Sunday, May 14, 2017

Day 2 in Barcelona; day 4 of the Spain trip. Slept in. Quick breakfast at our VRBO: a muffin. Hop on hop off bus day. We boarded just outside our VRBO and bought one-day passes and rode the red line of Barcelona Busturistic. Phil took his exam for his travel medicine accreditation. Found Phil outside of CaixaForum station. We walked around looking for a cafe but could not find one easily and instead got refreshments at a convenience store. Walked to and visited the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion. Walked to the top of the hill with the Museo Nacional. The fountain stopped as we reached the top. We learned that it was because the museum closed at 3 PM. The view from here is excellent. Walked down. Brief stop down an escalator at CaixaForum Cultural Center. Rode the Busturistic, alighting at Poble EspaƱol, where we decided to not enter. Waited a long time for the bus. A Busturistic bus came and was so full it took on only two new passengers. We boarded the next one a few minutes later. Alighted at Coliseum. Late light meal at The Chipiron. Rested at our VRBO. Dinner at Bar Mut which was pricey and excellent. Stopped briefly at McDonald's just to look. A cafe station is in the front and the restaurant is in the back. Customers ordered items from large touch displays, which I had never seen before at a McDonald's. Laundry.