Monday, May 29, 2017

Rode UberX to LGB (Long Beach) airport. JetBlue flight from LGB to SFO. Watched Twin Peaks s2:e13 and s2:e14 on Netflix downloaded video with Patrick. Sam picked us up, then we picked up Mom Ryan and lunched at Eric's: 1.5 order of the appetizer platter, black bean salmon with vegetables, walnut prawns, sweet and sour chicken with spicy sauce on the side, brown rice, white rice, hot tea. My fortune: A new relationship is about to blossom. you will be blessed. Sam dropped off Mom Ryan, then us, with a pit stop for gasoline along the way. Investigated an issue with Corinna's website and took some precautionary measures. Unpacked. Computer updates. Dinner at home with Patrick: Green Chef fajita burger (chimichurri sauce, sweet potatoes, bell peppers), hot water.