February 2014

Summary: WTFW Special Edition (Emery, GoPro), installed Apple OS 10.9 Mavericks, wine tasting in Napa, ASSP winter banquet

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Sat Feb 1, 2014

Brunch at Ton Kiang with Patrick: about $40 total before tip. Shopped at Lamps Plus. Troubleshot spam issues on mail hosting. Deleted an email account for the spa. Snack: leftover dim sum. Recharge Spa work: added some new skin care services. Snack: leftover mac and cheese with tuna. Nap. Dinner: Patrick made carrot soup. Drove to Shotwell Street, found parking right in front. After a few minutes Danny and I drove to 525 Harrison for a dance party at Factory. Danny had a shot of Hennessey. I had a shot of Fireball. I handed the bartender a $20. He gave me only $1 in return. The DJ was Andrew Gibbons, and he played regular house, most of it seemed old, and the mixes seemed unusually long, like 12 or 16 minutes each. I danced, but overall I was disappointed. The crowd was very small I think because today is on the weekend ending gay ski week in Whistler.

Sun Feb 2, 2014

Breakfast at home: 2-egg scramble with vegan sausage, 2 hash browns, 2 pieces of spelt toast, Patrick's style of coffee using Dunkin Donuts beans and via bialetti moka express. Had planned to meet with Phil and Drew today but they canceled, still hanging out at the slumber party. Laundry. Watched Pacific Rim on Netflix DVD with Patrick. Dinner: small cheese deli pizza customized with spinach and vegan sausage, leftover carrot soup. Browsed imgur a lot today, laughed a lot. It's such a guilty pleasure.

Mon Feb 3, 2014

Rode Muni to UCSF Parnassus. Purchased pastries at Palio. Office birthday party. Listserv management. Lunch to go from Subway: veggie delight on sourdough, water from my Nalgene water bottle. Sat in the terrace between Kalmanovitz Library and Millberry Union and took photos of the view before eating. UCSF shuttle from Parnassus to Laurel Heights. Listserv management. Kickoff meeting with Leslie W, Susie, and Paula. Content work in Drupal: small edit for Renslo, Burchard setup. Web updates and a section push live for Cindy. UCSF shuttle from Laurel Heights to Parnassus, ordered food delivery via EAT24 on the way. Rode Muni home. Dinner at home with Patrick: chinese food delivery from Joe's Excellent Chinese: veg pot stickers, sesame chicken, veg hot and sour soup, bbq beef chow fun: $33.75 after tip. Order took over 1 hour and 45 minutes to arrive. The first delivery driver delivered the order to the wrong address. We were very upset and very hungry by the time the food had arrived. Our fortunes: 1. You will soon be changing your present line of work. 2 4 13 15 19 34. 2. Need some adventure and enjoyment, take a vacation. 12 21 25 27 30 31. 3. Be prepared to receive something special with no strings attached. 7 18 19 26 30 35. We will likely never order from Joe's again. Edited and uploaded photos to Flickr.

Tue Feb 4, 2014

Breakfast at home: super nutty granola with unsweetened soy milk. Rode Muni to UCSF Parnassus. UCSF shuttle from Parnassus to Laurel Heights. Followup on ucsfalumni.org being down. Linkchecking, kiosk work. Lots of Ahituv and Limb Study content work in Drupal. Check-in with Shuvo about his websites. Task followup in asana. In the early afternoon we saw from our offices that a fire had broken out at Clay and Walnut Streets throwing dark flumes of smoke into the sky. Firefighters responded, helicopters hovered above, and within about an hour it was contained. Quick lunch from The View Cafe: veggie california sandwich on multigrain. While eating lunch I watched the fire from my office. Photo shoot with Leslie W's team. Content, styling, and template work in Drupal. Listserv management for Cindy and for a student org. Eric and I tested his site generator module—it works! UCSF shuttle from Laurel Heights to Parnassus. Dropped some dead batteries in the battery disposal bin at Millberry Union. Rode Muni home. Dinner at home with Patrick: winter greens soup, leftovers from last night. Dessert: hot cocoa with sucanet instead of sugar. Watched The Simpsons "Steal This Episode" on Netflix Hulu Plus. It was a very good episode. Followed instructions from Code42 support to perform a standard reinstall followed by increasing the amount of memory CrashPlan uses to resolve a problem in which CrashPlan quits unexpectedly or displays an error "A different backup set and/or destination was selected" in its logfile. The procedure was successful, and I'll need to let it run for a day or so before determining its effectiveness. Uploaded photos of today's fire to Flickr. Geotagged a lot of photos in Flickr. Edited photos. Late snack: one navel orange, tortilla chips, leftover chow fun, water.

Wed Feb 5, 2014

Breakfast: super nutty granola with unsweetened soy milk, hot water. Rode Muni to UCSF Parnassus. UCSF shuttle from Parnassus to Laurel Heights. Linkchecking, kiosk work. Processed photos and uploaded them to The Archive. Content and styling work in Drupal. For lunch I visited Picnix Bistro & Carry Out (3872 Sacramento St, San Francisco, CA 94118) on Sacramento Street a little outside of the range I normally walk for lunch. I ordered a lemongrass tofu sandwich and a vietnamese hot coffee. I didn't like the coffee at all and could handle only a few sips. The sandwich was delicious. Afterwards I enjoyed a return walk along Sacramento street with views of very expensive homes. Redirected a cardkey reader problem report to Rodney. Meeting management. Troubleshot a browser testing issue in which our websites would not display correctly for just one faculty member. I traced the problem to the presence of "ucsf.edu" in the Compatibility View settings in Internet Explorer. Processed photos and uploaded them to The Archive. Shared photos. Content and styling work in Drupal. Rode UberX to Mike P's place. Joined the Syndicate for a special edition of WTF Wednesday (WTFW) which included Emery's birthday celebration. I had a nice time. Ray gave me, Dan, and Alan a ride to the Castro where Alan was parked. Alan gave Dan and me a ride home. Folded laundry.

Thu Feb 6, 2014

Breakfast from The View Cafe: egg and cheddar on english muffin. Rode Muni to UCSF Parnassus. UCSF shuttle from Parnassus to Laurel Heights. Linkchecking, kiosk work. Content and styling work in Drupal. Web edits for Cindy and Danielle. Asana ticket followup. Visited Wine Impression for the first time. The staff were very inattentive at first but somewhat friendly and somewhat helpful once engaged. They seemed very engaged in inventory work rather than helping customers. Late lunch at Rigolo: tuna melt with carrot ginger soup. Content and styling work in Drupal. Asana ticket followup. UCSF shuttle from Laurel Heights to Parnassus. Rode Muni home. Edited and uploaded photos. Late dinner: Whole Foods fried rice with vegetables from frozen. Installed "Paper - stories from Facebook" on my iPad. The application was impossible to find by browsing in the App Store. I could find it only by switching to Safari and searching Google. I ignored the intro video because I was eating at the same time. And, the video was sideways because I had already had my iPad in landscape orientation. And then, the word Paper appeared in helv neue light. I am so sick of helv neue light and ultralight. Recently I uninstalled NBC News, Washington Post, and Google Currents on my iPhone. The Paper app doesn't seem to be made for iPad because there's a 1X and 2X toggle in the lower right corner. Also I cannot view it in landscape.

Fri Feb 7, 2014

Breakfast: I sliced an apple and ate it on the way to work. Rode Muni to UCSF Parnassus. UCSF shuttle from Parnassus to Laurel Heights. Linkchecking, kiosk work. Content and styling work in Drupal. Chatted briefly on the phone with Esteban. Checked in with Anirvan about publication list styling; Profiles uses author-first NLM. Web edits for Cindy. Uploaded images to The Archive. Lunch at Beautifull: moroccan butter bean stew with quinoa, water from my Contigo water bottle. Content and styling work in Drupal. Paula, Susie, and I had a Webex meeting with Jennifer L and Lily Y in Development. Calendar management. Made updates to the pharmchem home page for Millo. Began updating the faculty listing for pharmchem but stopped. I need feedback from Millo before proceeding. Scanned historical paper documents. UCSF shuttle from Laurel Heights to Parnassus. Snack to go from Panda Express: two cream cheese rangoons and one potsticker. Picked up a package at my Parnassus office. Rode Muni home. Dinner at home: one veggie burger with escarole. My fortune from the Panda Express fortune cookie: A friend will soon bring you a gift.

Sat Feb 8, 2014

Breakfast at home: 3 hash browns, hot water. 2nd breakfast: a small bowl of TJ's ginger-almond granola with unsweetened soy milk. Snack: one melo gold. Caught up on journaling. Recently I contacted my web hosting provider about a message I found in an email header of a bounceback message: "sentby:program running on server" and I was told that this was caused by mail spoofing one of my addresses and not because of an infection of a program on my server, just as I had suspected. To mitigate or resolve this, they suggested I create an advanced SPF record, but I tried looking at how to do that and it was more work than I wanted, so I'm just going to delete and ignore the messages. Lunch at home with Patrick: I made mac and cheese from a box with peas from frozen and fresh diced leek and fresh sliced leek. Been lazy and tired all day, so I took a nap and awoke in the late evening. Dinner at home with Patrick: he had tomato soup from a can. I had a salad with escarole, grated carrot, diced apple, and assorted dried fruit. We watched part of The Rooftop on Netflix instant watch. Snack: pistachios.

Sun Feb 9, 2014

Slept in. Patrick dropped me off at West Portal. Brunch with Phil, Drew, Danny, Romy. We had planned to eat at El Toreador but because Yelp said they opened at 11 but they really opened at 12 we instead ate at Village Grill. A quick check on Yelp revealed that many, if not all, of the restaurants in West Portal were incorrectly shown as open when they were really closed. Bad Yelp. We drove Romy home then drove to my place to work on Recharge Spa web work: March newsletter and a few website updates. Nap. Dinner at home with Patrick: brown rice maccheroni lisci with meat sauce using Marin Sun Farms ground beef, escarole with beets, small cup of cream of butternut squash and carrot soup. Watched more of The Rooftop on Netflix instant watch with Patrick. Late snack: cheese ravioli in marinara sauce from a can.

Mon Feb 10, 2014

Rode Muni to UCSF Parnassus. Breakfast at Carmelina's: breakfast burrito with black beans, water. UCSF shuttle from Parnassus to Laurel Heights. Linkchecking, kiosk work. Did some browser bookmark cleaning. Content and styling work in Drupal. Posted spring draft schedules for Lucia. Launched Ahituv Lab and Limb Study websites. Late lunch at Royal Gound Coffee: peppered turkey sandwich on soft roll with everything, hot chai. Photowalk, returning via the stairs at Laurel Hill Playground. Content and styling work in Drupal. Susie gave me a ride home. Finished watching The Rooftop (2013) on Netflix instant watch with Patrick. This film has some of the most beautiful opening and closing title animations I've seen. After watching roughly the first third of the film I described it as West Side Story crossed with Shaolin Soccer, but even that is not exactly hitting the mark. It had an extremely small opening in the USA. I found it only while browsing titles in Netflix. The set designs are amazingly well done. The costumes are goofy, colorful, fun. The characters are predictable and so very disappointing. The story is hokey with some schmaltz and quite Chinese. The music and dance numbers are very astute and surprisingly well integrated with the acting part of the film. The acting I thought was just alright. There's a lot of interesting and fast camerawork that mixes live action with cgi and greenscreen in creative ways. The dialogue and singing is in Chinese with subtitles, and occasionally it was hard for me to keep up. I was extremely disappointed that the film focused on only one primary female character who was stereotypically a pretty and ultimately weak victim, but perhaps that's what Chinese culture enjoys. There's one scene with particularly bad dialogue that compares women to buttons, and I did not understand this part of that scene at all. Caution: feminists might develop aneurysms while watching this film. Several times throughout the film, I thought to myself (and sometimes outloud), "Wow, they spent a lot of money on this film, didn't they?" While watching the film on each of the three days the image quality was terrible, so after we finished watching and Patrick slept I experimented a bit with how to improve the quality. In my Netflix playback settings I changed from using HTML5 to Silverlight. I switched from Chrome to Safari. I used the keyboard shortcut of Ctrl+Option+Shift+S to reveal a secret settings dialog and manually increased the value to a higher value and finally got it to stream in HD. After that I installed the SILKYPIX software that came with my Lumix G6 camera because I thought it might help me import the movies from the camera. I had imported a few clips but then couldn't remember how I did it. The way I did it today was not the same way I did it in the past. My solution this time was to open QuickTime Player, then open the file called PRIVATE on the camera's SD card. This let me export the movies to iMovie, but when I opened iMovie I couldn't locate them. I returned to QuickTime Player and chose the manual export option which let me specify a location to save the file. By this time I was too tired to do anything with my movie clips. What an awful experience.

Tue Feb 11, 2014

Uploaded photos to Flickr. Called customer service for a return I had to make. Breakfast: an apple. Rode Muni to UCSF Parnassus. UCSF shuttle from Parnassus to Laurel Heights. Linkchecking, kiosk work. Nancy returned to work today after an absence. It was great to see her again. I had made a welcome back sign for her yesterday evening. Others brought fresh fruit, bagels and cream cheese, and muffins to celebrate. I ate an egg bagel with cream cheese. Added back a link to Joel's blog in the admissions section of our PharmD website. I don't know how it had gotten removed. Faculty page edit for Lynn. Content and styling work in Drupal. 1-on-1 with Susie. Lunch to go from The View Cafe: tofu with vegetables over brown rice, water from my Contigo water bottle. Ate lunch during the comm team meeting. Content and styling work in Drupal. Made a grocery run to Trader Joe's. Met with Nancy about people data. Content and styling work in Drupal. Responded to a query from David J about NIH rankings, chatted with Susie about it. UCSF shuttle from Laurel Heights to Parnassus. Rode Muni home. Dinner at home with Patrick. Patrick made white steamed rice. I made a stir-fry with baked tofu, broccoli, mushroom, diced boiled egg, diced garlic, ground ginger, cayenne, vegetable broth, cornstarch, tamari sauce, rice wine. Hot water to drink. Late snack: an apple.

Wed Feb 12, 2014

Breakfast: an apple. Rode Muni to UCSF Parnassus. UCSF shuttle from Parnassus to Laurel Heights. Missed an office party at Parnassus due to a misunderstanding. Linkchecking, kiosk work. Followup with Alma A about pharmchem faculty listings. Reposted P1 and P2 schedules for Lucia. Updated the pharmchem homepage. Followup with Mitra about accreditation notices. Prepped setup of adding Joel to the School's Facebook account as a moderator. Redirected a request from Esteban to the Profiles team. Content and styling work in Drupal throughout the day. Doctor appointment. Lunch at Yum Yum Hunan Restaurant: basil tofu with brown rice lunch special. Pushed the P1 schedule again for Lucia. Followup with Kathy G about recent new websites going live. Redirected a support request to the education team. Followup with Nadav following golive of his sites. Followup with Tejal following golive of her site. Rode UberX to the Mission. Dinner at Abbot's Cellar with Danny, Drew, Phil, Romy, and Richard, my first time dining here. Food and service are excellent. Very classy. I had the tasting menu with beer pairing for $75: amuse bouche of (if I recall correctly) pork rillette (this was not on the menu); roasted beets, frisee lettuce, chevre, cara cara orange and toasted quinoa (paired with q4 harvest bock, linden street, oakland, ca); truffled pork terrine, bacon lardon and fennel, house mustard (paired with levitation, stone, escondido, ca); halibut, green garlic risotto, winter spinach, nebrodini bianco mushrooms (paired with tank 7, boulevard, kansas city, mo); olive oil cake, apple compote, lemon gremolata (paired with arend tripel, de ryck, herzel, belgium). Rode UberX home.

Thu Feb 13, 2014

Note to self: Uber uses Wufoo for customer feedback surveys. Archived last night's menu. Breakfast: granola with 2% milk. Rode Muni to UCSF Parnassus. Linkchecking, kiosk work. Meetings almost all day. Enterprise Risk Assessment Initial Discovery meeting with Tim W. OSACA staff meeting. WCWG lunch meeting. I had a salmon and endive sandwich, then later a chicken sandwich. Met 1-on-1 with Rodney to get his Acquia Dev Desktop configuration completed. Made some adjustments to the dev configuration instructions on drupal.ucsf.edu. Helped student AA with some technology questions. Chatted with Joel about USB drives. Responded to a request for a new website for Guo Lab from Peter L. Scheduled a meeting to discuss secure Drupal websites. Rode Muni home. Dinner at home with Patrick: hamburger, leftover soup, hot water.

Fri Feb 14, 2014

Breakfast: granola with 2% milk, an asian pear. Rode Muni to UCSF Parnassus. UCSF shuttle from Parnassus to Laurel Heights. Linkchecking, kiosk work. Resolved a problem with the calendar dates for preview sessions for Lisa. Finished my draft of the plancomm website and sent it to the team for review. Webex meeting with Susie and Robin: lots of style changes. Followup with Cindy and Joel about network folders and permissions. UCSF shuttle from Laurel Heights to Mt. Zion. Doctor appointment. Bad timing for a return shuttle, so I ate a late lunch at Philly Cheese Steak Shop: veggie sandwich with cheese, water; $4.56 and I left my change in the tip jar. UCSF shuttle from Mt. Zion to Laurel Heights. Reposted the draft P2 spring schedule for Lucia. Styling work in Drupal. Dinner at work: leftover stir-fry with rice. Worked a little late. Susie gave me a ride home. Rested. Cleaned up my Readmill book list. I deleted all the PDFs because Readmill doesn't let me read PDF files in landscape mode on my iPhone 3GS with iOS 6.something.

Sat Feb 15, 2014

Breakfast at home: 2 hash browns, 2 eggs over easy with grilled mushrooms and broccoli. Various Recharge Spa work for Drew and Phil. Laundry, ironing. Vacuuming. Spotcleaned some carpet stains. Spotcleaned a shirt collar. Lunch: I made fried rice with 2 kinds of stir-fried cabbage, mushrooms, broccoli, garlic, tamari sauce, pepper; hot water; 8 ounces of carrot juice. Cut my hair, showered. Laundry. Dinner at home with Patrick: aglio e olio with 3 kinds of winter greens. Folded laundry. CrashPlan resolved the problems I was having, so now that my CrashPlan backup is complete and Time Machine is also current, I'm beginning the installation of Mavericks (OS 10.9).

Sun Feb 16, 2014

Mavericks installation complete. It appears that nothing bad happened. Rode Muni to Powell Street Station. My Clipper card was empty even though I had set up autoreload. Luckily I had proper cash. I reloaded the card with my debit card in the station. Met Danny for breakfast at La Boulange Yerba Buena Gardens. He had a chocolate-hazelnut croissant and water. I had an egg-and-cheese croissant with smoked salmon and a side of fresh fruit with a large chai latte. Afterwards we took some photos in Yerba Buena Gardens and Yerba Buena Lane. I dropped off some packages at a UPS drop box. We rode BART to Shotwell House, rested for a bit, then five of us brunched at The Vestry where service was very slow and lately apologetic. Wine tasting with Danny, Romy, Drew, Phil at Jacuzzi and Viansa. Dinner at Shotwell House with Danny, Romy, Drew, Phil, Joel, and Hector: vietnamese dumplings, prawn pad thai, orange chicken stew with rice and baguette.

Mon Feb 17, 2014

Reenabled and reconfigured my Time Machine backup following yesterday's Mavericks upgrade. Did some spray bottle experiments and followup. Breakfast at home: I made a 2-egg hash with fresh potatoes, dried rosemary, fresh garlic, garlic powder, salt, pepper and ate it with 2 small dinner rolls and butter; 8 ounces of carrot juice; hot water. Archived receipts and digital scrapbook items. Resolved a problem with my Clipper card with their telephone support. Lunch: pizza left over from Patrick's dinner delivery last night, mozzarella sticks, hot water, 8 ounces of orange juice. Was about to go to Ikea East Palo Alto but then realized I didn't want to drive 40 minutes there and back for one item. Shopped online instead, found a more expensive alternative at Home Depot, which is only 11 minutes away. Snack: an orange. Errands: Home Depot Daly City, Chevron for gas and car wash. Home. Dinner at home with Patrick: grilled london broil, roasted turnips and potatoes, orange slices infused with honey and lavender olive oil, two-kale winter greens stir-fry, dinner rolls with butter, hot water. Performed post-Mavericks-installation activities: installed SEP, upgraded Onyx, repaired disk permissions, resolved problematic preferences files, restart, let SEP update.

Tue Feb 18, 2014

Troubleshot CrashPlan problems. Rode Muni to UCSF Parnassus. UCSF shuttle from Parnassus to Laurel Heights. Linkchecking, kiosk work. Spent the entire day in Photoshop and Sublime Text 2 implementing style changes following my meeting with Robin and Susie. Comm team meeting. Lunch: a Trader Joe's packaged meal of mushroom tortellini. Eric and I also did a fair amount of work on the gallery content type. UCSF shuttle from Laurel Heights to Parnassus. Rode Muni home. Dinner at home with Patrick: I had leftover fried rice with vegetables. He had buckwheat noodles, italian style. Hot water to drink. Dessert: 1 small scoop of Three Twins chocolate malt ice cream. Installed a new light fixture above the kitchen counter. Uninstalled Symantec Enterprise Protection in an attempt to resolve a CrashPlan problem.

Wed Feb 19, 2014

Troubleshot CrashPlan problem. Breakfast at home: maple pecan granola with unsweetened soy milk. Rode Muni to UCSF Parnassus. Linkchecking, kiosk work. Calendar management. Followup with Darius M about server access. Reminded Karl to send me images for their lab site gallery page. Posted our first one-page microsite live: Medication Outcomes Center. Drupal styling work all day implementing changes following a meeting with Susie and Robin. Rode Muni home. Drove to the Presidio Golf Course Clubhouse for the ASSP Winter Banquet. Chatted with students AD, CY, CC; dined with students A, P, B, C (J), L, A. Don Kishi was the only other member of the OSACA in attendance. We talked about schedules and calendars, websites, the PharmD curriculum, textbooks, paper versus digital, Google Sites, Genentech, France, Paris, Hawaii, rare steaks, lens filters, photography, superstition, fortune cookies, and more. Student MY received the Student of the Year award. I laughed a lot and very much enjoyed myself. The students at my table were all excellent company. Drove home.

Thu Feb 20, 2014

Breakfast at home: maple pecan granola with unsweetened soy milk. Rode Muni to UCSF Parnassus. UCSF shuttle from Parnassus to Laurel Heights. Teleconference call with John K, Eric, and Jayson J about hosting for Drupal sites intended to store legally protected data. Linkchecking, kiosk work. Drupal styling work all day implementing changes following a meeting with Susie and Robin. Lunch with the comm team at the JCC. We also visited their timeline display. For some odd reason the kitchen at the JCC took a really long time getting my lunch order delivered. UCSF shuttle from Laurel Heights to Parnassus. Rode Muni home. Dinner at home with Patrick: indian food delivery from Clay Oven. Resolved lots of computer problems at home. I fixed the multi-day CrashPlan problem by manually clearing the CrashPlan cache on my computer and then removing and reinstalling CrashPlan on it. Unfortunately, somehow Patrick's CrashPlan backup was lost entirely, and I don't know how. It's not that big of a deal since CrashPlan is his secondary backup after Time Capsule. If it were his only backup, I'd be pretty mad. This CrashPlan problem took me about 4 or 5 hours to resolve over the course of several days. I also resolved a problem in which after upgrading to Mavericks OS 10.9 failing to know to open XCode and say "I agree" delivered unwanted messages to my system mailbox. Reviewed the Burchard website, looked for problems. Resolved a small problem on the Recharge web site that very few people will see (set break-word:word-break on error messages like the 404 message). Tried to retrieve a file on an encrypted backup drive for work but realized that since PGP is not compatible with Mavericks and since I recently upgraded my computer at home to Mavericks, I cannot.

Fri Feb 21, 2014

Breakfast at home: maple-pecan granola with unsweetened soy milk. Rode Muni to UCSF Parnassus. UCSF shuttle from Parnassus to Laurel Heights. Susie, Paula, and I met with Esteban to review his website in near-final stages before live. Early lunch: leftover Chinese food from last week. Reorganized my physical desktop a bit. Linkchecking, kiosk work. UCSF shuttle from Laurel Heights to Mt. Zion. Doctor appointment. UCSF shuttle from Mt. Zion to Laurel Heights. Followup with Cindy about retrieving archived data. Chatted briefly with Greg. Implemented a redirect on CP, asked Dan S for a push. Followup and status check with various sites in review/approval. Listserv management. Snack: an orange. Eric and I featurized the microsite gallery feature. Added Stephanie B to our Facebook team. UCSF shuttle from Laurel Heights to Parnassus. Snack from Jamba Juice: a hot parmesan pretzel: about $2. Rode Muni home. Confirmed the CrashPlan is still working as expected. Dinner at home with Patrick: I had leftovers, Patrick made lamb stew. We watched Archer "Diversity Hire" (season 1, episode 3) on Netflix instant watch.

Sun Feb 23, 2014

Replaced a light bulb. Breakfast at home: twice-fried potatoes, one egg sunny side up, two slices of flax seed bread from frozen, hot water. Prepared old electronics for disposal. Lunch: I made a salad with red baby lettuce, grated carrot, green and red cabbage, broccoli, diced apple, ranch dressing; hot water. Snack: Campbell's chicken noodle soup from a can. Unexpected nap. Nap. Dinner at home with Patrick: pot roast with vegetables, dinner roll with Earth Balance spread; stir-fried winter greens; Midori sodas with a dash of triple sec. Today I added schema.org microdata for the Recharge Spa website. Some parts were easy, and some parts were hard. I feel that there aren't enough representative examples of correct code, and it's not helpful for the page at schema.org/docs/gs.html to fail to link to www.google.com/webmasters/tools/richsnippets. Of particular difficulty was coding openingHours. I insist that my code validate, and I'd prefer that it passes the Google Structured Data Testing Tool, but even the examples provided won't pass validation or the testing tool. I found a different specification, but I don't know how much I can trust it, so I simply gave up on the hours part. Although I wanted to go outside today, I felt weary all day and was ultimately glad I did not. Troubleshot slow email sending problems, realized that my server number for Bluehost had changed and I had never updated my mail settings.

Mon Feb 24, 2014

Breakfast at home: maple-pecan granola with unsweetened soy milk. Breakfast on the go: an apple. Rode Muni to UCSF Parnassus. Linkchecking, kiosk work. Chatted with Lucia about an encrypted hard drive. Dropped off unwanted hard drive enclosures for Rodney. Followup with Karl about image galleries build. Followup with Alan C about secure Drupal sites. Followup with student BP about automatic transcription for lecture captures. Followup with Rodney about building the IRC microsite. Redirected to ITS a question from students RS and LS about using UCSF Box with resource accounts. Posted updated P1, P2, and PSCI spring schedules for Lucia. Lunch at desk while watching a video. Leftover pot roast. Watched Ten Commandments of Web Design by Jeffrey Zeldman. This wasn't his best talk mostly due to poor timing (and his frequent references to his poor timing), and the audience seemed unusually unresponsive, not seeming to notice more than a few of his good jokes, not responding when he asked for a show of hands. His subject matter seemed scattered and arbitrary and less cohesive than if he had stuck to 5 or 3 commandments rather than 10 things. He has done much better than this in the past. Made a note to check out the Keen flagship store the next time I am in Portland. Documented how to create a fallback account in the SOP IT wiki. Various minor web edits. Made another CP one-page microsite live: ProPEPS. Dan S completed the push I requested on Friday, so I sent followup notices for this action. Prepped and partially sent a notice with wide distribution about the February 21 Apple SSL/TLS security problem. The message I sent to our student listservs failed to send; the server thought it was spam. I reported the problem to ITS. Followup with Esteban about his site review. Rode Muni home. Installed iOS 7.0.6 for my iPad. Dinner at home with Patrick: leftover pot roast. Dessert: we baked two-chocolate-chunk cookies and had it with milk (Patrick) and hot chocolate with Frangelico (me). Followup message to Michael N and James J about FTS and SPS. Installed Thermodo's "companion app" on my iPhone 3GS running iOS 6.1.6 and tested it. Annoyed that it shows Celsius by default. There are five countries that use Fahrenheit. Couldn't one conditional in their code have provided a better experience? It said my bedroom was 85.9 degrees F. The Radio Shack digital thermometer I have had for years said it was 72 degrees F.

Tue Feb 25, 2014

Installed Thermodo's "companion app" on my 4th-gen iPad running iOS 7.0.6. Annoyed that I can't skip the identical introduction screens that I saw yesterday on my iPhone. Couldn't one button have provided a better experience? Tested it. It said the temperature was 74 degrees F. The Radio Shack digital thermometer I have had for years said it was 72 degrees F. Breakfast: oatmeal with raisins and unsweetened soy milk. Rode Muni to UCSF Parnassus. UCSF shuttle from Parnassus to Laurel Heights. Linkchecking, kiosk work. Lots of followup with trying to notify constituents about the Apple SSL/TLS bug, received an unsatisfactory workaround from Alex R in ITS, successfully sent a poorer-quality version of the message I intended to send, responded to a few questions about the problem. Began prepping an email to respond to feedback from Esteban's team, and this work consumed most of my day. Handled a small edit for Nadav in his lab site. UCSF shuttle from Laurel Heights to Mt. Zion. I serendipitously found and ate at Presidio Pizza Company, a new pizza restaurant at 1862 Divisadero. I had a veggie slice and a mixed green salad, about $10. My meal was delicious. The crust is a little softer on the bottom than I prefer but not disappointingly so. The interior is pleasant: white tile; vertical garden box; lighting made from rope, a pulley, and a railroad tie; and the world's largest pizza spatula. This is another of those places like Artesano where it's difficult to determine whether you're getting table service or counter service. I chose counter service because I wanted to sit in the sunny window, and I felt like a second-class citizen while observing others eating at tables. However, near the end of my meal a worker cleared my countertop and brought me my check. Weird and awkward. Doctor appointment. UCSF shuttle from Mt. Zion to Laurel Heights. Continued prepping an email to respond to feedback from Esteban's team. Tried to get an UberX ride, but the system was down. I tried other apps on my phone, avoiding those that had lengthy sign-up processes or delays lasting more than a few seconds on the startup screen (GroundLink) or those that displayed an error (Cabulous, "We are sorry but this version is no longer supported, please update it."). Of the apps I already had installed on my phone but never used, the one which seemed to have the shortest signup process was Summon, formerly InstantCab. From a desktop browser I quickly created a new email alias on my domain to use, then signed up from my phone and added my credit card. The whole process took about 10 minutes, and I had a ride within about another 10. Summon personal driver ride to the Mission. Dinner at Shotwell House with Danny, Romy, Drew, Phil, and Joel (of Hector and Joel): butternut-squash-and-ginger soup with garnishes of bacon and rosemary, boneless five-spice chicken breast, brussels sprouts with bacon, crispy rice. Rode UberX home.

Wed Feb 26, 2014

At home a lot of my mail rules stopped working since I updated my mail settings a few days ago to use a more-correct mail server than I had been using. I am planning to remove all my rules and recreate them anew. Installed Sidecar Ride and Lyft on my iPhone. Created new email aliases for these and GroundLink. Breakfast: a banana, 8 ounces of hot water. Rode UberX to the doctor. Learned that there was a miscommunication and my appointment is tomorrow instead of today. Walked to UCSF Mt. Zion. The wait for a shuttle was a long time, so I got a breakfast burrito with tortilla chips and water at El Burrito Express. UCSF shuttle from Mt. Zion to Laurel Heights. Continued prepping an email to respond to feedback from Esteban's team, and this work consumed most of my day. Responded to a request from Joe C about a small edit to the Walgreens story. Met with Rodney and walked him through creating pages for the IRC microsite. Helped Cindy retrieve a file. Filed pcard paperwork for La'Trece. Comm team meeting: prep for Friday's meeting with Joe G. During this meeting, I encountered an interesting behavior with Google Drive that I did not know about before. In a Google document, if you undo many commands then make a selection and then copy (e.g., Cmd+C or Ctrl+C), everything in your redo queue is thrown away. This was surprising to me because every other time I have done this in other (mostly desktop) applications, copy is not considered a command that alters the undo/redo history and I have been able to redo all of the undone commands while still holding the thing I had copied in my clipboard. I said at the time, "I will never trust Google Drive again," which is an exaggeration. I lost all the changes I had made and had to redo them, and in a small sense I am less trustful of Google Drive now. Not to mention that it still can't paste bulleted text copied from the same Google document in an expected manner. Susie gave me a ride home. We talked about photo consent forms and the television show called The Americans, which just started its second season tonight. Dinner at home with Patrick: I made a veggie burger with white cheddar cheese, we both had boiled spinach with boiled egg. Red wine for both. Dessert: I ate part of a large cookie from Monday. Configured my iPhone with Lyft and Sidecar. Patrick and I continued then finished watching Wadjda (2012) on Netflix DVD. We had started watching a few days ago and got through maybe an hour before pausing for several days, and now we were somewhat dreading the remainder. While watching this time I was hoping for an out-of-nowhere plot twist like a car chase or a sudden death or a murder or an earthquake. Patrick suggested aliens. Anything. (Someday, perhaps when a large collection of 20th century films are in the public domain, I predict that people will create film mashups with eccentric juxtapositions of this sort and that they will be received enthusiastically.) After watching, we were both surprised that it has 7.7 stars on IMDb because we did not enjoy it that much. The film is only 98 minutes but it seemed like 300 minutes because there are many scenes and parts of scenes that make you wonder why are they there. There are subplots that don't go anywhere. The denouement is not satisfying. The film claims to be the first feature-length film by a female Saudi director and the first feature-length film shot entirely in Saudi Arabia. It was for these groundbreaking reasons I was interested in it. I also found the cultural differences interesting, comical, and occasionally shocking. It has its merits in its pioneering qualities, and it's not unwatchable, but ultimately I was not particularly entertained or moved. Still, I admire the director and everyone else involved in the film for the courage to realize the film. Today I finished rereading via ebook in iBooks Karen McGrane's Content Strategy for Mobile, an excellent work. I started rereading via ebook in iBooks HTML5 for Web Designers by Jeremy Keith.

Thu Feb 27, 2014

Skipped breakfast due to blood draw. Rode UberX to a doctor appointment for lots of testing. Walked to Eliza's for lunch: vegetables with prawns and brown rice, orange wedges and fortune cookie for dessert. My fortune: You will soon find more adventure in life. Continued prepping an email to respond to feedback from Esteban's team, and this work consumed most of my day. UCSF shuttle from Laurel Heights to Parnassus. Rode Muni home. Dinner at home with Patrick: taco night, red wine. Dessert: one small piece of cherries in dark chocolate.

Fri Feb 28, 2014

Breakfast: part of an orange. (The other part was disappointingly uneatable; the flesh was unevenly formed, so part of it was juicy and part of it was dry and lacking supple structure.) Rode Muni to 9th and Judah. Walked to UCSF Parnassus. Along the way the southeast corner of 8th and Judah was completely flooded due to a clogged sewer drain following a recent rainstorm. I did not have time to report it to SF311. UCSF shuttle from Parnassus to Laurel Heights. Prepped for a meeting while waiting for the meeting to start. Meeting with Joe G, Susie, Eric, David J, Sue A, and Sharon Y: comm team progress check. Afterwards David drove Eric and me to UCSF Laurel Heights. Linkchecking, kiosk work. Eric and I implemented bulk image upload on dev, reviewed the image sizes problem on Residencies, and did some work on the funding section. Lunch at Pasta Pomodoro: free-refill lemonade; bread with green dipping sauce; minestrone soup; angel hair pasta lightly seasoned with olive oil and with baby tomatoes, baby kale, shaved pecorino, and a few other things I forgot: $21 after a generous tip. Continued prepping an email to respond to feedback from Esteban's team, and this work consumed at least half of my day. UCSF shuttle from Laurel Heights to Parnassus. Rode Muni home. While waiting for the 7:10 bus 66 at 9th and Judah to leave, the driver alighted, permitted customers to board, and smoked a cigarette beside the bus even though it's illegal to smoke at bus stops. The smoke drifted in the bus and lingered enough that I got a headache, so I alighted and stood nearby in fresher air, usually upwind of her, until she was ready to leave. I did not report her. Dinner at home: I was too tired to cook, but nonetheless I made mac and cheese from a box and threw in some sliced asparagus. Separately I made baked kale chips using LucyDelRey's recipe on allrecipes. I was lazy and didn't use the parchment paper even though I had it. Problems: excess oil pooled in one part of the pan (so I probably o'erdrizzled), the chips burned easily, and I o'ersalted them. I'm still not sure that the parchment paper is useful; there's only so much oil it can soak up in one spot. Next time: (a) try the parchment paper to see if makes much of a difference, (b) instead of drizzling olive oil on top, put it in a plastic bag and shake to coat, (c) use a really low temperature (maybe 200 degrees F?), (d) salt them very lightly or not at all, (e) try instead in the toaster oven if it will fit.