Saturday, January 13, 2018

Breakfast: three mandarins, two pints of hot water. Home improvement work: installed cord clips behind the bed in the larger bedroom adjusted wobble wedges under two bed legs, vacuumed. Rode Muni with Patrick to Castro Station. Errand with Patrick: eye doctor for an adjustment to his recently received glasses. To kill time before our brunch reservation we browsed clothes for a few minutes at R by Rolo. Brunch at Finn Town with Patrick: coffee for two with cream, cocktails: gypsy for Patrick, world's greatest lover for me; entrees: corned beef hash for Patrick, fried chicken and pumpkin waffles with side of salad greens for me. We enjoyed the food and drinks, service by Cooke was very good, and all the staff we encountered seemed notably polite. We were worried that not everything would fit on our table; we removed a few unneeded items, and it all worked out in the end. Noise level was medium high and not as bad as I had encountered in the past. We sat in the middle section across from the front bar, Patrick with his back to the wall. $80.12 before a $15 tip. Afterwards we got drinks at Philz on Castro Street: large mint tisane for Patrick, large chai with milk and lightly sweet for me. We read from dead tree books: The Spider's House by Paul Bowles for Patrick, reread of Food Rules by Michael Pollen for me. Rode Muni home. House chores: swept the driveway in front of the house and removed some weeds. Unpacked then installed rug pads and thick shag rugs in the larger bedroom. More vacuuming. Patrick napped while I washed a lot of dishes. I gave away a bunch of cardboard boxes to Megan via Nextdoor who arrived with a friend to help. Dinner at home with Patrick: Good Eggs meatballs and ragu with creamy polenta, side salad with meyer lemon vinaigrette, san pell, red wine. Dessert: one each of the last of the TJ's candy cane jo-jo's. Washed and dried dishes. Watched part of Kong: Skull Island (2017) on Netflix DVD with Patrick. It's laughable at times, but it very much delivers on action and memorable visuals. Patrick went to bed. Made adjustments to the felt pads softening drawer closure on the mule chest so that the drawers more properly aligned flush with the frame.