ride my bike home, took Muni. Weight training: hip extensions. Dinner at home: battered halibut, shrimp, and sweet potato fries; fixins; hot water. Web work for Drew and Recharge Spa. Finished rereading Snow Crash.

Fri Jun 10, 2011

Can't remember what I had for breakfast. To work. 1-on-1 with Rodney. Exchange 2010 migration followup. Lunch: leftovers. Chatted with Michael W on the phone. Beefed up the email setup section considerably. Dinner at home: leftover orecchiette with broccoli, cabbage, garlic, and onions in a nonfat milk cream sauce. Late snack: popcorn.

Sat Jun 11, 2011

Weight training: pec crawl. Baked 4 mini loaves of kahlua banana bread. Uploaded photos and video to Flickr and YouTube. Geotagged a bunch of photos. Printed copies of my drink menu. Errands: picked up alterations, bought dumplings, bought gas and filled tires with air, grocery shopping. Mid-afternoon meal at home: Kingdom of Dumpling veggie dumplings and green onion pancake. Shawn was spinning at Lookout so I tried to meet others I knew there but they had taken off already. I dropped off a mini loaf with Andy and went to Lookout anyway after having encountered Alex R on the sidewalk and he said he might show up. He did after a bit, and I met some of his friends. Music was great, the bar was packed, and they had 2 gogo dancers. Alex, Dane, Michael, Andy, Ken, Tery, Ying, Connor, James. Afterwards Alex, Dane, Michael, Tery, and I ate a late meal at Mel's at 4th and Mission. I had reserved time today for being on call for helping Will move but he ended up not needing the help.

Sun Jun 12, 2011

Breakfast: kahlua banana bread. Dim sum brunch at City View with the Syndicate: Andy M, Scott T, Dan B, John B, Leland R, Emery M, Ray, Bill, Andrew C, Patrick C, Ben H, Jason S, Ryan D, Tim C, Scot B. Rode my bike at Sunday Streets: Dogpatch, Bayview, Potrero Hill. Lunch from a catering vendor on the sidewalk: bbq pulled chicken sandwich, bottled water. Snack: toasted bagel with cream cheese. Uploaded photos and video to Flickr. Intended to work on tax paperwork but didn't get around to it. Shower. Dinner at home with Will: mushroom quesadillas.

Mon Jun 13, 2011

Breakfast at home: organic oatmeal with fresh, diced organic granny smith apple; cinnamon; nonfat milk. Lunch: leftovers. To work. Linkchecking, Flickr work, kiosk work. Set up and announced pharmacy supp app testing and admin accounts. Calendar management. Library printing system followup with Ann D. Calendar management. Web team meeting with Eric D and Susie L. Made live new social media icons and links in our footer for Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube. Muni to Church Street. Said hello to Will at work. Dinner at Chilango with Danny, Drew, Phil, and Romy. Afterwards we went bar hopping. Testarossa 80s night with Danny. Muni home. Late meal to go from King of Thai Noodle: veggie pad thai.

Tue Jun 14, 2011

Breakfast: Grandma Goodie's super granola. To work. Linkchecking, Flickr work, kiosk work. Posted new email setup instructions for Windows Phone. WRWG (Web Redesign Working Group) meeting with Michael W, Eric D, Susie L. Lunch with Eric D at Palio Paninoteca: breaded, fried tilapia sandwich; fruit salad; chai tea latte. Followup tasks from WRWG. 1-on-1 with Cindy. Followup with Rodney on the decision of whether to keep PaperCut or switch to the Library's printing system. Answered a computer requirements question from entering student WD. Prep for supp app online payment account setup for dentistry. Securely shared admin passwords with Eric. Added Apple iPad to the email setup instructions and pushed it live. Gathered iPad purchase info from Andres E for Cindy. Dinner: leftover veggie pad thai.

Wed Jun 15, 2011

Breakfast at home: organic oatmeal with fresh, sliced banana; cinnamon; vanilla Silk soymilk. To work. Linkchecking, Flickr work, kiosk work. Phone meeting with Michael W and Eric D. Requested access to CP's analytics from Gary M. Followup with Tran about a Windows 7 activation problem. Minor update to the OSACA staff listing on the web. Library printing system followup with Ann D. Calendar management. Created a screencast in QuickTime using its screen recording feature—my first time. I had trouble getting the audio to work the way I wanted. I didn't realize that it records mono only—by design. I thought something was broken or configured improperly because sound was coming from only the left speaker. This was particularly true since when I recorded I saw an animated icon that indicated that sound was being recorded from the left and right channels. I tried to figure out an easy way for the sound to be duplicated from the left to the right channel but there didn't seem to be an easy way so I gave up and just left the sound the way it was coming out of the left speaker. This whole user experience I think was flawed, and I think someone eventually needs to rethink it or run some usability tests. The screencast I created describes how to import new applicants into the supp app web app I'm building. There are enough steps that text instructions I think are not ideal. Followup with Cindy about supp app online payment account. Lunch from Panda Express: panda bowl with chow mein and mixed vegetables, water. My fortune: The respect of influential people will soon be yours. Editorial audits meeting with Cindy, Susie, Eric, Michael. Helped student KJ with questions about anti-virus software. Followup with CP about downtime. Worked late reviewing Michael W's summary report. Well, the first 15 pages at least. 18 pages still to go. Dinner at home: cream of potato soup. Spent 2 hours figuring out as best I could how to complete the Table 2 Allocation Worksheet from IRS Publication 555, and got it done for all our amended filings (2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010). Late meal: TJ's vegan, organic, black bean soup.

Thu Jun 16, 2011

Breakfast: sliced organic red delicious apple, 3 slices of miniloaf kahlua banana bread, hot water. To work. Linkchecking, Flickr work, kiosk work. More CP downtime followup. Calendar management. 1-on-1 with Eric: Google Analytics analysis for our main site and the department sites. Followup with Bill M about the forthcoming Exchange 2010 email migration. Made live grads email info. Followup with Kevin L about supp app online payment account for pharmacy. Rewrote an announcement to students about the forthcoming Exchange 2010 email migration. Followup with Cindy about supp app online payment account. Reported network wonkiness. Sent a reminder to Eric and myself about a small text color problem to fix on the tabbed panels on our homepage. Followup with Cindy about gathering student volunteers for a learner design session for the helpdesk project. Lots of summary report work for Michael W. Dinner on a whim at Panda Express just before it closed. They were out of mixed veggies, so I had fried rice with mushroom chicken, plain water. My fortune: You enjoy playing to a crowd. Rode my bike home. House chores. Archived tax documents, then prepared tax documents for mailing. Edited and uploaded photos to Flickr.

Fri Jun 17, 2011

Weight training: door pull ups. Breakfast: one fresh, sliced, organic red delicious apple. Rode my bike to work. More CP downtime followup. Learner design session volunteer recruitment followup. Met with Lucia about secure data storage. Followup with Rodney and Cindy about residents' order entry training. Supp app project work in Drupal. Followup with David R and Doug C about encryption, microfiche, and paper records with respect to things like FERPA and HIPAA. The question I asked was: do student records microfiche that are stored in locked cabinets in locked rooms need to be converted to digital and stored in an encrypted manner? What about the same but for paper files? The answer I received was that neither paper nor microfiche need to be converted to digital and encrypted and that neither paper nor microfiche can be encrypted (without converting to digital) and so no encryption is possible or necessary. Also, this made me realize that microfiche is photographic and not digital—something that is not obvious to people who are unfamiliar with microfiche, especially younger people. I find it interesting, however, that under certain circumstances the emphasis on the requirement for encryption for digital data can unwittingly cause people to give less attention to the liability of data that happens to not be digital. Let's create a number of scenarios. In scenario A, in a locked room you store (a) 1 cdrom with 50 encrypted student records and (b) a few sheets of microfiche with 50 other student records. The microfiche might take up about the same space and weight as the cdrom, but it is not encrypted. If a data thief breaks into this room and takes everything, he or she might never be able to access the data on the cdrom, but the microfiche is very easily accessed. In scenario A, the amount of data on the cdrom is equal to that on the microfiche, but the cdrom is much more secure. Scenario B is the same as scenario A except that the cdrom has only 5 encrypted student records and the microfiche has 95. Scenario C is the same as scenario A except the cdrom is not encrypted. Scenario D is the same as scenario B except the cdrom is not encrypted. Let's say that in each scenario the data thief takes everything. So in our 4 scenarios we have 2 kinds of media (cdrom and microfiche), 2 sets of how the data is distributed (50-50 and 5-95), and for the cdrom whether the data is or isn't encrypted. From the amount of attention given in recent years to encrypting digital data, you might think that the unencrypted cdrom poses the greatest loss. However, among these 4 scenarios, the greatest loss comes from the microfiche (scenarios B and D). Yes, digital technology can store more than other forms of media in the same space, but just because it can doesn't mean that you are. So now imagine an office where 99% of the data that must be protected is stored in microfiche and on paper. Current University policy and state and federal laws say that this microfiche and paper must only be locked and that digital data must be encrypted. This office might spend several thousand dollars to encrypt all the computers and all storage media to protect only 1% of the entire liability. This is the law and the policy and so it must be followed, but is this a wise use of money? I'm not so sure. Would it have been better to spend several thousand dollars on improving physical security for the doors or windows to this office? Or would it have been better to spend this money to switch from Windows to Mac or Linux which have significantly fewer problems with computer viruses and malware? Or, in addition to encrypting all the digital data, should paper and microfiche necessarily be converted to encrypted digital form to provide a significantly more secure layer? I don't have the answers to these questions, but in getting answers to the questions I had asked David R and Doug C it became even clearer to me that a commitment to privacy is not simply about following HIPAA and FERPA and University policy to the letter. It requires more than that—an understanding of the amount of risk regardless of how data is stored in addition to whether it is digital and whether digital data is encrypted. Lunch at Lime Tree: shrimp with noodles, hot chai. Answered a question for Lisa about the OSACA calendar in Outlook, taught her how to forward a calendar item to a different calendar in order to move it or copy it to the desired calendar. Linkchecking, Flickr work, kiosk work. Followup with Cindy about iPad purchasing. Gave James and Daliah lots of info for setting up supp app testing. Created a summary document for the supp app project and stored it in the supp app network folder. Worked very late creating content for Michael W's summary report. Reported 2 problems with the BTS website to Maria F and Lisa C. On my way out I encountered and met Dennis from the Netherlands who was not riding his bicycle this evening. Dinner at home: bean burritos with the usual toppings, 12 ounces of generic V8. Weight training: door pull ups. Edited and uploaded photos to Flickr.

Sat Jun 18, 2011

Weight training: pec crawl. Breakfast: one organic, fresh, sliced, red delicious apple. Cut my hair. Shopped online at us.topman.com—50% off sale plus free shipping—but I didn't like many of the styles and the few things I liked they were out of my size. Edited the drink menu I've been working on: switched it from letterhalf portrait (booklet) to letter landscape one-sided, added some recipes, edited others. Snack: kahlua banana bread. Lunch: stir fry with noodles, extra firm tofu, mushrooms, Dorot garlic, bean sprouts, lots of fresh basil. Continued watching Planet Earth: Complete Collection: Disc 1 on Netflix DVD. Nap. Woke. Renapped. Dinner at home: 2 bean and cheese burritos. Late drink: 8 ounces of ginger ale.

Sun Jun 19, 2011

Breakfast: one organic, fresh, sliced, red delicious apple. Weight training: hip extensions. Laundry, ironing. Trimmed loose threads on some items, amputagged, did some sewing repairs to mend the scars created by amputagging. Finally opened the Kryptonite lock and cable that I purchased with my bike last year. Snack: kahlua banana bread. Reheated leftovers for lunch but accidentally dropped it on the floor due to a grip error. Collected dried orchids: I have 27 of them. Late lunch: large organic hearts of romaine salad with mixed cheeses, sunflower seeds, ranch; tortilla chips; 12 ounces of generic V8. Rode my bike to Golden Gate Park, then through the Wiggle, then to Dolores Park. Met up with Andrew C who was there with a friend, said hello and sat next to them. Sunbathed for a little over an hour, in the middle encountering Alex C, said hello. Biked to Golden Gate Park, met Danny, Romy, Drew, and Phil in the Music Concourse where we had pre-dinner appetizers: roast chicken, fried chicken, antipasto, sushi, wine, cheese, crackers, pate. Will called, then joined, bringing us Vitamin Waters from work. I loaded my bike in Will's car and he drove us to my place after stopping at King of Thai Noodle for food to go. Dinner: veggie pad thai, some kind of curry, steamed rice.

Mon Jun 20, 2011

Breakfast: Grandma Goodie's super granola; fresh, sliced banana; Silk vanilla soymilk. Rode Muni to work. Calendar management. UCSF shuttle to Laurel Heights. Web team meeting. Lunch at Rigolo: fontina and gruyere mac and cheese, mixed greens with vinaigrette, side of bread, lemonade. UCSF shuttle to Parnassus. Minor web update for Susie and Michael N: faculty and staff: faculty satisfaction questionnaire. Followup with student accounts email migration. Followup with student LC about computer maintenance. Reported a network problem to DLS: unable to save document consistently. Followup with student PPW about listserv management. Management activities. Minor web update for Susie: faculty and staff page: operational excellence. Supp app project work in Drupal. Helped entering student KK with an accounts question. Listserv management. Supp app project work in Drupal. Rode Muni home. Dinner at Taraval Okazu-Ya with Patrick: agedashi tofu, seaweed salad, lots of sushi, green tea. Afterwards we returned to my place and dealt with tax paperwork that he received for one of his amended returns. For a few minutes I had forgotten the password to my computer. It was in my password database, I knew, but I didn't have another computer from which I could access it. After some minutes I realized that I could log in as guest to my own computer then access the USB drive copy from the guest account. Problem solved. Searched for weekend getaway options for a forthcoming weekend.

Tue Jun 21, 2011

Breakfast: Grandma Goodie's super granola with fresh, sliced banana, Silk vanilla soymilk; 12 ounces of generic V8. Rode Muni to work. SCWG meeting. Web Redesign Working Group meeting. Lunch at Loving Hut Vegan Cuisine: tofu and vegetables with noodles. Met with Joel and Sammie: transcripts edits. Met with Shirin H: orientation edits. Rode Muni downtown with Eric D and Shirin H. Six Until Seven at Farallon with Melissa H. I got a Moscow Mule, she got a Manhattan. We ordered a number of $6 dishes: truffled yukon gold french fries with parmigiano-reggiano and aļoli, 2 orders of half-dozen drakes bay oysters with champagne mignonette, star route farms mixed lettuces with strawberries and cider-whole-grain mustard vinaigrette, creekstone farms beef sliders with yukon gold fries and aļoli. Dessert: something chocolate; I cannot recall the name. We did a lot of catching up, agreed to try to gather James and James for dinner soon. About $60 total.

Wed Jun 22, 2011

My favorite breakfast. Telecommute day. Listserv management. Redesign content review meeting notes review for Susie. While editing, Microsoft Word 2011 gave me the beach ball of death. I was able to take a screen snapshot to save my data, but I had to force quit and then restart the computer (just to be safe) and then type only some of it back in. Lunch: organic hearts of romaine salad with mixed cheeses and ranch dressing, water. Snack: one cashew roca, tortilla chips, water. Chatted with Brad D about our "datacenter"—LOL. Spent the rest of the day outlining the draft of our news handling process for the Drupal redesign. Worked late. Began reading Sincerely Sammie. Dinner at home: grilled cheese sandwich, seasoned ore-ida crinkle cut fries, battered halibut. Will came over after work, joined me for the late dinner. He had a variety of leftovers.

Thu Jun 23, 2011

Breakfast burrito from Carmelina's. Lunch at the cafeteria: salmon burger, seasoned fries, pomegranate-blueberry Honest Tea: about $8. Supp app project work in Drupal: figured out how to move the description from below to above a group of multiple items fields. Late for dinner. Walked to Tart to Tart, bought 8 chocolate eclairs. Taxi to DDRP's. Dinner with Danny, Drew, Romy, Phil: Chinese takeout, acai juice. Dessert: eclairs. Drew had made caramel-topped pumpkin bread and shared some slices with me to take home.

Fri Jun 24, 2011

Breakfast: Drew's pumpkin bread—delicious! Also, 12 ounces of nonfat milk. Rode Muni to work. Followup with Bill M on student email accounts migration. Listserv management. Chatted briefly with Sierra A about calendaring and Student Inside Guide. Helped Jamie K with a question about PDF security. Quick lunch to go from Cafe Bellini: veggie pizza slice, fruit salad. Met with student PPW about listserv management. One of our fraternities had a student managing the listserv; I did not know. Lots of maintenance for the 2 shared office laptops and my computer. Assessment work. Will picked me up at work. As we walked from 5th and Mission Garage to XYZ, at the westmost entrance to Yerba Buena Gardens, a woman asked us if we knew where the Novellus Theater was. We did not, and when I used the Maps application on my iPhone it could not find it, either. We wished her luck. Pre-dinner drink at XYZ with Will. Service was slow; the bar was packed, busy. We finally got our drinks ($8 specials), and they were tasty. Walked to Le Charm. Along the way Will and I encountered the Novellus Theater—the street address is 701 Mission Street, but the main foot entrance to the theater is on the north side of Howard Street just southwest of 3rd Street. I've lived in San Francisco for 10 years and this is the first I have heard of this theater being called Novellus Theater. (I learned from the web that it's affiliated with Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA).) Dinner at Le Charm with Richard, Drew, Danny, Romy, Phil for Richard's birthday. We had to wait about 20 minutes past our reservation, but they brought us a complimentary aperitif while we waited and both food and service was excellent. Phil brought a large bottle of wine, and they charged us $40 for corkage.

Sat Jun 25, 2011

Shower. Weight training: pec crawl. Time Machine notified me today that it hadn't backed up in 10 days. When I checked this out, I found that my backup volume was unavailable. I checked on my 2nd local backup and my offsite backup—both still working. Called AT&T and discontinued service for Patrick's phone, which he recently returned to me because he got a different phone through Joseph. I figured AT&T would prorate the service when I ended it, but they did not, so I ended up paying for an additional month of service that we weren't going to use. Whatever. So as of July 23, my phone bill will go down from $161 per month to $40 per month—so nice. Errands at Stonestown Galleria: bought a 2nd memory foam chair pad at Brookstone, grocery shopping at Trader Joe's. Attempted to store basil properly: trim the ends, stand up in a vase with stems but not leaves in the water, covered with a plastic bag, stored by the window but not in direct sun. We'll see how it goes. Prewashed apples, had to use Goo Gone to remove unusally sticky labels (#94130). Early dinner with Will: TJ's high-protein firm tofu with basil, spinach, and garlic; unsweetened blueberry-pomegranate green tea. Blush, a Pink Saturday party, at the Montecito North with hosts Jeff, Chris, Rob, Josh. Met Nick, Ian, Misha, Mike, Esteban, Justin, Mike, Jeff, Rob, Peter, Sean, James C, Jacob W, Bonnie, Adam, Alex, Hai, Cory, and many others. Encountered Ryan, Jason, Herman, Tim, Scott, Andy, Jeremy, Brett, Ted, Matt. Late meal at Nombe with Ryan and Jason. It's kind of like Japanese tapas. We learned that Nombe means a person who likes to drink sake, can have a positive or negative connotation depending on how you use it.

Sun Jun 26, 2011

Weight training: pec crawl. Breakfast at home: Grandma Goodie's honey nut granola with nonfat vanilla yogurt and 2 small, fresh, diced nectarines; 12 ounces of generic V8. I was halfway to the Muni stop to go to Pride 2011 festivities but my stomach was hurting from breakfast and I was also still tired. I returned home, showered to wash off sunblock, and went to bed, napping for several hours. Traded SMS messages with Nate. Dinner at home: a stir-fry similar to yesterday's. Snack: butter toffee crunch n munch. Watched another hour or so of Planet Earth: Complete Collection: Disc 1 on Netflix DVD. Wow, this is a long DVD. Watched The Philadelphia Experiment (1984) on Netflix instant watch primarily because it was scheduled to no longer be available on instant watch on July 1. Snack: microwave popcorn. Watched Star Trek (2009) on Netflix instant watch. Late meal: large organic hearts of romaine salad with mixed cheeses, sliced mushrooms, lowfat ranch dressing.

Mon Jun 27, 2011

Rode Muni to work. Breakfast at the cafeteria: chilaquiles, green tea. Linkchecking, Flickr work, kiosk work. Helped student DT with how to set up email. Small web edit for Carol. Listserv management for Cindy: added names to the graduate jobs listserv, corrected entries that still said itsa, our old mail server. 1-on-1 with Rodney. Posted and announced fall draft schedules for Lucia. Lunch: I brought a salad but didn't feel like eating it. Instead, a bean and cheese burrito, chips, and mango agua fresca from Carmelina's: $6.75. Created several sitemaps with a trial edition of PowerMapper Pro. Peer universities list review with Susie. On the way home, my stomach hurts. I accidentally take the wrong Muni bus but I still get home. It just takes a little longer. Watched another hour or so of Planet Earth: Complete Collection: Disc 1 on Netflix DVD. Edited and uploaded photos to Flickr. At about 9:20 PM I heard a noise from upstairs. It sounded like several thousand beer bottles crashing to the floor. They were home and sounded like they cleaned it all up. I didn't ask. Watched "The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger (original narration by Randall)" again on YouTube. The landlord installed a carbon monoxide detector today. I didn't know it was required by law until someone I mentioned this to told me so. Late snack: 2 corn on the cob, tortilla chips with tomato-basil hummus.

Tue Jun 28, 2011

Breakfast at home: Grandma Goodie's honey nut granola with nonfat vanilla yogurt and 2 small, fresh, diced nectarines. Rode Muni to work. Web redesign assessment work: generated more sitemaps, created screensnaps of sitemaps, added them to the draft document. Minor web edits for Carol: pathway declaration dates. Did some prep work for the forthcoming listserv rotations. Management activities. Sent the listserv rotations reminder announcement. Management activities. Lunch from home at desk: organic hearts of romaine salad with mixed cheeses and sliced mushrooms, lowfat ranch dressing. Helped Tina B and 5 students resolve a problem connecting to wireless in the conference room down the hall: about 15 minutes. 5 Macs and 1 Windows. The problem was that they didn't know where the password was. They had looked in the usual location but it was not there. The one that was hardest to connect was running OS 10.4.11. I got it working by trying every combination of (WPA/WPA2/Personal/Enterprise/Whatever)—it took a long time. Supp app project work in Drupal: lots of Fill PDF work. Shuttle to Mount Zion campus. Doctor appointment. Early dinner at My Father's Kitchen: pho ga, hot Mighty Leaf green tea. The pho ga here is really simple: broth, chicken, noodles, parsley, green onions, onions, basil. They did not serve fresh basil, bean sprouts, or peppers on the side. I missed having those additions, but the meal was still delicious. I had the large bowl for $8. They also serve a small bowl for $7, which I think is weird. All the ingredients are super fresh. Shuttle back to Parnassus. Linkchecking, Flickr work, kiosk work. Supp app project work in Drupal: lots of Fill PDF work. Rode Muni home. Laundry. Spent some time playing with Google+ (aka Google Plus) following a field trial invitation from Travis. I also hung out (Hangedout? Hangouted?) with him. Today is the first day I saw Google web properties with a very dark gray bar (#2d2d2d) across the top. Trying out Google Fonts has been on my list of things to do since May 25 when I discovered from a page on circuscenter.org that Google Fonts are selectable and scalable—two things that Cufón does not do. I learned today that they have recently added over 100 new fonts. And their tools to display and select from are pretty amazing. This is very exciting. I'm still interested in how Google Fonts compares to WOFF. My guess is that Google Fonts is probably a better solution for today and that WOFF might still be better later on because support for WOFF is still in its infancy. Weight training: door pull ups. Late meal: butternut squash macaroni and cheese, water.

Wed Jun 29, 2011

Breakfast: 4 slices of toast with Smart Balance Light, one fresh, sliced bartlett pear. Rode Muni to work. Linkchecking, Flickr work, kiosk work. Web redesign team meeting. Lunch: leftovers. Listserv rotation preparation. Rode my bike home. Dinner at home with Will: tortilla chips and salsa; bean and cheese burritos. For dessert I made fruity pebbles treats but we decided to eat them later. Folded laundry. Weight training: hip extensions.

Thu Jun 30, 2011

Weight training: pec crawl. Breakfast: 4 slices of toast with Smart Balance Light, one fresh, sliced bartlett pear. Rode Muni to work, picked up beverages on the way. Web team meeting. Office celebration with pizza and salad. WCWG meeting. Dinner at home: leftovers. Vacuumed. Archived documents. Late snack: 2 corn on the cob.