March 2012

Summary: Carlo Marchiori's art show opening reception at Fort Mason Center, Birthday party for Matt W at Stallion at Rebel, Cloudforce, Visit Grandmother, DrupalCon, The Big Gay Train

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Thu Mar 1, 2012

For the first time I used the Zippo handwarmer that Chris and Nate got me for my birthday. The instructions said to use 2 fill cups but it overflowed before even the first cup was finished. I still tried filling it with 2 fill cups but ended up wasting a fair amount of fuel because it repeatedly overflowed. I let it sit for a few minutes then lit it over the stove because the woman at Zippo support I had on the phone a few weeks ago told me that it could take up to 30 seconds to ignite. Once lit, it only got mildly warm. After I got to work, I removed the catalytic burner unit with a potholder and the device successfully cooled after some time. The instructions say "once ignited there is no way to stop the heating action" but the woman at Zippo support told me you can carefully remove the catalytic burner unit, and it will cool. Will continue using it to get more experience with it. Rode Muni to work. Web team technical conference call with Chapter Three. Helped student MR with a question about listservs. Followup with Daliah about supp app closure. Calendar management. Web updates for Cindy: pharm sci schedule, reqs, and courses. Fast lunch from Subway: veggie delight sandwich. Kidney Project meeting with Shuvo R, Sara G, Susie, and Eric. Archived website data to portable hard drives. Restored an old, unused layout for strategic plan goals summary for Susie for review. UCSF lime shuttle to Mission Center Building. UCSF Drupal Users Group: Michael W gave a high-level overview of our web overhaul project. Patrick picked me up at MCB. We joined PDDR at Carlo Marchiori's art show opening reception at Fort Mason Center (where I met Tony) followed by dinner at Tia Margarita with Drew, Romy, Phil, and Patrick. (Danny went to class.) Home.

Fri Mar 2, 2012

Zippo handwarmer day 2. Just before igniting it this morning I worried that all the remaining fuel evaporated overnight, but it lit and stayed warm for my commute as I had hoped. Again successfully manually stopped it by removing the catalytic burner unit with a potholder. Light breakfast: yogurt, granola, cherry preserves. Rode Muni to work. Resolved a problem with the PID registration for Shirin. Office celebration for James F: for me one egg over easy (Sammie), fruit salad (cantaloupe and raspberries from Joel). I brought organic pop tarts. IRC budget planning meeting with Rodney and Michael W. Web edits for Susie: Grubbs's degrees. Followup with Michael W on IRC budget planning. Posted an announced updated schedules for Lucia. 1-on-1 with Eric. Answered a question about video storage and sharing for Jamie K. Web edits for Cindy: HSPR schedule. Web edits for Joel and Shirin: orientation. Web edits for Joel: entering students. Dinner at home with Patrick: wild fresh alaskan true cod fillets in thai curry sauce over steamed white jasmine rice with sides of kashmir spinach and channa masala, hot water. Listserv management. Late-night coding session: the spa website. Trying css3 columns then mostly abandoning it because breaks do not work reliably across browsers. Lots of other styling.

Sat Mar 3, 2012

Weeded Twitter followers. If you have fewer than 10 tweets or you haven't tweeted in the past year, you didn't make the cut. Weight training: wide-grip pull-ups. Helped Patrick find a Mac application to convert music files from one format to another. I found one called Switch that worked pretty easily. Worked on the spa website. Lunch at Sushi Raw with Patrick. Errands. Worked on the spa website. Nap. Dinner at home with Patrick: veggie burgers on khorasan wheat buns with cheddar, clover sprouts, green leaf lettuce, and mayo; hot water. Birthday party for Matt W at Stallion at Rebel. This was my first time to Stallion and Rebel and I liked the space and the music. Cesar met me there. After a bit we left to walk to Badlands to meet Tim and Will. Along the way we encountered Stephen F, and I said hello and we chatted for a bit. At Badlands we found Tim and Will, and I bought a round of drinks: tequila shot for Tim, gin and tonic for Cesar, long island for me. We danced some, but the dance floor was too crowded for me. Tim and Will left after a bit. Cesar and I went to Toad Hall where I encountered Andrew C. Tonight at Rebel and Badlands and in between I met or encountered matt jt brandon michael ryan brett cesar marcus tyler (with the camera) faith (with the red-polka-dotted dress and matching red accessories) mike p jeff stephen f (on bicycle) milton (23 with gray vest and black, skinny tie) claire (simi?) andrew c edward joel.

Sun Mar 4, 2012

Breakfast at home: 2 eggs scrambled with cheddar cheese on croissant, leftover nut muffin from Friday's office party, organic vegetable juice. Worked on the spa website. Lunch at home with Patrick: veggie stir fry with baby and adult bok choy, assorted mycopia gourmet mushrooms, black bean sauce; steamed white jasmine rice; hot water. Worked on the spa website. Drove to the Castro with my bike. Rode my bike around in the warm sun, stopping at Dolores Park for a bit, then later at Lookout. Met or encountered david n mike b karl jason shawn p corey james (aka CJ) big ben (from hawaii who also knows chris and nate and aaron and john) andrew c sneeper prakash ryan pachooey thom (friend of danny). Dinner at La Med with Patrick C, Andy, Scott, CJ, and Andrew C. Default Patrick joined us but did not eat. I had the vegetarian middle eastern plate.

Mon Mar 5, 2012

Woke up moments before this morning's earthquake. It felt mild to me. Breakfast: one sliced, organic bosc pear. Doctor appointment. Mid-breakfast at Cafe Venue: egg and vegetables breakfast burrito, large chai tea latte. Content strategy meeting with Chapter Three at their offices: PharmD subsite. Rode Muni to the Castro. Drinks at Badlands, chatted briefly with Jason P who was barbacking. Patrick met me there. Dinner at The Dancing Pig with Patrick, Danny, Drew, Romy, and Phil. Patrick drove us home.

Tue Mar 6, 2012

Yoga: standing warmup practice. Weight training: wide-grip door pull-ups. Breakfast at home: 2 hash browns, 2 eggs scrambled with Dorot cilantro, naan. Rode Muni to work. Listserv management. Computer requirements meeting with Rob S and John M. Web edits for Joel: entering students reg fee and change of schedule form. More listserv management. Redirected a listserv request from Olivier J in Jim Wells's lab. Lunch: Subway veggie delight sandwich. Grad pages edits for Cindy. Purchasing paperwork. Snack: pretzels. Supp app work in Drupal. Rode Muni home. Dinner at home with Patrick: various pasta shapes with grilled vegetables in marinara sauce with parmesan cheese and dinner roll with butter, hot water. Watched part of Sister Act on Netflix DVD with Patrick. Worked on the spa website.

Wed Mar 7, 2012

Breakfast at home: leftover pasta. Rode my bike to work. UCSF shuttle to Mission Bay. Lunch to go from Publico: fish burrito, horchata: about $11. 4-hour Drupal editor training for QBC and grad programs team. Snack: white cheddar cheesy puffs. UCSF shuttle to Parnassus. Rode my bike home. Dinner at home with Patrick: tofu and veggie stir fry over steamed white jasmine rice, hot water. Finished watching Sister Act on Netflix DVD with Patrick. Downloaded and installed the Fast Camera iPhone app on a recommendation from Andrew C.

Thu Mar 8, 2012

Breakfast at home: 2 navel oranges. Rode my bike to work. Posted an updated spring draft schedule for Lucia. Archived Google Docs to local zip file. Moved reg deadline 1 day later for PID Fresno for Shirin. Chapter Three: tech meeting. Meeting extension. Lunch at Pomelo with Michael (manila: pancit bihon - filipino style stir fried rice noodles tossed with sautéed prawns, chicken, chinese sausage and vegetables, with scallion and lemon), Eric (manila), and from Acquia Chris S (honolulu: saimin - dashi broth with somen noodles, barbequed pork, kamaboko fish cake, napa cabbage, hard-boiled egg, shiitake mushrooms, nori and scallions). I had ribolla: hearty vegetable and bread soup with black leaf kale, savoy cabbage, carrots, leek, zucchini, potatoes and cannellini beans, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and served with garlic crostini. Calendar management. Large Scale Drupal meeting with Chris S from Acquia. IT Services meeting. Linkchecking, Flickr work, kiosk work. Chatted with Ami J about emergency preparedness and Twitter. Rode my bike home. Dinner at home with Patrick: leftovers, hot water. Dessert: 2 each thin mint girl scout cookies. Did a tiny bit of work on the spa website. Late snack: popcorn from a saucepan.

Fri Mar 9, 2012

Recently I switched to using Chrome both at home and at work as my default browser. Both computers are old and so Firefox is slower than Chrome enough to make me switch, at least temporarily. Finding the Chrome way of doing things is troublesome. Recently I figured out how to make quick searches and how to open all tabs of bookmarks in a folder under the Bookmarks menu. Over the course of today I began having a bit of a cough. Rode Muni to work. Linkchecking, Flickr work, kiosk work. Made an edit to the course schedule change document for Joel to make it more compatible with non-Adobe PDF readers but less secure in that there's no protection against editing the original document, which shouldn't be much of an issue. Met with Cindy to review the proposed new site map for PharmD. Fast lunch: leftovers. UCSF shuttle to Mission Bay. IT Governance meeting. Kidney project content strategy with Shuvo R, Sara G, Eric D, and Susie L. We had some laptop connection problems at the start, so Susie sent me to her car to get her laptop. After the meeting ended, Eric went home and I took the UCSF shuttle to Parnassus. On the way I realized I forgot to return Susie's car key. UCSF shuttle to Mission Bay. Returned the key. UCSF shuttle to Parnassus. Dropped off my water bottle. Muni to Church Street. Met Will, Tim, and Chris at 24 Hour Fitness. We barhopped: Qbar, Toad Hall, Badlands. We met Jay at Badlands. Also met Choi and Robert. Later Chris and I helped Jay get home safely. Late meal at Curry Boyzz with Chris, Will, and Tim. Late snack: corn off the cob with salt from frozen.

Sat Mar 10, 2012

Installed the Salesforce Chatter iPhone application because we're starting to use Chatter as an internal social media network at UCSF. Started getting a bit of a cough yesterday, decided to take it easy today, missing Jeremy's party tonight at Residence. After breakfast this morning (2 hash browns, gourmet mushroom omelette with cheddar cheese) I napped for about 6 hours. Watched A Single Man (2009) on Netflix DVD with Patrick. I very much enjoyed this film. Installed Type-ahead-find for Chrome. Watched The Simpsons "At Long Last Leave" on Hulu with Patrick. Dessert: 2 each thin mint girl scout cookies.

Sun Mar 11, 2012

Stayed at home, sick with an infrequent cough. Chatted online with Nate, booked accommodations for Copenhagen. Worked on the spa website. Lunch: mac and cheese with tuna. Worked on the spa website. Snack: quesadilla. Dinner at home with Patrick: mostly organic salad with broccoli, grated carrot, cheddar cheese. Worked on the spa website. Late snack: corn off the cob from frozen.

Mon Mar 12, 2012

Stayed at home, sick with an infrequent cough. Breakfast at home: organic oatmeal with fresh, diced organic pink lady apple, california wild flower honey, cinnamon, organic unsweetened soy milk. Lunch: mung bean noodle soup with bok choy, carrot, garlic, and hard-boiled egg in vegetable broth; 2 girl scout thin mint cookies; hot water. Dinner at home with Patrick: veggie burgers, side salad, hot water. Watched Little Big Soldier (2010) on Netflix DVD with Patrick.

Tue Mar 13, 2012

Stayed at home, sick with an infrequent cough. Kept a conference call with Chapter Three, though, working through change requests for the PharmD site map with Eric H, Nica, and Garret. Lunch: Lunch: mung bean noodle soup with bok choy, garlic, cilantro, and egg in vegetable broth; hot water. All-you-can-eat buffet dinner with Phil, Drew, Danny, Romy at Kome in Daly City. So full!

Wed Mar 14, 2012

Rode Muni to work. Web tech planning meeting with Chapter Three. Chatted with Eric D. Lunch with Eric D at Crepevine: catfish poboy with homefries and side salad for Eric, salmon filet sandwich with fries and side salad for me. Coded the new Update from the Dean, sent it to Susie for review. Calendar management. Linkchecking, Flickr work, kiosk work. Rode Muni home. Dinner at home with Patrick: spinach ravioli with vegetables in alfredo sauce. Still sick with a cold all day today.

Thu Mar 15, 2012

Rode Muni to Powell Station. Starbucks: Plain bagel with cream cheese, water: $1.75. All-day conference: Cloudforce Social Enterprise Tour at Moscone West. Lunch with Eric D at Osha Thai. Our server's name was Freshy. Dinner at home with Patrick: delivery from Paxti's Pizza: veggie deep-dish pizza, butter leaf lettuce salad with bacon, hot water. Installed Draw Something Free iPhone app. Still sick with a cold all day today.

Fri Mar 16, 2012

Patrick drove me to SFO. United Airlines from SFO to SNA. Breakfast at Willow Creek Grill: 2 eggs scrambled, home fries, wheat toast, hot water: $10.70. United 703. Spent the day with Mom and Dad: dim sum at Capital Seafood, grocery shopping at H Mart. Nap. Dinner: Mom's cooking. Still sick with a cold all day today.

Sat Mar 17, 2012

Breakfast: organic granola with soy milk. Honmas arrive. We take family photos. Dex drove him and me to Henry and Rachel's. I met Truffle (or is it Truffles?) the dog. We ate some food then we all visited grandmother at the same time (per instructions received from Henry). Missing: Steven (in school in New York), Rachel (in L.A. running the marathon), Carol (unknown), Peter (unknown). Back to Henry's place. Dex drove him and me back to our parents' place. Still sick with a cold all day today.

Sun Mar 18, 2012

Tried to eat at Old Vine at The Camp, but it was too crowded. Brunch at Memphis with Alex, Jeanne, Angel, Jessica, Corinna, Anthony, Alison. Afterwards Jeanne, Jessica, and I stopped at South Coast Plaza for beverages at Coffee Bean via Jeanne's car. Then we met my sister's family at Scott's and Jessica rode back to Nor Cal with them. Jeanne drove me home and stayed for a bit chatting with my parents. She drove me to the airport. Southwest Airlines from SNA to SFO. Patrick picked me up. Dinner at home with Patrick: leftover spinach salad for me, leftover jambalaya and spinach salad for him, hot water. Watched Kung Fu Panda on Netflix DVD with Patrick. Did some UCSF work late. Still sick with a cold all day today.

Mon Mar 19, 2012

Patrick dropped me off at the airport. I had my favorite breakfast at one of the restaurants at the airport. United flight from SFO to DEN. Coincidentally Michael W was on my same flight, and I first saw him while boarding. We arrived in Denver for DrupalCon and met with Eric D, who flew in from OAK. SuperShuttle to the hotel, Hilton Garden Inn Denver Downtown. The SuperShuttle was pretty annoying because it stopped at a lot of other places before our hotel. I almost fell asleep because it took so long. Eric and I checked in. Michael was staying elsewhere nearby at Crowne Plaza. Eric and I walked to the Convention Center, registered, then browsed the Sponsor Fair. We said hello to Ann from Chapter Three who recognized us from our recent visits to their office. I encountered Chris Strahl from Acquia and said hello. Back to the hotel room to rest for moment and drop off stuff. Dinner at Yard House with Eric D. Back to the hotel. We visited the hotel's business center and using their desktop computers picked sessions for tomorrow. We met Jam, aka Jeffrey A. McGuire (@horncologne), who needed to print a document for his session. I let him interrupt my work, and he was successful. Sleep. Still sick with a cold all day today.

Tue Mar 20, 2012

In Denver for DrupalCon. Breakfast with Eric D at Pi Kitchen and Bar, the restaurant in our hotel. The breakfast buffet is about $16 if you have hot items, about $10 if you have the continental breakfast. Eric likes the Dazbog coffee. (Throughout the next 5 days I include the notes I took at some of the DrupalCon sessions and might not necessarily fully explain them all.) We attend Dries's keynote. Strengths: community. Weaknesses: (a) rudimentary authoring experience, (b) aging web dev framework, (c) small Drupal talent pool. D8 will embrace Symfony. Concentrate on 3 audiences: developers, site visitors, authors. More stuff is going in core to improve the out-of-the-box experience. I am still sick with a cold all day today, so I visit Walgreen's to get some new supplies: three boxes of ultra soft Kleenex tissues and more Mucinex, this time with DM. Walgreen's is only a few blocks away, so I walk it and although it's really cold I survive. Back to the convention center. David Needham (@davidneedham): Beginning Theming. Slides at . I took this session knowing that I already knew a lot of it, but it has been a long time since my theming training and a long time since I did any Drupal theming that I felt like I needed it for review. In addition to a refresh, I got a few things that were helpful. He mentioned the Style Guide module which I'm not yet using in any site. Another: Theme Developer module. The Theme Developer module is buggy, so don't leave it enabled all the time. Krumo collapses vars. eg, dsm($vars). On the screen David used Komodo Edit. Links: and . The theme key module enables you to specify a different theme for a specific page. Lunch in Hall A: veggie wrap, granny smith apple, water. I set up Chatter on my iPhone. Eric showed his Lensse camera stabilizer. Continued with afternoon sessions.—Johan Falk: Essential knowledge for Drupal beginners. I left this talk after only a few minutes because it was too basic for me.—Brad Haynes: The Design Revolution or The Creative Approach. Creativity is the process of having original ideas that add value. 4 areas that feed into the creative approach: (1) embracing failure, (2) storytelling, (3) designing everything, (4) design as a differentiator. (1) We should take risks and learn from our mistakes. (2) left brain versus right brain, divergent versus convergent thinking, Sir Ken Robinson: Changing Education Paradigms on YouTube, Nicholas Felton: information designer and cofounder of, a home for collecting and communicating your daily data. Facebook timeline: humanizing the web. Google, Arcade Fire: The Wilderness Downtown. Project re:brief: "advertising re-imagined" for the web. Coca Cola: The new ads: Hilltop: "I'd like to buy the world a Coke." Reimagining: people can buy a Coke for someone else around the world via mobile phone, custom text message accompanies delivery, Google Translate translates the text, vending machine takes video or photo of recipient. (3) designing everything: "Design is a visual form of storytelling." People need to understand your decisions, so be strategic in your thinking and communication. Career evolution in advertising: people maintain fewer and fewer skills the higher the rank on the corporate ladder. Principles of design: unity, emphasis, balance, proportion, contrast, movement, rhythm, variety, space. These principles of design can be applied to anything in business. (4) design as differentiator. Simple: a banking website: taken a step further. What's interesting is that Simple is in an industry that hasn't enjoyed much great design before. More examples: Nest thermometer, Path website (it's fun to use, a delightful experience). Integrate holistic design at the core of the product.—My review of Brad Haynes: The Design Revolution: I found very little value in this talk. It took him 13 minutes to communicate that we should take risks and learn from our mistakes. It took him a long time to state his points, and when they finally arrived, they weren't very enlightening. They're common sense (learn from your mistakes) or they might apply only in certain situations (not every design team needs the same number of visual designers as interaction designers). He chose some interesting examples, but I did not see a strong relationship between those examples and design. I plan to avoid talks by Brad Haynes in the future.—John Albin Wilkins: Rethinking responsive building techniques with Drupal. He's the maintainer of the Zen theme. "Mobile first" really kind of means "content first" which really kind of means "users first." Fields in Drupal 7 make this easier. Example of good responsive website: The Fences module enables you to provide semantics to fields. It keeps your code lean by leaving out unnecessary div wrappers. The Field Collection module works really well with Fences. If you build layouts with Chaos Tools, you can use them in either Panels or Display Suite. For responsive images, try the Adaptive Image (best solution right now) or Borealis (new as of this week) modules. Natural (specified by your content) versus unnatural (specified by devices in use today) breakpoints for screen size. Better to do natural than unnatural. See blog for details. Opera Mini browser share for mobile has increased dramatically over the years. (But he doesn't compare this data to iPhone or Android, so it's hard to see the relative growth.) For mobile testing, use the Opera Mini Simulator (web-based), the Opera Mobile Emulator (desktop-based), the iPhone and iPad Simulators (for OS X, included with XCode 4 in the Mac app store), and the Android Emulator. Sass, Various responsive layout techniques. Compass (included in Sass?) enables you to forget about things like vendor-specific prefixes.—mortendk. Nathan Haug: Webform 3. slides at his quicksketch site. I think I took a nap. John K, Eric D, and I took a cab to the Drupal party at City Hall. I hadn't eaten, so I had an emergency dinner next door: philly steak sandwich, sun chips, sweetened tea. Cab back to Hilton Garden Inn.

Wed Mar 21, 2012

In Denver for DrupalCon. Fast breakfast in my room: leftovers from Yard House. Panels. Lunch: half of a portobella wrap, side salad, sprite. higher ed. acquia. peter giersch? marilyn from UC Boulder. drupal 8 meets symfony 2. open academy: panoply. new features (apps) coming. enterprise drupal gardens. chris brookins. faster mobile sites. flexslider = presentations on mobile. drupalize your data. omh. snack: half of yesterday's brownie from tuesday's lunch. yard house, robert owen john k ed m michael w eric d. installed Qrafter because I realized only today I didn't have a QR reader. Still sick with a cold all day today.

Thu Mar 22, 2012

In Denver for DrupalCon. Breakfast at Pi Kitchen and Bar with Eric D. Keynote speaker: Luke Wroblewski (aka Luke W). Mobile is the high-volume endpoint of 3 concurrent trends. Content is the UI. Recognizr: facial recognition. Live translation app. Drush 5 to be released today. shell aliases: drushrc.php. usage tracking: off by default, can aggregate locally instead of MongoLab. drush make. drush 5 now has autocomplete. it has its own built-in web server. qd = quick drupal. queue features. multisite: site-set, site-reset. tapping into power of user narratives, michael keara: narratives, roles, idioms. 3 ux fundamentals: (a) avoid suffering, (b) usage context, (c) who is the user? and what are their tasks? role-oriented design: show exactly the right tools at the right time, nothing missing, nothing in excess. string theory. he says user strings should adapt to users. he argues that just like embedded scripts and embedded styles strings should not be embedded. user narratives module. "my role is" vs. "i am a". Closing session. Bath, dinner in room: leftovers + leftover brownie from tuesday's lunch, nap. Taxi driver jorge gave me a lift to Tracks. Met johnny josh jacob rhea ian. Taxi back to the hotel. Still sick with a cold all day today.

Fri Mar 23, 2012

In Denver for DrupalCon. Breakfast buffet in the hotel by myself. SuperShuttle from the hotel to the airport. The cost of transportation from downtown Denver to DEN is about $23 for supershuttle, $51 for a cab, and $60 for a towncar. United flight from DEN to SFO. Patrick picked me up in Deliverator. Nap. Light dinner with Patrick: small salad for me, large salad for Patrick. Barhopping with Tim and Will: QBar, Badlands. Encountered Shawn P, Lil Paul. After Tim and Will took off, Patrick and I thought about going to Boy Bar but decided at the last minute to not go; Patrick's allergies were making him feel not well. Home. Still have my cold but starting to feel better.

Sat Mar 24, 2012

Patrick's opinion of the ultra soft Kleenex facial tissues I bought: "That's not ultra soft. That's more like mega soft." Breakfast: organic oatmeal with fresh, diced organic granny smith apple, California sage honey, soy milk. Nap. Lunch: organic mushroom ravioli in frankenstein sauce—part leftover four-cheese and part fresh homemade sauce with mushrooms and spices. Web work for Drew. Caught up on email, paid bills, made travel arrangements for Portland in June. Installed the Word Lens iPhone app. Unpacked. Dinner at home with Patrick: kale soup with carrots and celery. Dessert: pear-ginger sorbet with a Jules Destrooper waffle cookie. Nap. Dancing at Shangri La at End Up with Tim and Will. Got there right at 10 when it opened. Shawn P played from 10 to 12. Then Big Kid from 12 to 4. Empress Tiger Lily performed, introduced by Singa Dione, but I was in the back and too short and didn't see anything. There was also a birthday celebration for David S. I stopped by and had a tasty mini Macke's cupcake with him and Emery and gogo boys. Met or encountered willum, sammy, gil, jorge, ernie, jordan, jon jong, paul, dennis, samuel, david, andrew, ric, dale, steve d, danny dan, papasan, emery, gino, aaron f, antuan, and many others. Late meal with Sammy at Mel's Diner. Still have my cold but starting to feel better.

Sun Mar 25, 2012

Reviewed my DrupalCon notes and began updating my journal. After seeing David Needham use Komodo Edit in his session, I had to look up why I tried and abandoned it in January 2010, so I did. Today I learned the acronym QUILTBAG. Organized stuff. Nap. Prepared to file taxes. Dinner at home with Patrick: veggie burgers with skinny fries. I also had some leftover soup. Cold almost all gone, still some congestion in the chest.

Mon Mar 26, 2012

Breakfast at home: organic oatmeal with raisins, cinnamon, California sage honey, organic soy milk. Rode my bike to work. Followup on a wireless issue with Sean S and Bill M. Calendar management. Unpacked and set up the new carrying case for the shared office laptop. Responded to a fraud inquiry from the credit card company. Followup with CPFM to ensure that I'm on the mailing list for Medical Sciences building announcements. IRC budget planning meeting with Rodney and Michael. Drafted an announcement for users of S-936 to alert them to the change in wireless access point connection. Calendar management. Followup with Garret V about a small sitemap/wireframes question. Lunch by myself at Perilla: veggie noodle soup with tofu, hot water, $10 after tip. Linkchecking, Flickr work, kiosk work. Preview session edit for Shirin. Updated the /go/wireless page. Typeset the S-936 wireless announcement in InDesign for Joe C and sent him a PDF. Followup with Eric D about SSL. Spent all day also performing maintenance on the silver shared office laptop: lots of updates, updated the document that described how to connect it to an external display. Shopped for new monitors for Joel. Rode my bike home. Dinner at home with Patrick: true cod grilled with herbs de provence, steamed asparagus. I also had a side of mashed potatoes from a box. Hot water. Did a small bit of work on the spa website. Washed dishes. Cold almost all gone, still some congestion in the chest.

Tue Mar 27, 2012

Breakfast at home: organic oatmeal with fresh diced honeycrisp apple, cinnamon, California sage honey, organic soy milk. Rode Muni to work. Linkchecking, Flickr work, kiosk work. News stories spreadsheet work for Susie. SCWG meeting. Submitted an email account request for Cindy. Filed pcard paperwork. Today Eric and I learned that Michael W won a MacBook Pro at DrupalCon! Responded to a question about schedules from student KJ. Picked up lunch to go from Panda Express. Web team lunch meeting. My fortune: You are a person of imaginative yet honest intentions. Began work on son of content inventory. Patrick picked me up in Deliverator. Dinner at Gracias Madre with Patrick. Cold almost all gone, still some congestion in the chest.

Wed Mar 28, 2012

Yoga: standing warmup practice. Breakfast at home: organic oatmeal with fresh diced honeycrisp apple, cinnamon, California sage honey, organic soy milk. Picked up Susie in Deliverator. All-day Marketo training with Susie L, Eric D, Michael W, and Luis T. Snack: bagel with cream cheese. Lunch provided by Marketo: turkey sandwich, potato chips, cookie, water. Drove Susie home. Home. Snack: leftover kale soup. Drove to the Castro. Encountered Danny Dan and Jordan emerging from Blackbird, chatted with them a few minutes. They were on their way to see Aziatix at Cafe du Nord. Met Jethro briefly. Birthday dinner at Jasmine Garden with Tim, Will, Mauni, Leona, Chris E, Ray L. Home. Weight training: wide-grip and normal door pull-ups. Cold almost all gone, still some congestion in the chest.

Thu Mar 29, 2012

Yoga: standing warmup practice. Picked up Susie in Deliverator. All-day Marketo training with Susie L, Eric D, Michael W, and Luis T. Breakfast at Marketo: bagel with cream cheese, fresh cut fruit, bran muffin, hot water. Lunch at Marketo: salad with vinaigretted, cheesy polenta, roasted mushrooms with onions. Drove Susie home. Dinner at home with Patrick: cheese tortellini in marinara sauce with fresh mushrooms and organic tomato and broccoli, hot water. Dessert: thin mint girl scout cookies. Cold almost all gone, still some congestion in the chest.

Fri Mar 30, 2012

UCSF holiday. Breakfast at home: organic oatmeal and Bob's Red Mill oat bran with fresh diced apple of unknown variety, cinnamon, California sage honey, vanilla soy milk. House chores: 2 loads of laundry, ironing, redressed the bed, prepared my outfit for tomorrow's event. Lunch at home: leftover kale soup, a few cinnamon graham crackers, water. Reviewed DrupalCon session videos, caught up a bit on journaling. Small meal: leftover tortellini, hash browns, water. Nap. Cut my hair, showered. Reviewed DrupalCon session videos, caught up a bit on journaling. Dinner at home with Patrick: tuna (from a can) and cheese with frankenstein pasta (ziti, orechiette, spinach penne); pinot grigio. Prepared tax documents. Had to figure out how we do taxes again. I had forgotten, and last year was particularly complicated, filing 3 returns and 7 amended returns. It took a long time, but we figured it out, piecing it together from previous returns and my journal notes from last year. Watched The Simpsons "Exit Through the Kwik-E-Mart" on Hulu with Patrick. This was a very funny episode. We both liked the end credits a cappella Simpsons Theme by Nick McCaig. Cold almost all gone, still some congestion in the chest.

Sat Mar 31, 2012

Breakfast at home with Patrick: soyrizo, mushroom scramble, hash browns, dinner roll, hot water. Patrick drove us to Napa. Lunch at Oxbow Public Market: salmon-spinach crepe from La Crepe!, bignes from Ca' Momi. Checked in at The Chablis Inn. Shared a taxi with Andy, Scott, Ray, Emery, Patrick. Another taxi arrived for James K and Kenneth L, who surprised us all with their arrival. Champagne reception at the train station. Checked in, then boarded The Big Gay Train, an LGBT event in which you have an elegant dinner with wine pairings aboard a train that travels about 10 miles per hour for (I think it was) 4 miles then returns. We had a great time. The service and food were excellent. Our party was seated together as promised. We sat in the Vista Dome Car, which was well worth the slightly extra expense over the regular cars. We boarded near dusk, so there wasn't much to see, and on top of that it started raining as the train left the station. In addition to the meal, we viewed the kitchen from giant windows and also enjoyed a drink and chat with other guests in a bar/lounge car. Afterwards we spent about an hour at the afterparty at the Hilton across the street from the train station. Then we shared what we thought was a taxi back to our hotel. Instead of a taxi it turned out to be the Hilton's free shuttle—score! Some of us spent some time in the hotel's hot tub. A fine evening. Today I met or encountered mauricio, scott (aussie), phillip, ben, george, matthew jr (from alabama), matthew sr, larry, michael (aka miguel). Cold almost all gone, still some congestion in the chest.