Sunday, May 21, 2017

Day 4 in Madrid; day 11 of the Spain trip. Light breakfast in the VRBO. Rode the metro: Alonso Martinez to Chueca, stopped in the station only so that Charles could take rainbow photos, emerged at La Latina for El Rastro where we wandered somewhat aimlessly. We encountered Madrid Hot Jazz, which seemed to be a really excellent band from the few minutes we watched. We continued walking and browsing to San Cayetano Church, around when Quyen and Dave joined us late, then to Mercado San Fernando—just browsed and explored. We enjoyed a light sidewalk meal at Don Quixote Bar Ceveceria Kebab. Matt and Jaime joined us. We encountered Lucia aka Lucy, whom I had trouble remembering from a previous visit. We stopped at Sani Sapori for ice cream. Attack (closed). Le Retiro Park. Juice. empanadas and beer for jaime and matt. botanical garden. vrbo rest dinner at la barreca