Thursday, October 6, 2011

Breakfast at home: hash browns, omelet with parsley, english muffin with butter. Rode Muni to work. Linkchecking, Flickr work, kiosk work. Followup with SCWG about the postponement of forthcoming changes to UCSFwpa. Lots of QBC all day: mostly copy and some styling. Lunch: leftover salad. Web edit for Cindy: pathway declarations. Followup with Susie about QBC content. Followup with Lisa C about the BTS website (an access request). Chatted with applicant PN about a payment that is in the system unsettled. Redirected an announcement request from Misty L to Susie. Listserv management. Today someone from facilities changed all the light bulbs in our hallway. Previously we had a warm temperature bulb, and now it's a much cooler temperature. Every time I open my door now, I think, "Wake up!" Rode Muni to Duboce Park. Walked to my optometrist, picked up some colored contact lenses. Dinner at Zadin with Patrick: fish spring rolls; fried pad thai noodles with shrimp, tofu, and vegetables; mint tea for Patrick, jasmine tea for me. More Recharge mockup work: logo and textures. Purchased a flight for a forthcoming vacation. Late meal: leftover tofu korma.