Friday, January 12, 2018

Breakfast at home with Patrick: scrambled eggs, grilled potatoes with herbes de provence, sausage, english muffin with butter, san pell. Rode Uber Pool Express to UCSF Laurel Heights. Microsites work: NMR Lab setup, began project closure procedures for recently launched websites. Calendar management. Lunch at Artesano: black bean soup, albondigas, water. Content work: added photo for Ravinder S. Followup with new year html email greeting. Mailing list work with Eric. Followup with NMR team. Rode Uber Pool Express home. Dinner at home with Patrick: Good Eggs wild mushroom and roasted onion pizza. The dough for this pizza turned out a terrible-tasting crust so bad that Patrick complained about it and we received a generous credit. It doesn't happen often with Good Eggs, so we're happy that their response was appropriate. Recently Patrick rejoined Facebook after a long absence. I intended to attend a onesie party at Lookout tonight but decided at the last hour that I temporarily wasn't feeling well enough and did not go.