Sunday, February 11, 2018

Breakfast at home: leftovers. Resolved a recent problem with accidental data loss in Notational Velocity. I realized that I have Simplenote or Notational Velocity on multiple devices and that each copy has old versions of the data that are available offline. I found a device on which I hadn't used Simplenote or Notational Velocity since before the data loss, disabled wireless on it, and then opened it and was able to recover the known-lost data. I pasted it into another application before pasting it back in to Notational Velocity. Troubleshot a problem with TouchID failing on my 2016 iPad Pro. It is likely a hardware problem since if I try to add a new fingerprint to the two that were already there I can see that the sensor is failing to sense anything when I tap tap tap. A few hours later TouchID works again. Very strange. Upgraded MAMP PRO. Nap. Began setting up Shaarli 0.9.5 locally, then realized I should try to move all home websites to https and began investigating that. Bluehost doesn't support Let's Encrypt on shared hosting, so it looks like I need to leave Bluehost. A lost/gained domains chart on webhostinggeeks seems to support this decision, and Siteground seems to be a likely good choice. Dinner at home with Patrick: Good Eggs simple black bean street tacos with fixins, san pell. Played The Room: Old Sins on my iPad Pro with Patrick, completing The Maritime Room and exploring The Japanese Gallery. Installed Unified Remote server and iOS app on the MacBook Air that serves as our home server and entertainment system. I encountered an autodiscovery error that resolved after I quit and restarted Unified Remote on the MacBook Air. I installed a few remotes and it seems to work as expected except the Spotify Advanced remote. Will troubleshoot further later.