Saturday, October 29, 2011

Slept in. Breakfast: rustic multigrain bread with lemon-cilantro hummus, 12 ounces of vegetable juice. House chores: vacuuming, dusting, carpet cleaning, laundry. Weight training: door pull ups throughout the day. Archived tax documents. The IRS has finally begun sending me multiple tax refunds due to memorandum 201021050. Those hours I spent 6 months ago preparing all the modified returns is finally literally paying off. Sent the following inquiry to Bluehost: "In about the past 2 weeks I've been seeing more downtime than usual for my Bluehost sites. I use an outside monitoring service. Do you have anything you can tell me about service and uptime in general in the past 2 weeks? I just want to get a feel for what's going on. Thanks!" Power outage occurred while I was vacuuming, so I thought the circuit breaker had tripped. I went to check it and the panel looked normal. It took me a few minutes to figure out that power to our entire block was out. Key indicator: the SmartPanel display on the electric meter was blank. The power returned after about 30 minutes. Rinsed the car. Sunbathed for about an hour. Snacks: one fortune cookie, some Wonka grape-flavored candy, one orange (Italian?) hard candy. My fortune: Remember to share good fortune with friends. Dinner at home with Patrick: garden burger for me; Fresh and Easy mini dim sum from frozen for Patrick and me; hot water. The mini dim sum was just okay. We would not get it again.