Sunday, October 2, 2011

Grocery shopping at Fresh & Easy in the Richmond. It was our first time shopping at this store. Late breakfast in the Fresh & Easy parking lot: spicy california roll, egg salad sandwich, fruit drinks. Home. Researched bike repair shops. The closest one I could find that was open and didn't have a busy signal and could fix my flat was Valencia Cyclery, so we drove there and got the flat fixed and my gear shifting checked in about 15 minutes. Afterwards we walked the Castro Street Fair, stopping at Trigger for a drink special—2 for 1 of anything on the rocks (we got margaritas, $7 for 2). A cover band played the (main?) stage, and they were really good. We also watched Cheer SF perform, and I donated some money to them. Lunch at Starbelly with Patrick: salad with arugula, roasted almonds, endive, heirloom apple; pizza with butternut squash, humboldt fog, sage, pumpkin seeds. It got cold so we returned to the car and drove home. Nap for me. Dinner at home with Patrick: grilled salmon in provencale sauce, mashed potatoes, rosemary buns with butter, hot water. Dessert: 1 peanut butter cookie each.