Chris and Nate visit; Museum of Craft and Design Grand Opening with Will; Amber and Eric's Housewarming; Matt and Jaime visit; Will leaves for Taichung; Drupalcon Portland; Neil and Neesha visit; Tina visits; Vancouver vacation with Tina and Patrick; Grandmother's memorial service; Visited Mom and Dad; California Adventure and Disneyland with Dad; Okeanos at Aquarium of the Bay with Patrick; Family Kite Day Festival, America's Cup, and eating adventures with the Honmas and Nancy; Chicago and New York vacation; Paul's birthday party at Pisco Lounge; Happy Together 2.0: Jeff and Thom Get Married (for Real); bought a Panasonic Lumix G6; Calistoga Weekend at Villa Palma; House of Air with Sean; Tina visits: Exploratorium, Ferry Building Marketplace; Matt S visits; Comm team holiday lunch at The Pelican Inn in Sausalito

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