Thursday, October 13, 2011

Breakfast: granny smith apple with organic lowfat yogurt. Rode my bike to work. Supp app project work in Drupal for Daliah. Shuttle to Mission Bay. QBC content review meeting. Lunch with Susie and Eric at Peasant Pies. I had a moroccan something with vegetable barley soup. More QBC work. Shuttle from Mission Bay to Parnassus. Followup with Cindy about an email problem (picasso). Followup with Cindy and student NB about sending rich text messages to listservs. (ITS says it's not supported even though it works in some cases.) Answered a question from a prospective student for Lisa C. Snack: 2 veggie spring rolls to go. Rode Muni to Duboce Park, walked to Peet's to meet Patrick. Dinner at Blue with Patrick: rock shrimp mac and cheese and arnold palmer for him, tuna casserole with ritz cracker crumble and water for me. Rode Muni home. Worked until very late (1:45 AM) on UCSF work: management activities.