Monday, February 5, 2018

Breakfast at home: leftovers from yesterday. Rode Uber Pool Express to UCSF Laurel Heights. Listserv work: added an alum to the jobs listserv. Followup with IT about the iMac reimage. Styling work: removed unneeded code that was causing linkcheck errors. Sprint standup. Restarted very old OWASP online training: Security Awareness and Software Development Lifecycle Project (SDLP). Helped Katherine K via WebEx with getting started with Slack and with replacing Tejal's CV on the Desai Lab site. Lunch: sushi to go from The View Cafe. Letterhead work for JoAnne W. Rode Uber Pool Express home. Nap. Late dinner and Emery's birthday at Smokestack at Magnolia Brewery organized by Tim C and Andy M. Rode Uber Pool Express home.