Monday, January 1, 2018

Breakfast: leftovers. Rode Muni to the Castro with Patrick. Lunch at Le Marais Bakery with Patrick: two cappuccinos, croque madame for Patrick, croque poulet for me, one eggnog macaron. Our capps arrived quickly, but the food order was significantly delayed, so our waiter treated us to two extra macarons: one was peppermint and the other was candy corn. We saved the peppermint for last wnich was a good choice. Inside it was like a York peppermint patty. The candy corn macaron was good, but we both thought the eggnog one was even better. The sandwiches were huge and delicious. I ate only half of mine, and Patrick took a small portion of his home. The restaurant is charming, loud, and includes the long delays in service that you'd expect from a Parisian cafe. Service non compris, however, so remember to tip. $51.71 after a $7 tip. Before and after we walked some in the Castro. Rode Muni home. Rested. Finished watching When Harry Met Sally via iTunes rental with Patrick. Continued organizing things in the garage. Dinner alone since Patrick wasn't hungry: my leftovers from lunch. Watched The Big Short (2015) on Netflix instant watch by myself.