Sunday, October 30, 2011

Breakfast at home: mostly organic almond pancakes, hot water. Laundry. Jeremy from Bluehost responded to my question from yesterday. "In the last week our admins have had to perform some investigations on the box to repair some minor issues, but they have that straightened out as of now. Our network uptime has still been within the advertised 99.9%, though individual servers can experience downtime when things affect the boxes, or the admins have to perform work on them, which is, sadly, probably what you were feeling. We're grateful for your patience while those things are taken care of as quickly as they can be. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns." Thought about closing my Loopt account but decided not to. Asked a question about item CP1500PFCLCD of CyberPower Systems via their website. Lunch at home with Patrick: persimmon bisque, rustic multigrain bread with melted cheddar cheese, hot water. Dessert: small pieces of almonds and sea salt in dark chocolate. Pet Pride Day 2011 at Sharon Meadow in Golden Gate Park with Patrick. This sounds like it's an LGBT event but it's not. Mostly dogs. Rode the Carousel. Patrick rode the ostrich. I rode the horse next to him. Snack: salty pretzel, churro, 2 vitamin waters. Sunbathed in Golden Gate Park. Drinks at Lookout. On the way we encountered Eli and met his friend Rick at Marcello's. Encountered Ben L, Hao, Adam, Rich. DJ Robbie Martin spinning a mix of current and early 90's with a dash of modernized 80's. Patrick said hello to Robbie. Snack at La Fajita Grill: fish taco. Watched Jet Li's Fearless (unrated version) on Netflix DVD with Patrick. Late meal: tuna mac and cheese.