Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Yoga: standing warmup practice. Weight training: advanced hip extension. Tennis ball massage. Rode Muni to work. Breakfast burrito from Carmelina's. Linkchecking, Flickr work, kiosk work. Followup with student TM about web hosting resources. Supp app project work in Drupal: answered a question about refunds for Sarah. Management activities. Helped student JW with a question about the spam firewall. Listserv management. Resolved a character translation problem with the job postings form for Lisa. Reviewed a proposed affiliation style for Susie and David. Checked in with Erin H to see if she has some new kiosk slides she can share. Looked up today how to pronounce Dries Buytaert. My best approximation: dreez boytaert. Management activities. Followup with many about an accidental closure of an account for a student. Initial review form PDF for Joel. QBC work in Drupal. Supp app project work in Drupal. Initial review form PDF for Joel. Computer maintenance for my computer in Windows XP. Rode my bike home.