Friday, November 3, 2017

Mexico City trip day 4 of 4. Breakfast in the hotel. Danny remained in the hotel. Starbucks. Independencia de Revolucion. Casa Gilardi. Bosque de Chapultepec primera sección. Search for castle. Audiorama. More walking in park. Arrived at castle but did not enter because tickets were US$40 per person, which we thought was unreasonable. We stopped briefly at Centro Decultura Digital but did not enter except to use the restroom. We searched for food, finding an underground mercado, but decided to not eat there. We split into two pairs since each pair had different things they wanted to see. I rode UberX With Paul to Coyoacan district, getting stuck in heavy traffic along the way. Lunch with Paul at Coyoacan Market: chicken enchiladas verde, chicken enchiladas suizas for me. Both three-course meals included tortilla soup, french bread, tortillas, and fixins. Paul drank water that he had brought; I had a limonata which unexpectedly turned out to be gigantic like a mega drink from 7-Eleven. Museo Frida Kahlo with Paul, including temporary exhibition Appearances Can Be Deceiving. This was more about her home and her personal life than it was about her paintings. I had known little about her before this museum and was moved by her accomplishments in spite of the significant misfortune in her life. We rode UberX to the hotel. Walked to dinner in a shopping mall with the group at La Destileria, which in Mexico turned out to be part of the same restaurant group as Chili's, Red Lobster, and Olive Garden (Grupo CMR). Our bar table had a nice view of the sunset. I ate puff pastry chicken enchiladas. Walked to the hotel.