November 2010

Summary: Dinner with Patrick at Blue Plate, Third Rock from the Sun groom shower for Eric, Bought a Dahon Curve SL bicycle, Eric and Amber get married in Oakland, Games of Nonchalance with Matt W and Hao, Beach Blanket Babylon for Chris's birthday, Thanksgiving feast at Quyen, Dave, and Dong-yi's, Sleepover with the Honmas, Farewell toast for Chris and Nate

Dates on this page

Mon Nov 1, 2010

Advanced one-legged push ups. Breakfast at home: organic nonfat yogurt, 1 tablespoon of Mad River Farm huckleberry preserves, apple-blueberry granola, one large fresh, diced fuji apple. To work. Linkchecking. Archived website data to portable hard drives. Set up new BTS accounts for Chris W, alerted users to a forthcoming Python upgrade. Corrected an application deadline message timing problem reported by Lisa. Kiosk maintenance. Notified students about the Sophos 4 to 7 required upgrade. Lunch: butter leaf lettuce salad with grated carrot, organic heirloom tomato, lite blue cheese dressing. Helped Sue and Kim with tech support for a meeting in the dean's conference room. Made a small news correction—a misspelled name. Stayed late working on online payments for PID. I'm abandoning jqGrid because I couldn't get it to work and no one answered the question I posted in the forum. Instead I found Sencha aka Ext JS which is sexier and seems to have better tutorials. Installed Xmarks for Safari. I didn't do this before because I didn't know about this until a few weeks ago. Seems like a no-brainer. Advanced one-legged push ups. Watched Charade (1963) on Netflix DVD while jogging in place for part of the time. Snack: organic microwave popcorn, one caramel toffee chew.

Tue Nov 2, 2010

Weight training: advanced bridge. Breakfast at home: organic nonfat yogurt, 1 tablespoon of Mad River Farm huckleberry preserves, apple-blueberry granola, one large fresh, diced fuji apple. To work. Ran into Mitra at the elevators, said hello briefly. The admissions application deadline was last night so today I updated our PDF forms to say SAMPLE ONLY. Linkchecking. Timesheet activities. Student email address and preferred first name change followup. Installed Adobe updates. Chatted briefly with student TT. Lunch: leftover celery risotto. Rode the shuttle to Laurel Heights, chatted with Sarah P. We watched David H ride over on his bicycle. Communicators meeting with Sarah P, Erik W, David H, Beth B. Shuttle back to Parnassus. Snack: small taco from Carmelina's, Starbucks doubleshot vanilla from The University Store. Stayed late. Spent nearly all day working on my Sencha code for online PID payments working more the way I need after many frustrating hours. Computer maintenance and troubleshooting for Lucia, Cindy, Lisa, and Shirin, mostly dvd drive troubleshooting. Some shopping. Late dinner with William at Thai Chef: fresh spring rolls, garlic pepper shrimp, panang curry chicken, jasmine rice, ginger rice, tofu basil. Our server according to our receipt was MANEEVORN. We ordered the garlic pepper shrimp mild but it was still spicier than I would have liked, so I ordered the tofu basil mild and it too was spicier than I would have liked. We were told that the chef was unable to make some of the dishes spicy and a little spicy was okay, right? $45.28 before tip. Drove him home. I realize many days after this that they forgot to charge us for 2 thai iced teas.

Wed Nov 3, 2010

To work. When I walked into Moffitt Cafe it smelled of burnt toast—the toaster in the hot breakfast line was smoking and the smell was so strong I gave up eating there. Got a breakfast burrito at Carmelina's instead. Updated current students news: daylight saving time. Listserv management. Reminded BTS and CP about broken links. Helped Dick S resolve a problem with a web page—just missing some TR elements. Reminded PC about setting up a hidden spiderable index. Responded to a request from Lisa M about robots.txt. Minor update for Lisa to correct a small error on the grad fair form. Submitted an AD display name change request to ITS for student TT. More Sencha work. Ordered replacement dvd drives. Undid admissions form changes temporarily for Joel. More followup with Lisa M and Chris W. Shuttle to Laurel Heights to meet Susie and Eric. Susie drove us to Berkeley for a web editing workshop by Karen S. We had dinner before at Cafe Intermezzo which was very poorly maintained—uncleaned tables, food scraps all over the floor, a huge mess. The food was tasty and served in overly large portions.

Thu Nov 4, 2010

Breakfast from the cafeteria: scrambled eggs, hash browns, wheat toast. Linkchecking, kiosk work. Followup with Chris W about account info. Tried hooking up a microphone to my Mac Pro then realized that it's line in only—I need to buy a USB microphone instead. Followup with Lisa M about robots.txt. Domain maintenance with Eric. Lunch from the cafeteria: mushroom enchilada, mexican rice, corn off the cob. More Sencha work. 1-on-1 with Eric: we looked at the Sencha work a bit but didn't get much done. More Sencha work on my own. Dinner at home with William: mushroom risotto, stir-fried baby bok choy. We watched Total Recall on Netflix DVD. William stayed over; too late and too tired to go home.

Fri Nov 5, 2010

Breakfast at M's Cafe. Linkchecking, kiosk work. More Chris W followup. Helped student MY with a question about accounts. Submitted a DNS change so that we can get rid of bps as a virtual site and change it to simply forward. Sent Susie a summary of the kidney project domain recommendation. Small web update for Shirin: PID and The Grand. Communicators followup. Ordered 3 copies of Garner's Modern American Usage. Left a voicemail for Michael K. More Sencha work. Helped student WJ download Sophos for Mac. Followup with La'Trece about my stalled pcard order of replacement DVD drives. Followup with Valerie about my stalled BAA request. Late lunch: veggie egg rolls and chow mein panda bowl from Panda Express. My fortune: Your clever mind will lead you to many rewards. Kiosk management. Third Rock from the Sun surprise groom shower for Eric. Dinner at home: leftover mushroom risotto, grilled onions, bell peppers, and shredded carrot. Today's forecast was 75 degrees but it turned out to be only 63.

Sat Nov 6, 2010

Cleaned out the freezer throwing out really old items. Breakfast at home: TJ's vegetable gyoza with dipping sauce. Reset the guest wireless network name and password. Shopped online, shredded old receipts. Lunch at home: TJ's roasted vegetable enchiladas, water. Chatted briefly with Tim who came over to look at a small termite problem. Snack: some cinnamon honey almonds, TJ's seaweed snack, TJ's rice cakes. Said hello and chatted briefly with Ian. Cut my hair, showered. Grocery shopping at Safeway. When I was returning to my groceries-laden car after returning the empty shopping cart I happened to witness the woman of the neighboring car inspecting my car's passenger door after having accidentally hit it with her car's driver-side door. She gave a sincere reply, and after a quick look (it wasn't bad) I waved her off with, "Don't worry about it." My car has so many small dents and marks it's not worth it to worry or get upset. She actually said, "I'm sure it will buff out," and I later thought that was funny. Snack: tortilla chips with raita, bagel with cream cheese. Made roasted almonds sweet potato from allrecipes. It came out perfectly but it was a lot of work for only 4 portions. Nap. Dancing at Club Bangkok at The Stud, DJ Shawn P spinning. Encountered Emery. Met Paul, Wendell, Gary, James from UCOP, Steven. Drove to the Castro but everything was closing or had closed by 2 AM. Orphan Andy's was packed with a long line. Meal at home: veggie omelet with organic heirloom tomato, grated 2% sharp yellow cheddar, yellow and orange bell pepper, chives; 3 hash browns. To bed.

Sun Nov 7, 2010

Breakfast at home: bagel with cream cheese, leftover portion of last night's veggie omelette. Rain today. Upgraded Name Mangler. I can't remember if I've paid for this app or not and there's nothing in the interface that helps me figure that out. I guess I'll just wait until it begs me for money coz I don't want to pay twice if I don't have to. I use it very rarely and when I do it's always helpful. Organized some photos. Made microwave scalloped potatoes from a bad recipe I found on YouTube. It came out awful because I misunderstood that you're not supposed to continue layering with milk—only put the milk at the beginning, the microwave can't cook deeper in the layers using the 10 minutes on high cooking time they suggested, the cheese was ruined by the cooking, and I added slightly too much black pepper. Took the remains and baked it in the regular oven to fix it—success. Organized photos. Wrapped a gift. Snack: cinnamon honey almonds. Nap. Lookout. Met William at Cafe Flore. Dinner with William at Thailand Restaurant.

Mon Nov 8, 2010

Breakfast at home: organic nonfat yogurt with fresh diced organic pear, City Bees McLaren Park honey, cinnamon. 1-on-1 with Eric: domain forwarding; installs for Python, mod_wsgi, and Django for Chris W; The Archive hasn't been working correctly lately, so we spent some time troubleshooting it. Sent a message to the websteering list and never received the confirmation request but was told by ITS that listserv is having problems. Snack: wheat thin crackers. Lunch at desk: two small meals of leftovers, one at around 11:00 and the other at around 3:00. Finished setting up the kidney project website for Susie and Shuvo. Followup with my pcard order. Minor web update: transcript request form for Cindy and Doug. More Sencha work. I somehow got the datepicker working correctly. Before the datepicker window was sized incorrectly and took up an extremely large width. I installed new files for Ext JS and that fixed it—something to do with the wrong version of Ext JS? Thought about going to Testarossa but instead went to bed early.

Tue Nov 9, 2010

Breakfast at home: mostly organic oatmeal with fresh diced fuji apple, City Bees McLaren Park honey, cinnamon, nonfat milk. To work. SCWG meeting. ITS notified me that there was a problem with listserv delivering messages, gave no ETA for a fix. This problem was not reported in email or on the service alerts page. I manually alerted my staff and the student who reported the problem. Created an RFO for replacement dvd drives for Cindy and Lucia. Forgot that RFOs need to go to Lisa rather than Lucia. Calendar management. Began org chart work. Lunch: leftovers. Snack: organic yellow corn tortilla chips. Our org charts for all of 2009 were completely revised due to information that we did not receive until now. Created 3 org charts for 2010. Susie reviewed and okayed, I pushed them all live. Lots of followup with ITS about unresolved tickets from weeks ago: email address change for student MMK, GAL profile dirty data for student NB, logins visible in the GAL for a student. Duplicated 2 dvds for Cindy. Sent web books to Susie in interoffice mail. Dinner at Crepevine because bus 66 probably has a driver who has been ill yesterday and today. When that happens, they simply don't run the 2nd bus on the route, so if you miss the bus it's 40 minutes until the next one. This is too long of a wait for me, and alternate routes take the same amount of time, so I just have dinner around 9th and Judah. Unfortunately, I usually can't order and finish within 40 minutes, so the whole deal takes me 80 minutes before I'm home with dinner in my stomach. Fettuccine with spinach and salmon, garlic bread, water. I thought about going dancing tonight at The Cafe (90s and Top 40) but decided against it because I wanted to be well rested for tomorrow.

Wed Nov 10, 2010

Telecommute day. Checked in on my feedback for MyAccess 2.0. Documented problems receiving confirmation requests from listserv—it has happened on October 4, October 11, and November 8. Comm videoconference edits for Lynn. Followup with Mark B about GAL profile dirty data for student NB. Answered a question about Thinkpoint threat for student VN. Created comm fonts, sent it to David K for review. Pulled out my Font Folio disc for Mac and figured out what I needed to for using those old Type 1 fonts in OS X. I thought I had done this a long time ago but realized now that I had done it for Windows only. Found OpenType correspondents to the Type 1 versions I knew of Bodoni and Helv Neue, the official UCSF typefaces. Adobe online chat was again no help—they referred me to the 800 number but I figured it out on my own. Snack: organic yellow corn tortilla chips. Lunch: leftover rosemary scalloped pototoes. Set up Outlook 2011 with UCSF Exchange—only 3 screens, no problems, pretty easy. Began creating setup instructions for Outlook 2011. Created secure instructions for people at work on how to access my logins and passwords in case anything happens to me. Dinner with Patrick at Blue Plate: butternut squash soup; star route beet salad shaved celery, laura chenel goat cheese, marcona almond granola; house made tagliatelle wild baby arugula, chanterelle mushrooms, pine nuts; macaroni and drunken spanish goat cheese. Patrick had a glass of wine, I had water. Dessert: ginger pumpkin pie. Dancing in the Castro: Badlands (pop and hiphop, mostly divas), Trigger (DJ Drewbad, mashups). Encountered Rob P and Sergio. Met doorman Ken, Lucio, Micah originally from LA, Preston, Kent, that tattoo guy, Alain. Home. Early breakfast: 2-egg organic omelette with yellow and orange bell peppers, fresh rosemary, sharp yellow cheddar; hash browns; toast with spreadable butter.

Thu Nov 11, 2010

Slept in. Holiday. Brunch: leftover linguine with spinach and salmon. Walked around Stow Lake and to the top of Strawberry Hill in Golden Gate Park, taking a few photos. Snack: organic yellow corn tortilla chips, water. Shopping at Cole Hardware. House chores: trash management. Dinner at home: butter leaf lettuce salad with radicchio, grated carrot, sliced mushroom and orange and yellow bell pepper, lowfat parmesan ranch dressing. Late meal: leftover linguine with spinach and salmon, 2 slices of toast with spreadable butter, some cinnamon honey almonds, water.

Fri Nov 12, 2010

Breakfast at home: oatmeal with fresh diced organic pear, City Bees McLaren Park honey, cinnamon, nonfat milk. Bus 66 driver does not see me, does not stop. Office party. Joel brought (I think it was) vanilla cupcakes with orange zest buttercream frosting. Lunch from the cafeteria: garden burger with grilled onions, regular fries. Sencha work. On the way home Nextbus tells me a Bus 6 is coming. When it arrives, its display says OUT OF SERVICE and of course does not stop. Can't remember what I did for dinner this night.

Sat Nov 13, 2010

Breakfast at home: oatmeal with fresh organic pear, City Bees McLaren Park honey, cinnamon, nonfat milk. Drove to Bay Area Bikes in Oakland, bought a Dahon Curve SL bicycle on sale for $730 and got lots of accessories at 10% off. I think this is a 2009 model because the color is "magnesium"—the model year of my bike is not really clear from the website, and I think I was led to believe that it was a 2010 model but I really didn't care that much. Jeff handled my sale, friendly, helpful. Eric and Amber's wedding at Joaquin Miller Park in Oakland followed by the reception at the Boat House. People I knew already: Scott, Katie, Susie, Jeff. Those I met: Dickie Doo, Phil, Janelle, Dana, Dan, Shanoah, Karen, (BJ?). Had a lovely time. Forgot to take my phone with me today, but I had paper maps and nothing went terribly wrong because of it. Felt out of sorts, that's all. Instead of a wedding cake there was a tower of cupcakes: red velvet, and I think the other 2 flavors were vanilla and Guinness. A really pleasant wedding. 2nd dessert at Chris and Nates's with Chris, Nate, Dave, Quyen, Drew, Richard, Phil, Danny, Romy: almond cake, whipped cream, raspberries, blueberries, apple pie, tiramisu.

Sun Nov 14, 2010

Breakfast at farm:table. This is a charming, super-space-efficent coffee-and-breakfastery. Indoor farm table seating for about 6 at a table and a few more on benches with no table space. Outdoor seating for 4 to 6. I had house cereal with raisins and housemade yogurt, apple juice blend. $10 after a $1 tip. Tasty, a bit overpriced for not-organic. The friendly staff is skilled at making you feel welcome and appreciated. Games of Nonchalance with Matt W and Hao. Lunch at a greasy chopsticks place in Chinatown, I had shrimp chow mein. The games are fun, and I will say no more so as not to spoil it for others. I would definitely do it again. Met with William, dinner at Kingdom of Dumpling (415-566-6143, 1713 Taraval Street, San Francisco, CA 94116 USA). Very delicious food, but we had 2 problems: when trying to get the attention of our server, she saw me attempt to speak to her, scrunched up her face at me, put up her palm, and with her other hand answered her cellphone all in the same step while proceeding quickly into the kitchen. She didn't seem to have any idea that she was being rude, and I was unable to stop myself from laughing at the absurdity of her behavior and ignorance. The other problem was that one of our orders was quite clearly ordered as vegetarian potstickers—our server had checked our order over with us twice. But when the order arrived and I bit into one it was chicken (!). When I asked about this, I was told that I had ordered chicken potstickers and it was left unsaid that she saw it as our mistake. I sidestepped the we-said-you-said part of the problem and asked if we could additionally order vegetarian potstickers. I was then told that they were sold out of vegetarian potstickers. Clearly they did not have vegetarian potstickers available, but instead of telling you that up front it seems they wanted to save face and just give you chicken potstickers thinking you'll be fine as long as you get potstickers. This would be somewhat more acceptable if you're a meateater, but not if you're a strict vegetarian. (I'm currently neither.) My stomach was a little upset later in the evening, but I cannot clearly attribute it to the bite of chicken I unexpectedly consumed. Strict vegetarians should bring along a meateater to taste everything before eating. If you enjoy making a scene, secretly video-record every order and just wait for them to claim you made an error in ordering. This restaurant clearly makes yummy food, but it has some cultural sensitivities to learn. It also probably has some communications issues to resolve both between the front and back of house and between the servers and the customers.

Mon Nov 15, 2010

Can't remember what I had for breakfast. To work. Linkchecking. Flickr work. Announced the updated conferences page. Calendar management. Timesheet activities. Listserv troubleshooting. Minor edit to the entering students find a home page. Posted a new news story for Susie. Followup with student AB about logins visible in Active Directory. (Here's what ITS said: "This has been deemed a non-issue. You have to be authenticated to view the Exchange directory and with AD security policies in place it is impossible to brute force crack even a known logon ID. Exchange has been designed this way for over 10 years and if it were a concern we would know about it. Thank you for your concern!") Followup with Susie, Cindy, and Carol about proposed web changes—a significant rewrite and reorganization of portions of the PharmD section. Helped Lucia with some troubles with her newly installed Outlook 2010. Pointed staff to online resources for Outlook 2010. Bought a helmet at American Cyclery. Dinner at Soi Gow: pineapple fried rice, thai iced tea, about $15 after tip. Home for a bit. Testarossa 80s night at Trigger. Stopped at Rob and Sergio's.

Tue Nov 16, 2010

Breakfast at home: 2-egg veggie scramble, 2 hash browns, 2 slices of wheat toast with spreadable butter. To work, observed a stalled N-Judah train at 9th and Judah. A bystander said that the train had hit a car, but by the time I arrived the car must have been taken away. Lots of email followup. PID online payments and Sencha work. Lunch: takeaway from Panda Express: fried rice, honey walnut shrimp, veggie spring rolls, water. My fortune: Don't let unexpected situations "throw" you. FERPA training with Doug C. PID online payments and Sencha work. Visited Dr. Natasha Lee for a dental checkup. All is well. Tina did a textbook-perfect job of cleaning my teeth. Dinner with Chris and Nate at Kasa using a Groupon. My first time dining here; I liked it. Dessert: Chris and Nate's first not-soft-serve ice cream at Bi-Rite Creamery. Hopped back and forth between The Cafe (Kidd Sysko, 90s and Top 40) and Badlands, stopping at Harvey's comedy night for a spell to watch a really good comedy show. I was particularly disappointed with The Cafe because not many places play 90s music. The music was not as loud as it is on weekends, and Kidd Sysko tonight was letting songs play long instead of doing quick mixes which I prefer. I stopped in several times throughout the night but every time the dance floor was completely empty, and the bar otherwise had maybe 30 persons. Tuesdays in the Castro the best bet is probably going to be Harvey's for comedy night or Castro Theatre for a show, then if you're up for something after it's whatever bar depending on what you're into. Met or encountered Gary, Scott, Mark, Sean, Mark, Sergio, Rob P. Installed the Google Voice iPhone app which recently became available for the first time—finally!

Wed Nov 17, 2010

Breakfast at home: organic vanilla yogurt, granola, fresh diced organic gala apple. To work. Configured Outlook 2011—this is the first Mac version of Outlook. After configuring it, my inbox ballooned from 19 to 920 messages—the configuration accidentally restored old messages I had deleted a long time ago, and I don't know why it did that. Very frustrating. I spent hours in the morning deleting messages, needing to be careful I didn't delete ones I needed to keep. Linkchecking. Twice helped Nancy N and Lauren with the new display hardware in the dean's conference room. Our copies of Garner's Modern American Usage arrived; I delivered Susie and Eric their copies. Followup with Servint and Chris W about his Django request. Answered a listserv question for student SLC. PID online payments Sencha work. Lunch: veggie burrito and tortilla chips from Carmelina's. Cable management for Lisa. To home. Dinner at home: tricolor ribbon pasta with TJ's organic tomato basil marinara sauce and grilled mushrooms and onions. Upset stomach after eating cinnamon honey almonds. I tried calcium carbonate, simethicone, ginger tea—none helped. I then tried bismuth subsalicylate and that seemed to help. Did more setting up of my new bike: unpacked lights. Practiced folding and unfolding the bike.

Thu Nov 18, 2010

Yoga: standing warmup practice. Weight training: advanced one-legged push ups. Breakfast at home: oatmeal with fresh organic diced gala apple, cinnamon, nonfat milk. To work. Linkchecking. Kiosk management. Listserv management. Posted new news for Susie. Installed fonts in OS X. Helped out with new hardware in the dean's conference room. Lunch at You See Sushi: tempura and tuna sashimi; read from Yahoo! Style Guide and jotted down some ideas for the School's voice. Had a long and good chat with Sue about the new hardware in the dean's conference room. Restarted The Archive. Followup with Servint and Chris W about his Django request. PID online payments Sencha work. Posted new news for Susie. Listserv management. Chatted briefly with Susie. To home. Garbage maintenance. Dinner at home with William. I made vegetable soup with organic vegetable broth, potatoes, mushrooms, organic celery, sweet onion, garlic, salt, pepper; vanilla chai; yalumba muscat. Dessert: rice krispie treats.

Fri Nov 19, 2010

Yoga: standing warmup practice. Weight training: advanced one-legged push ups. Breakfast at home: organic vanilla yogurt with granola. To work. Special meeting: Culturally Informed Perspectives on Working With Students From the Middle East, North Africa and the Arab World at the Faculty/Alumni House. WeID work. Today I received the following error in Outlook 2011: [Permission Error. Changes to the event "" could not be saved because you do not have the appropriate permission. Error code -19999.] Searches in Google were unfruitful, gave up trying to understand or resolve it. Spent 4 hours upgrading the silver MacBook from OS 10.5.8 to OS 10.6.5. The upgrade would appear to complete successfully but when I checked the version it still said 10.5.8. I did a repair disk, repaired permissions, no change. What fixed it was starting from the DVD and running the upgrade from there. PID online payments work: authentication and cookies. Dinner at home. Late snack: microwave popcorn with lots of added salt.

Sat Nov 20, 2010

Yoga: standing warmup practice. Weight training: advanced one-legged push ups. I dreamt last night that I had purchased plastic coat hangers. What does it mean? House chores: vacuuming and organizing. Chatted with Jeremy and Lani. Began planning a vacation for December. Late brunch at home: leftovers. Took the Curve SL bike out for my first ride. Getting to Irving Street via 28th was easy because it was mostly downhill. Intended to first stop at Nomad Cyclery but went past it and missed it, double-backed and couldn't find it—I didn't have the address, only a general idea of where it was. Instead went to Roaring Mouse Cycles where I was able to get walk-in service right away. I needed a taillight mounted to my bike. They made an L bracket that worked perfectly and charged me only $10 ($1 per minute). I asked if they had spoke reflectors and they guy dug in a drawer and gave me 2 for free, though they were missing the white thing that lets you mount it to the spoke. He suggested twist-ties instead. The ride home was arduous because of the hills, a light rain had started to fall, and it seemed I was riding into the cold wind. I had brought a rain jacket and put it on but was still pretty miserable being wet and cold and out of breath. By the time I made it home parts of my face felt numb. Decreasing my reliance on Muni is going to take some time. The ride of the Curve SL is a little rougher than I recall with a traditional (non-folding) bike with larger wheels, but it still feels sturdy and comfortable enough. Already I've accidentally hit a few potholes and had the experience of a car passing me too closely for comfort. Got home and warmed myself a few minutes in front of the radiant heater. Tried to buy tickets for Harry Potter 7 but was too late to join the show that others were going to. Late lunch at home: TJ's veggie burritos from frozen. Dinner at home: piccolini with tomato basil marinara with TJ's meatless meatballs. Watched The Wedding Banquet on Netflix DVD. I had seen this before but it was a long time ago, and I had forgotten most of the story. Lately I've been reading Yahoo! Style Guide, Web Form Design, Eat Where You Live, and owner's manuals for my bike and its accessories. Late snack: several sheets of TJ's seaweed.

Sun Nov 21, 2010

Continued planning a vacation for December. Took photos of my bike. Called Jeff at Bay Area Bikes to correct the serial number—he got one digit wrong because the 5 kinda does look like a 6. Cut my hair, showered. Dinner with Chris and Nate at Charanga. Home. Uploaded photos to Flickr. Yoga: standing warmup practice. Weight training: advanced one-legged push ups, bridge, crunch. Tennis ball back massage.

Mon Nov 22, 2010

I haven't had to use Windows 7 at home for a long time and today I started it, synced a Windows Briefcase, then shut Windows 7 down. It's sad that there is nothing similar to Windows Briefcase for OS X. Weight training: advanced push up variations. Breakfast at home: pancakes. Sammie reported that DLS refused her service saying she was not on our contract. I confirmed this error in the system, submitted a ticket to resolve it. Told Sammie how to do a cold restart—this resolved her problem. When attempting to start VMware Fusion 3, I received error "Could not open /dev/vmmon". I fixed this by quitting Fusion, waiting a bit, then restarting Fusion. Followup with Chris W about his project. Installed automator scripts that I brought from home. Backed up the silver shared office laptop to external hard drive with Time Machine in preparation for our office's first PGP installation. Linkchecking. Coded and made live email setup and configuration instructions for Office 2011, announced to SCWG. Downloaded Winclone 2.2 which was difficult because was not the expected site (the domain was for sale). You can find Winclone 2.2 on CNET and Softpedia. Minor web edit for Cindy and Leslie F (PharmD/PhD benefits). I ate lunch during an office party for Sammie's birthday. I brought Peasant Pies and a frittata from Courtyard Caffe and various savory buns from J and J Bakery. Joel made chocolate chip and walnut cookies for everyone. Shirin made lemon-raspberry muffins. Lisa brought chips and salsa. Others brought Triscuit crackers, juices, and sweets from La Boulange. (I didn't hear who brought what exactly.) Chatted with Susie about the forthcoming Kidney Project website. Wrote a style guide page on voice and tone, sent it to Susie for review. Completed a Windows disk check and Winclone backup on the silver laptop, which means that it's now ready for me to test installing PGP on it. Followup with Chris W about his project. Quick dinner at home: a Peasant Pie, apple juice. Spent the evening purchasing flights for a trip to Asia. Late meal: TJ's roasted vegetable enchiladas. I notice when I open the package that it has chicken stock in it. Not a big deal to me, but I will avoid it in the future.

Tue Nov 23, 2010

Yoga: standing warmup practice. Weight training: advanced one-legged push ups. Tennis ball back massage. Breakfast: oatmeal with fresh diced organic gala apple, cinnamon, nonfat milk. To work. Linkchecking. Spent all day reviewing MyAccess 2.0 and PGP installation instructions. Lunch: two half sandwiches from Palio. Dinner at King of Thai Noodle with William. Watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on DVD with William.

Wed Nov 24, 2010

Breakfast at home: small bowl of apple-blueberry granola with nonfat milk. (No time to dice an apple today.) To work. Linkchecking. Met with student CS, resolved questions about VPN, installed antivirus. Web edits for the temporary Kidney Project website for Susie and Shuvo. Batchconverted TIFFs to JPEG and sent them to Eric and Susie for Mike and Joe for their JDAM paper about The Archive. More followup with Chris W. Snack: small slice of pumpkin pie. Mary Anne let us leave early today, but most of us still left later than she said we could leave. I had a late lunch at Nan King Road Bistro: hot and sour soup, steamed veggie dumplings, veggie fried rice. Picked up travel prescriptions from Kaiser French Campus. To home. Rested a bit. Grocery shopping at Trader Joe's—madhouse. To home. Quick dinner: leftover fried rice. Muni L and 30 to North Beach. Beach Blanket Babylon for Chris's birthday.

Thu Nov 25, 2010

Prepared a very large batch of butternut squash gratin. Wrapped a gift. Thanksgiving at Quyen, Dave, and Dong-yi's with them and Richard, Chris, Nate, Jim, Celeste, Phil, Drew, Romy, Sandip, Marvin, Tommy, Slim, and ?. To the Honmas. Gave Jeremy a late birthday present.

Fri Nov 26, 2010

Breakfast at the Honmas: 2 small chocolate scones, POG juice. To home. Bought gas. Lunch: leftovers from Thanksgiving. Laundry. Mended by hand the left pocket of my Zara overcoat which had grown a hole in the past few days. Began taking oral vaccine for typhoid in preparation for travel to Asia in December, booking still not finalized due to pending approval from my doctor to travel. Organized my Apple Address Book. Made celery and asparagus risotto. Nap. Dancing at Club Dragon. Encountered Slim, Emery, Dale, Tony H, Ben L. Met Teddy, Marco, Jason P, Ken, Daryl L, Kris, Lawrence, Rudy, Ying. Late meal at Mel's Diner with William: strawberry milkshake and a salad for William; biscuits and gravy with 2 eggs scrambled, hot chocolate no whip for me. William stays over.

Sat Nov 27, 2010

Slept in. Tennis ball back massage. Yoga: standing warmup practice. Weight training: advanced one-legged push ups. Generic V8 juice. Lunch: leftover risotto. Grocery shopping at Tower Market. Dinner: leftover Thanksgiving food.

Sun Nov 28, 2010

Bought kona hawaii coffee at House of Coffee. Pancake breakfast at home with Chris, Nate, Dave, Quyen, Drew, Richard, Romy, Sandip. Chris and Nate brought a bottle of Gloria Ferrer Va De Vi Ultra Cuvée sparkling wine to share. I made egg nog pancakes with pork sausages. Mimosas and other drinks. Home-baked chocolate-peppermint cookies. Playlist included Barbra Streisand "Christmas Album," Gaucho "Deluxe," Lofty's Roach Souffle, Madeline Peyroux "Autumn in New York," Smoking Time Jazz Club, Squirrel Nut Zippers "Christmas Caravan," and Vince Guaraldi Trio "A Charlie Brown Christmas." Drew took away the Christmas wreath I had been trying to sell—hooray! Cleaned. Weight training: advanced one-legged push ups. Registered my bike with National Bike Registry. Registered my bike with Dahon to upgrade from a 5-year limited warranty to a lifetime limited warranty. Dinner at home: baked panko-encrusted Dover sole, TJ's sweet potato fries. Weight training: various advanced one-legged push-ups, experimented with assisted one-arm push-ups—not quite there yet.

Mon Nov 29, 2010

Breakfast at home: chocolate scone, organic lowfat vanilla yogurt with granola and a fresh diced banana. To work. Linkchecking, kiosk management. pcard activities. Timesheet activities. Submitted feedback on MyAccess 2.0 beta, copied SCWG. Web edits for Cindy and Leslie F. Answered VPN and wireless questions for student SH. More followup with Chris W. Chatted briefly on the phone with Chris C. Lunch: baked salmon, brown rice, steamed broccoli from the cafeteria. Helped student DC set up UCSFwpa wireless. Online payment for PID work. SSL configuration. Telephone meeting with Susie and Eric: The Kidney Project. Snack: chocolate peppermint cookie. Dinner at home: leftover Thanksgiving food.

Tue Nov 30, 2010

Yoga: standing warmup practice. Weight training: advanced bridge. Breakfast at home: organic orange juice, leftover eggnog pancakes with butter and maple syrup. To work. Linkchecking, kiosk management. Reorganized the info for family members of students. Created 1 new kiosk announcement, got started on another. Sent the GALEN to MyAccess announcement in email to students. Django followup with Chris W—I think it's all good now finally. SSL setup with Servint. Various web edits. Lunch: rice cakes, leftover risotto. Updated entering students and current students calendars. A toast for Chris and Nate's migration to Honolulu at Phil, Drew, and Romy's place with Chris D, Nate, Phil, Drew, Romy, Sandip, Humza, Jaime (pronounced hai-me), Ivan, Chris G, Dave, Quyen, and several others whose names I don't remember. My battery had died upon arriving at PDR's, so when it was time to leave I called AAA and got the most excellent service from Paul from Ted & Al's Towing (415-567-6393, 1213 Fell Street, San Francisco, California, 94117, USA). Late meal at King of Thai Noodle: seafood noodle soup with egg noodles, hot tea.