Friday, May 26, 2017

Breakfast: leftover coconut soup with tofu and veggies. Packed. Snack: a banana, hot water. Is 800-386-6624 a legitimate phone number for the credit card company called Citibank aka Citi? 800-386-6624 appears to be a telephone number associated with a phishing scam that leaves voicemail messages asking you to call 800-386-6624 and provide a case number given in the message. I called the phone number on my credit card that was recently lost or stolen and a customer service representative said he searched all his databases for evidence that that number was associated with his organization, and he did not find such evidence. Beware! Installed Wikibuy based on a recommendation from BK. Bereavement leave from work. JetBlue flight from SFO to LGB (Long Beach). Watched Twin Peaks s2:e11 on Netflix instant watch with Patrick. Rode UberX to Doubletree Suites Anaheim. Checked in. Dinner in the hotel restaurant called Agio: crab cakes to share, lobster penne for me, craft burger for Patrick.