Saturday, February 10, 2018

Slept in. Breakfast at home with Patrick: pancakes and chicken apple sausage, hot earl gray tea with milk. Resolved a flickering video / redraw problem on my mid-2017 15-inch MacBook Pro (Intel HD Graphics 630 1536 MB) while browsing certain pages or using WebEx in Chrome. The problem did not occur in Safari. I resolved it by enabling hardware acceleration in Chrome's advanced preferences settings. This solution was not intuitive because many web pages described the solution for this problem to be to disable hardware acceleration. Recharge Medical work: html email editing and prep. No lunch. Nap. Rode Uber Pool to Shotwell House. Met Nate, Drew, Phil, Romy, and Paul for dinner at Poc Chuc. Nate is in town newly starting a San Jose job with Nvidia. We started with tortilla chips and salsa and an assortment of platillos mayas. I had the poc chuc. Everything was delicious. Service was rather neglectful at times, occasionally apologetic, but we didn't make a big deal of it. PDR shared news that they have placed an offer on a home in the Richmond. Afterwards we returned to Shotwell House and chatted for a few hours. Afterwards I attempted to meet with Tony and Hector at Lookout, but we missed each other due to a friend of theirs falling ill. I walked through the Castro then rode UberX home.