Friday, October 28, 2011

Breakfast: organic lowfat european-style yogurt with blueberry-apple granola and fresh, diced bartlett pear; 12 ounces of vegetable juice. Rode my bike to work. Gave Lisa a spare wired mouse I had at home because she needed it. Responded to an emergency request from Sue for Mary Anne for a white coat ceremony photo. QBC work in Drupal all day: lots of styling and caretaking of the to do list. Supp app project work in Drupal for Joel. Notified the web team of editing errors for their social media guidelines pages. Notified students of the 4-MB attachment filesize limit for sending to listserv mailing lists and the 25-MB attachment filesize limit for sending to individuals. Also notified them that formatted text is not guaranteed to work when sending to listserv mailing lists but that if you use recent versions of Microsoft Outlook with the right settings you can get it to work. Calendar management. Responded to another image request from Sue. Responded to a question from Daliah about applicants who paid but never submitted. Reviewed the social media guidelines from University Relations, sent a request for more details. Edited a photo and uploaded it to The Archive. Posted a new news story for Susie. Late lunch from Palio: caprese half sandwich, pasta salad, bottled water that I brought with me. More QBC work. Followup with campus housing about wireless printing. Archived documents. Worked very late. Linkchecking, Flickr work, kiosk work. Rode my bike home.