Thursday, November 2, 2017

Mexico City trip day 3 of 4. Breakfast in the hotel. Danny remained in the hotel. The rest of us (Drew, Phil, Paul, and I) looked for a Starbucks and found it permanently closed. Found another Starbucks a block away. Rode UberXL to Basilica de Guadalupe. Rode a small UberXL to the pyramids at Teotihuacan. The driver said we wouldn't have an easy time getting a return ride, so we let the meter run for about 35 minutes while we quickly toured the site. It was hot and sunny with partly cloudy skies. Vendors sold all kinds of souvenirs, the most annoying of which were whistles that mimicked sounds of various animals. I was the only one to climb to the top of Pyramid of the Sun. It's extremely steep for only part of the way and steep the rest of the way. Handrails are provided for the harder parts. I climbed down then stopped at the restroom. The others had walked ahead and almost drove off without me. Back to the hotel. Shower. Midday meal at Havre 77, which was delightfully very French but with service you’d expect from American fine dining. Appetizers: green beans, beef tartare with sliced radish and very finely crosscut potato chips. Steak frites for Phil. I had a côte du boeuf. Dessert: a deliciously light mille feuille. Everything was excellent. Rode UberXL to drinks and sunset/moonrise at the rooftop bar at Hotel Condesa. We walked to our hotel then had a nap which turned into early sleep. I awoke near midnight to find Paul making cup o noodles.