Monday, February 12, 2018

Breakfast at home: oatmeal with diced pink lady apple and cinnamon and milk, 8 ounces of orange juice. Rode Uber Pool Express to UCSF Laurel Heights. Sprint standup. BTS Beat template work and build and list subscriber updates. Lunch from The View Cafe: baked pork bun, two shau mai, two ha gow, water from my water bottle. Orgchart work: CP (Bret -> Rosa). Email on Acid BTS Beat review and template edits. More BTS Beat template work and build. Rode Uber Pool Express to the Mission. Met Patrick at Alamo Drafthouse New Mission for Science vs. Cinema: Alien. Drinks: glass of Sebang for me, LaFuerza for Patrick. Regular popcorn, deviled eggs, pepperoni pizza. $54.89 before a $12 tip. Rode UberX home.