Thursday, February 1, 2018

Breakfast at home with Patrick: scrambled eggs with scallions, hash browns, ciabatta with butter, side of yogurt with mandarin orange slices and cinnamon, hot earl gray tea with milk. Rode Uber Pool Express to UCSF Laurel Heights. Sprint standup. Styling work for over half of the day: make accordion open and close transitions smoother. Lunch at Picnix: vietnamese egg rolls special with rice noodles and salad greens, lemon sparkling mineral water. Linkchecking with Total Validator Pro. Rode Uber Pool Express home. My repaired headphones arrived today from They seem to work fine, and I have a 90-day warranty for the repair. Dinner at home with Patrick: meyer lemon chicken with butternut squash and salad, san pell, white wine. Dessert: Whole Foods fantasy cheesecake. Patrick and I took typing tests on the web just for fun. He is surprisingly fast for using only his two index fingers. Continued playing The Room: Old Sins with Patrick, exploring The Curiosity Room. Gathered tax documents. Continued troubleshooting and repair of the remote control for the Logitech Z906 speaker system from January 28 last month. This time I opened the remote and inserted enough felt padding to make it work more reliably, even if the buttons felt a little stiff. It seems to work better now.