November 2001

Summary: Corinna visits. Thanksgiving with Aaron and Jamie. Moved from 302 Junipero Serra Blvd to 886 Capp St #A.

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Thu Nov 1, 2001

Patrick called me at work to let me know that Pacific Bell finally got our phone service installed to our house after he called them again this morning. Used information in Microsoft KnowledgeBase documents Q266169 and Q259283 to resolve the restart problems with James's computer. It took many hours. I used sigverif.exe to find a list of unsigned drivers, then found those drivers in c:\​winnt\​system32\​drivers\ and renamed them to *.old extensions. Restarted and the restart worked. Checked Event Manager, restored one driver called PowerSwitch that Event Manager complained about not starting, and Windows 2000 still restarts properly, so all is well. Worked with Deborah Petrie to upload the School's self study draft documents to the web tomorrow. Prepared James's Change of Proposed Course Schedule form for upload to the web tomorrow. Dinner at an Indian restaurant near us. The food is very good, the service started out bad but got better during the evening.

Fri Nov 2, 2001

Dinner at La Corneta, a Mexican restaurant on Mission where we saw Nicola Harwood, a friend of Patrick's. We discovered she and her partner live only a few blocks away from our new place. Watched the tail end of El Dia de Los Muertos parade, which passed at the end of our street. Wanted to hear DJ Jorgen at a club, but Patrick couldn't wake from his disco nap.

Sat Nov 3, 2001

Uploaded the self study document. Uploaded the change of proposed course schedule form. Created emergency repair disks for the office staff. Corinna is in town on business, and she stays with us tonight. I decide she needs an interesting SF dining experience, so we go to Foreign Cinema, where "I Am Cuba" is playing.

Sun Nov 4, 2001

Brunch with Corinna at Boogaloo. She shopped downtown while Patrick and I cleaned and moved the last of our stuff out of our old apartment at 302 Junipero Serra. Late lunch with Corinna at Herbivore. No dinner because I fell asleep from exhaustion at 6:30 pm and slept for 13 hours.

Mon Nov 5, 2001

Coded new templates for the School of Pharmacy website. Patrick hung paintings and framed photos in the bedroom today. Dinner at Big Mouth, a burger joint 2 blocks away. Set up the computer at home. It took several hours, and I didn't get to sleep until 1:00 am. Tonight was the first night we tried the gas fireplace. With a few candles burning, it creates a serene mood that promotes relaxation.

Tue Nov 6, 2001

Updated anti-virus definitions on the server. Reconfigured backup scripts. Coded new templates for the School of Pharmacy website. Upgraded Ena's computer to Windows 2000. It was the smoothest upgrade yet—no PartitionMagic error messages, no IRQL Not Equal Or Less error messages, no problems restarting after shutting down.

Wed Nov 7, 2001

Lunch with Joel and James. Patrick meets them both for the first time. We lunch at Nan King Road Bistro—delicious modern Chinese food. I'm really tired when I get home from work. We try to eat at Herbivore, but there's a wait, and we're both really hungry. We instead eat at J.J. Thai Restaurant because there's no wait for a table.

Thu Nov 8, 2001

The office staff throws a surprise bagel, cream cheese, and orange juice party for me and my birthday (Saturday). Chicken pho from Mae Thip, some groceries from the corner market, and we eat dinner at home.

Fri Nov 9, 2001

Worked on the web style guide. Late lunch at Andy's by myself. Created a script to generate the website directory structure automatically. Ran the script, tweaked it a bit, and it worked just fine.

Sat Nov 10, 2001

It's my birthday! Slept in. Patrick and I brunched at Le Krewe, trying their beignets. Patrick didn't like them much. Said they were more of a cross between hush puppies and fritters. In the afternoon we invited friends over. Amy and David came downstairs and Brian and Kelly made it through the rain without an umbrella. Sam got me a calendar with Asian art. Amy and David got me olives and a newfangled can opener. Patrick got me a new green J Crew sweater and some Guess jeans.

Sun Nov 11, 2001

I can't remember what we did today.

Mon Nov 12, 2001

Today Patrick said to me, "You can never have too many placemats."

Tue Nov 13, 2001

Today at breakfast at the hospital cafeteria a woman raised a stink because she found a penny in her eggs. Another woman overheard her and said that last week she found a dime in her eggs. Patrick and Sam ate lunch at Eric's. Patrick and I went to dinner at Rasoi.

Wed Nov 14, 2001

Dinner at Firecracker. Patrick and I chat with David and Amy for a bit this evening before watching Star Wars I on DVD.

Thu Nov 15, 2001

Worked on the website, implemented a ?access=true option for the home page. Tried to upgrade my computer to Windows 2000, but got INACCESSIBLE_​BOOT_​DEVICE error. No time to troubleshoot this now, since I have a meeting with Susie tomorrow. Luckily, my computer still boots into NT4. Tonight we have our first real dinner at home in the new place. We still don't have a kitchen table, but enough boxes are cleared from the kitchen for Patrick to cook. We have ruote di carro con peperonata y salsiccia.

Fri Nov 16, 2001

Got on the wrong outbound train this morning, so it took me over 90 minutes to get to work. Met with Cindy about the website. Susie was busy with the Self Study Report.

Sat Nov 17, 2001

Shopped 4th Street in Berkeley and found a small dining room table for our kitchen as well as a paper lantern to replace one left behind by our landlord when he moved out. Stopped at the San Francisco Harvest Festival where we retrieved two photos from Gail: one is of Grant Street, the other is a Golden Gate Bridge photo.

Sun Nov 18, 2001

Worked for Marcia at her place. Met Patrick at Ben and Jerry's at Haight and Ashbury. Chatted with Domenica and Corey while fixing her computer (extension conflicts). Chatted with Mikey on the phone later in the evening.

Mon Nov 19, 2001

Started reading the third Harry Potter book. Completed the upgrade of my computer at work to Windows 2000. I resolved the INACCESSIBLE_​BOOT_​DEVICE error by flashupdating the BIOS of my ASUS motherboard to the latest version. Lunch with Joel at Nan King Road Bistro. Had a donut for the first time in about 9 months. Today Patrick was shopping in the Castro and two attractive guys asked him to have sex with them.

Tue Nov 20, 2001

Resolved top-level breadcrumbs and leftnav issues on the website. Staff meeting. Watched Purple Rain on DVD with Patrick.

Wed Nov 21, 2001

Patrick makes a risotto for dinner. We go to the Stud for dancing, but it's too crowded.

Thu Nov 22, 2001

Thanksgiving at Jamie's with Sam, Aaron, Jamie, Georgie, Tom, Joseph, Kai, Andy, Evan, Elena, and Michelle.

Fri Nov 23, 2001

Woken by Sam who visited to look after Amy and David's cat George. Brunch at Cove Cafe. Errands in the Castro: bought a curtain rod, curtains, a task light for over the kitchen sink. Patrick and I have coffee at Jumpin Java where three men at the table next to us spilled a drink and broke a glass because they were entertaining a boy of about 3 years by repeatedly racing a toy car across their small table. The glass flew across the gap between the tables and shattered on the edge of our table. Broken glass, coffee, and chocolate syrup went flying everywhere, including on me and Patrick. They were apologetic, but I said nothing and turned my back on them. Patrick smiled to them and said it was okay, but after they left he realized that the coffee would likely stain his clothes and that he wished he had demanded new outfits from them.

Sat Nov 24, 2001

I can't remember what we did today.

Sun Nov 25, 2001

I can't remember what we did today.

Mon Nov 26, 2001

Dinner at home: fried chicken, baked potato, asparagus. Took care of paperwork.

Tue Nov 27, 2001

At work, attempted to resolve printing problems with Type 1 typefaces, Microsoft Word 2000, and Acrobat. Set up Joel's Palm Pilot. Had a terrible headache at the end of the day because of the printing problems. Patrick makes a delicious dinner: the tenderest pork chops, southern sweet potatoes, and skinny fries.

Wed Nov 28, 2001

At work, helped Joel with the Palm Pilot again. Checked on Cindy's computer which wasn't waking correctly. Converted my 800+ KB Word 2000 content structure document to HTML with questionable results. Lunch with Patrick and Joel at The Crepevine.

Thu Nov 29, 2001

Dinner at Chow on Church: I had a steak sandwich with hot chocolate. Patrick had a pizza with hot apple cider and gingerbread cake.

Fri Nov 30, 2001

Installed Netscape 2, 3, 4, and 6. Completed a lot of the Admissions section of the website. Helped Joel resolve Palm Pilot synchronization problems. Patrick chatted with Amy. Yellow curry chicken at home for dinner. Watched Being John Malkovich on DVD with Patrick.