October 2010

Summary: Fleet Week Blue Angels Rooftop Viewing Party, Nico hosts An Evening With Sandra Bernhard, Dinner at Bar Tartine with The Syndicate, Masquerade Cocktail, Halloween at Lookout and Trigger

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Fri Oct 1, 2010

Breakfast at home: one egg, fried, with grated organic white sharp cheddar cheese in a wheat sandwich. To work. Lots of followup with ITS tickets. Minor web updates for Carol. Listserv management. Reviewed an org chart update for Susie. Installed PharmAdMIT 2011 for Joel. Lunch #1: organic red leaf lettuce salad with fresh sliced mushrooms and poppy seed dressing. Lunch #2: bean pupusa, zucchini pupusa, plaintain with pudding from the secret burrito lady. Met with Shirin about PID online payments. Installed PharmAdMIT 2011 for Sammie. Worked on the Communications section for the first time in months, sent a bunch of finished pages to Susie for review. More PID work: added a new field for total # in your party, added the ability to export as Excel (easier than I thought with a Pear library that unfortunately had terrible documentation). Handed off to Eric a coding job regarding a forthcoming memorial. The number I keep forgetting when it comes to the secret burrito lady is 4. To home. Dinner: leftover pizza. Watched Cloverfield (2008) with commentary. Received my Clipper card in the mail today with no money on it. I hope I never have to use it because everything I have heard so far has been terrible (except from Eric D). Edited and uploaded photos. Turned on the Facebook-Flickr connection. It seems to have gotten smarter since it was first available.

Sat Oct 2, 2010

Shared a Flickr guest pass for a recent birthday party. Uploaded photos to Geni and Facebook. Breakfast at home: 3 slices of banana-coconut bread. Manually converted Apple Stickies notes to Notational Velocity notes. Created a Simplenote account, synched with NV—ahhh! Organized Firefox bookmarks some. Installed Simplenote for iPhone. Vacuumed. Lunch: grilled tuna from a can with shredded organic white sharp cheddar cheese on wheat. Snack: cinnamon honey almonds, a few pieces of green and blacks organic chocolate (toffee). Web work for Drew: added another privacy policy, updated copyright notices. Dinner at home: leftover shells and cheese with tuna. Snack: cinnamon honey almonds.

Sun Oct 3, 2010

Brunch: leftover shells and cheese with tuna, hot water. Grocery shopping. Had thought about going to LovEvolution this weekend but I couldn't make sense of all the parties, couldn't figure out which of them had what music I liked, so I went to none of them. Dinner at home: 1 corn on the cob, spaghetti and TJ's meatless meatballs with Barilla mushroom and garlic marinara sauce, hot water. Stretches. Weight training: push-ups, crunch, reverse crunch.

Mon Oct 4, 2010

Recently I resolved a problem which I tweeted about on August 25: "are any other tweeters receiving duplicate tweets via sms a few minutes apart? seems to have started a few days ago for me..."—I had turned on the Repeat Alert switch in iPhone preferences for Messages. Once I turned it off, the problem went away. Breakfast at home: leftover mini-loaf coconut-banana bread, pina colada lowfat yogurt. To work. Linkchecking. Training for Sammie: KeePass, password management, PharmAdMIT. Office celebration. I ate fruit salad, a pumpkin muffin, and a mini doughnut from Krispy Kreme. To drink: mixed sparkling mineral water with a little bit of juice. Shirin tried cottage cheese for the first time ever (nonfat). Lots of work restoring accidentally closed email accounts. Calendar management. Portable hard drive backup maintenance: needed to remake one drive, plain copy operation in Finder failed. Will use rsync instead tomorrow. Archived data to portable hard drives. Installed a new keyboard for Sammie. Prepared a slide for Cindy for the forthcoming memorial. Lunch: leftover spaghetti and meatless meatballs, water. Compiled another accounts lifecycle problem report, sent it to Doug C and CBW, copied to the SCWG wiki. To home. Chatted briefly with Sharon Y while waiting for the 6. Muni bus 66 6:50 PM bus leaves at 6:57 PM - unusually late for this route. Snack: a few cinnamon honey almonds. Nap. Late dinner at home: a few tablespoons of nonfat cottage cheese, 2 fresh corn on the cob, 6 ounces of day-old coca cola. Testarossa 80s night. One of the bartenders was dressed just like Indiana Jones. Walked in to a drag performance of Olivia Newton-John's Physical. DJ tonight was Mark Andrus—excellent mixing, good lighting, a little heavy on the guitar rock. Skipped out to Badlands, walked in to Katy Perry's California Gurls, stayed for a few songs. Music ended at 1:40 AM, so I left. Chatted briefly with Mauricio who says he's leaving SF in December. Went to QBar which was still playing music, danced for a few minutes, returned to Trigger, stayed til the music stopped. Late meal at Orphan Andy's: veggie burger with mushrooms, fries, ice water.

Tue Oct 5, 2010

Breakfast at home: organic cranberry granola with pina colada lowfat yogurt and fresh, diced bartlett pear; juice. To work. Encountered a vehicle on its side at 3rd and Irving. Linkchecking. Helped student CS with a problem sending messages to a listserv—no confirmation request was delivered. More accounts lifecycle followup. Portable hard drive backup maintenance: rsync—successful. Backed up websites to portable hard drives. Staff meeting. Listserv maintenance. Chatted with Jorge about a listserv for one of our student organizations—somehow he had been set as owner when he is acting as the advisor not the owner. Lunch: organic red leaf lettuce salad, fresh grated white cheddar, sunflower seeds, poppyseed dressing. Pushed live the latest update from the dean for Susie and Sue. More accounts lifecycle followup. Followup with student LG about Lexi-Comp. Helped student TA with a cardkey access problem which led to me soliciting all our students for feedback on cardkey access problems. Got a lot of data back, forwarded it on to other teams. Sent Michael N feedback on requirements for a faculty database. Coded an instruction page to let people know how to see web archives for our listserv mailing lists, sent it to Cindy for review. To home. Dinner at home: stir fry with chow mein noodles, tofu, crimini and baby bella mushroom chunks, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, oyster sauce, black sesame seeds—almost everything organic. Watched extras from Cloverfield (2008) on Netflix DVD. Weight training: advanced push ups. Edited and uploaded photos and video. Weight training: advanced push ups.

Wed Oct 6, 2010

Breakfast at home: cream of wheat with fresh diced bartlett pear, cinnamon, half tablespoon of City Bees McLaren Park honey, nonfat milk. To work. Linkchecking. Kiosk management. Cardkey access problem followup. Listserv problem followup for student CS. Submitted a new listserv request for a student organization. Student photos folder maintenance with Eric. Reported slowness for the listserv web-based tools to ITS. Made live and announced the instructions for accessing web archives of our listserv mailing lists. Solicited feedback from all students regarding cardkey access problems. Continued trying to clone one external hard drive to another. Rsync worked at first but failed on a certain folder and I got corrupted data somehow. Repartitioned. Attempted to clone usb external hard drive 1 to usb external hard drive 2. Couldn't use SuperDuper! because the source drive refused to appear in the source picklist. Couldn't use Carbon Copy Cloner because it requires HFS+ and I need these drives as FAT32 because I use them in Windows as well. Lunch: leftover noodles from last night. Lots of cardkey access followup. More work on PID online payment: started adding form fields to the admin interface. Snack: Fiber One bar, an orange. Gave Eric feedback on the work he and Susie did on our YouTube page. Helped Lucia resolve a problem with network scanning to PDF. Resolved a problem with the password to the listserv page not working. To home. Linkchecking for home websites. Dinner at home: small organic red leaf lettuce salad with baby bella mushrooms, shredded organic white cheddar, and poppy seed dressing. Snack: cinnamon honey almonds. Web work for Drew.

Thu Oct 7, 2010

Breakfast at home: cream of wheat with raisins, cinnamon, nonfat milk; 12 ounces of generic V8. To work. Linkchecking. Listserv problem followup with student CS. Gave Dave R feedback on the ARI Facebook page. Gave Susie and Kathy G advice about web hosting for an existing project I hadn't heard of before. Doctor appointment. Short 1-on-1 with Cindy. Lunch #1 from the cafeteria: grilled fish, brown rice, broccoli. Helped Lucia with a cdrom problem. Ordered 2 portable hard drives and some screen cleaning cloths. Minor web updates: board of advisors. Account reactivation work. Chatted with John M about a new project involving computer lab workstation availability on the UCSF mobile website. Learned today from Alex that our Exchange global address list cannot be changed to remove the display of logins for every person in the directory—wha? Helped student MT learn how to distribute an email message to all students at UCSF. ICRD work for Rodney. Helped student NB set up UCSFwpa wireless and UCSF Exchange on an iPhone 4. It took 33 minutes. Lunch: leftovers from last night. Laptop maintenance. 1-on-1 with Cindy. Helped Lucia with a problem accessing content on a cdrom. More accounts lifecycle followup for student SK. Listserv distribution problem followup with ITS for student CS. Lunch #2: organic red leaf lettuce salad from home with sliced baby bella mushrooms, grated organic white cheddar, free ranch dressing from the cafeteria. Web edits for Cindy: pharmd and prospective students rework. GAPA Happy Hour at Lookout. Emery, Vince, Long, remet Bob, bought a membership. Dinner with Patrick at Bombay Indian using a Groupon (paid $15 to get $30 of food and drink). Moved my car. Tried to meet Emery at The Cafe but he had left because it was dead. Followed him to Badlands where the VJ played 90s r&b dance pop—at least for a while. Listened in the doorway at QBar and 440, both playing music I didn't like. Same at Trigger, hung out on the sidewalk outside Trigger for a while talking to Jesse and Jesse 2. Snack at La Tortilla: taco with snapper, chips and pico de gallo, water. I thought I had ordered a hard shell taco but received a soft shell taco instead. Must have been a miscommunication of some kind. To home. Weight training: advanced pushups, bridge.

Fri Oct 8, 2010

Breakfast at home: cream of wheat with fresh diced honeycrisp apple, cinnamon, nonfat milk; 12 ounces of generic V8. To work. Helped student KH with a question about secure email. Linkchecking. Calendar management. Updated the faculty list for Susie: Dill. Helped Darius with a problem with the BTS faculty listing. Accounts lifecycle followup for student SK. More pharmd and prospective students work for Cindy: mostly photos work. Sent the websteering lunch reminder. Continued trying to clone an external hard drive to another external hard drive. I've never had so much trouble doing this before. I thought I had everything right but then plugged the drive into Windows and it wouldn't mount. So I reformatted the drive and it would no longer mount in Windows or in OS X. Somehow I got it working again—I can't even remember how since I was trying so many solutions. Back to rsync. Helped student NB set up UCSFwpa wireless and UCSF Exchange on an iPhone 4. It took 33 minutes. Laptop maintenance. Learned about warmgun, started watching the live stream, but late (4 PM). Helped Eric with our first embedded video on our home page. Send feedback to Susie about the web service area template she wrote up. Sent a reminder to myself to promote the class of 2014 Flickr group. To home. Made a mild potato curry with peas from scratch. My first time making a potato curry. It came out alright except not enough flavor and just a few minutes overcooked.

Sat Oct 9, 2010

Laundry. Drupal updates for Patrick's website. Breakfast at home: cream of wheat with fresh diced honeycrisp apple, cinnamon, nonfat milk. House chores: cleaned the dish rack, ironed a shirt. Muni to Safeway at Church and Market, bought veggie burgers and macaroni salad. Left Safeway, then received a response to my earlier request if the party needed anything they had missed. Returned to Safeway for lemons, bbq sauce, ketchup. Muni and walk to Temery's for a Fleet Week Blue Angels Rooftop Viewing Party. Met Cameron, Basil, Kenneth. James K recommended that I shop for clothes at Sisley—will have to try that sometime. An Evening With Sandra Bernhard at Castro Theatre (part of Rooftop Comedy's Out Loud Comedy & Arts Festival). Sandra shared her music, poetry, observations. Nico Santos hosted and opened. His set rocked and was very well received. I had heard nearly all his jokes before, but they still make me laugh. The featured comic was Guy Branum (Chelsea Lately). He was a crowdpleaser as well, but many of his jokes and political calls-to-action and rationalizations for being overweight rubbed me the wrong way. Some of his jokes were excellent, though. He had mentioned spending time in Los Angeles and was immediately met with hissing from the audience. He countered by commiserating: "Do you know how hard it is to find artisanal cheeses in L.A.?!" Smart, fast-thinking, and funny, even if it might be more of an exaggeration than a truth. Here's what Sandra talked about, not in any particular order: San Francisco, the Blue Angels, texting while walking, technology, Grindr, Obama not being liberal enough, John McCain, meeting Barbara Boxer, Joan Rivers' looks, Angelina Jolie in Salt (and, briefly, Brad Pitt), home decorating, paying rent, Iman (model), Sara, losing faith in Kabbalah. Perhaps the most positive reaction she got from the crowd was when she derided the government for having Fleet Week instead of spending the money on more important things such as education or addressing homelessness. An Austin musician rocker chick whose name I didn't catch accompanied her on electric guitar and with voice for one number at the beginning and one number at the end. A keyboard had been set up but it seems we missed a piano number along the way. Sandra must have talked more than she had planned. Manager Kenneth made a brief appearance. I had thought the sound was perfect until one speaker was cutting in and out during the tail end number. Lighting was great. I don't think the theatre had sold out, but I sat in the 2nd row and couldn't tell for certain after the lights dropped. Afterwards I ran into Nico again, chatted briefly, then tried to meet others at Trigger but they didn't show. DJ Claksaarb was spinning high energy dance to a light, mixed crowd and I stayed for a bit because the music was good but it didn't quite get me to dancing. Tried to meet Nate at Badlands but the line was super long. Stepped in to Toad Hall for the first time. There was a small dance floor and good music, but no one was dancing. Listened outside at QBar for a bit. Muni home. Ran into Alex C at Muni Castro station, said hello goodbye. Pad thai with shrimp to go from King of Thai Noodle. Home.

Sun Oct 10, 2010

Picked up JY in Deliverator. Brunch at Shanghai Dumpling King with JY, Emery, Sam. Emery gave JY a ride home. I felt nappish, went home. Edited and uploaded photos. Weight training: advanced push ups, shrug. Nap. Woke up late (or early). Edited photos. Made a batch of brown rice. Meal at home: leftover potato curry with lime-style rice pilaf. Back to bed.

Mon Oct 11, 2010

Breakfast at home: nonfat yogurt with organic cranberry granola and 1 tablespoon of Mad River Farm dune preserves. Lots of ITS and Registrar entering students accounts and cardkey issues followup. Linkchecking. Chatted with Eric about his work on putting a video on our homepage and validating other video pages. Lunch: leftover potato curry with white steamed rice. Org chart work for Susie and Sue—what a mess. Reported a mailing list problem for student MR. Created a one-off org chart for Michael N. Computer maintenance: white laptop, Cindy, mine: install latest version of Eraser. To home. Quick dinner: leftover potato curry with brown rice. Nap. Testarossa 80s night at Trigger with Andy, Emery, Jeremy, Oscar, Sigmund, Aleef (sp?), Alex, Eric, Judd. Ran into Stephen again. Late meal at Orphan Andy's: 2 eggs scrambled, home fries, wheat toast with butter. To home.

Tue Oct 12, 2010

Weight training: bridge. Breakfast at home: nonfat yogurt with organic cranberry granola and 1 tablespoon of Mad River Farm dune preserves, toast with butter, water, 12 ounces of generic V8. To work. SCWG meeting: gave Gwen more Apple stickers, PGP pilot discussion. Erased free disk space on Joel's computer. Linkchecking. Kiosk management. Listserv management. Snacks: Fiber one bar, Triscuit crackers. DLS followups. More org chart work for Michael N. Lunch: taco gobi from Carmelina's ($2.55), water. Class officers document update for Cindy. Made live new comm pages. Tested Eric's homepage video work. 1-on-1 with Eric. Listserv management. Purchased 2 copies of the Yahoo! Style Guide book. Tried to go home but bus 66 did not show up. Drew and Romy picked me up from the bus stop. Dinner with Drew and Romy at Kingdom of Dumpling. We all went back to my place for chocolate chip and black cherry frozen yogurt. Drew and I worked on the Recharge Spa website: new photos for the homepage slideshow, closing the accordion. Romy played a game on his mobile phone.

Wed Oct 13, 2010

Telecommute day. Breakfast at home: oatmeal with raisins. Haven't made oatmeal in a while and got the recipe wrong. Spent pretty much the whole day working on PID online payment and jqGrid getting a lot working but also encountering lots of roadblocks. Lunch: leftover potato curry with brown rice. Drove to UCSF, found street parking. Worked in bridge sets (weight training) throughout the day during breaks. Dinner to go from Panda Express: hot and sour soup, some chicken dish (I didn't have time to wait for veggie dishes which were being restocked). Enjoyed Skit Nite, the annual talent show that our students put together. Music, dancing, standup, history lessons—so much talent! Drove to the Castro, went to Badlands, encountered DJ Shawn, David. Met Akira. Emery showed up. After an hour we all went to Trigger for a customer appreciation party. Andy met us there, he was sad because he learned today that a guildie of his had committed suicide. He was gay, had just turned 18, and was living in a small town in Texas. Back to Badlands then back to Trigger. Others met or encountered during the night: Wes, Keanu, Walter, Jason, Matt (who works the door at Club Eight), Troy. DJ Kidd Sysko played Trigger. I can't remember who played Badlands.

Thu Oct 14, 2010

Weight training: advanced bridge, push ups. Breakfast at home: sesame poppyseed bagel with organic peanut butter. To work. Beautiful clouds this morning. The alumni website had some recent changes and broke a lot of links on our site so I spent some time cleaning that up and adjusting our linkchecker, lots of followup with Michele F. BTS broken links followup with Maria. Listserv management. Door codes followup with Bonnie and Doug. Websteering lunch at NKRB with John K, Leslie K, Ricki, Eric D, Jayson, Mark T, Lucas. IT Services meeting. Followup with Stephen and Maria from Academy X. Coded pages for post-bacc and Inside UCSF for Shirin. Cleaned up icons on my Windows desktop somewhat. Pcard paperwork. To home. Dinner at home: 2 tuna salad sandwiches. Dessert: some honey cinnamon almonds. Weight training: advanced, one-legged bridge; crunch. Edited and uploaded photos. Nonchalance invitation followup. Photo privacy followup.

Fri Oct 15, 2010

Breakfast: organic oatmeal with fresh diced granny smith apple, cinnamon, nonfat milk; home-squozen, watered-down orange juice. To work. Snack: wheat thins. Lunch: one tuna sandwich from home. White coat ceremony. Beverage: Red Bull. The ceremony went very smoothly. To home. Arranged flowers from materials inherited from the ceremony. Dinner at home: vegetable soup from a can. Edited and uploaded photos and video. Chatted briefly with Ian. Late meal: vegetarian chili from a can.

Sat Oct 16, 2010

I have a runny nose. I thought it was from flowers but I took all the flowers outside and aired out the apartment for a few hours—no change. Breakfast at home: organic oatmeal with fresh diced banana, City Bees McLaren Park honey, cinnamon, nonfat milk. Took a walk. Did a lot of catching up with failblog. Lunch: tomato basil soup from a can, wheat thins. Snack: cinnamon honey almonds, one chocolate-covered cherry. Watched part of The Third Man on Netflix DVD in bed with popcorn. Fell asleep for 5 hours. Grilled cheese sandwich with organic white cheddar. Successfully made mushroom risotto, ate a bowl with a glass of chardonnay. Late meal: Annie's mac and cheese.

Sun Oct 17, 2010

Sick with runny nose and achiness. Breakfast at home: pancakes with butter and maple syrup, 12 ounces of fruit juice. Uploaded a screen snapshot to Flickr. Made a celery and onion risotto. To bed early.

Mon Oct 18, 2010

Called in sick. Breakfast at home: pancakes with butter and maple syrup, 12 ounces of fruit juice. Advanced one-legged push ups. Did grocery shopping that I couldn't do on the weekend because my cold was worse than it is now. Lunch at home: butter lettuce salad with grated organic white cheddar, chives, red onion, organic heirloom tomatoes, organic green goddess dressing; vanilla chai with raw sugar. Altered a shirt, repaired a pair of underwear. Dinner at home: vegetable stir-fry with brown jasmine rice. Vegetables: grated carrot, celery, baby bok choy, tofu, red onion, spinach. Watched The Third Man (1949) on Netflix DVD. The last scene was my favorite part.

Tue Oct 19, 2010

Advanced one-legged push ups, advanced bridge, crunch. Breakfast at home: organic oatmeal with diced organic red pear, cinnamon, nonfat milk. To work, cold is all gone. Linkchecking. ICRD work. Listserv management. Calendar management. Alerted a student to how to resolve mailbox full. Answered a numbers question for Sarah P. More calendar management. Followup with Alex R about S/MIME update. More ICRD work. Did some troubleshooting with Eric on an Exchange synch problem. Followup with Stephen R at Academy X on how to post an item to our kiosk. Worked through lunch: leftover celery and onion risotto at desk. More ICRD work. Finished coding initial proposed updates regarding PHPM changing to HSPR. Met with Shirin about PID and preview session web edits. PID online payments and preview session web work. Updated some web calendars. More ICRD work. Early dinner: leftover stir-fry. To home. Advanced one-legged push ups. Late meal: 2 corn on the cob with salt and pepper, cinnamon honey almonds.

Wed Oct 20, 2010

Breakfast at home: organic oatmeal with fresh diced banana, City Bees McLaren Park honey, cinnamon, nonfat milk. To work. Linkchecking. Again encountered the problem in which my iPhone 3 GS has 5 bars but web pages don't load. Called AT&T and explained the problem. The man put my call on hold and after some time (maybe 5 minutes?) I couldn't wait anymore and had to go to work so I hung up. Submitted the following problem report to ITS: "When attempting to send a message today (Wed Oct 20) at about 9:42 AM in OWA in Firefox 3.6.11 in OS 10.6.4 I encountered the following error message: 'The custom error module does not recognize this error.' This message appeared in black letters on an otherwise blank white screen. I was able to recover from this problem because I knew how, so I'm reporting this more as an fyi because I don't know what caused it to occur. I had created a message and the error message appeared when I attempted to send it. Nothing unusual going on. Most people will not know how to recover from this error, and if they wrote a long email message they might lose that data and get upset over it." I don't expect a response. ITS also doesn't seem to be aware of the problem in which you are unexpectedly logged out of OWA when attempting to perform just about any task. This happens all the time to me but I never report it because it is not consistently reproducible. ICRD new work and followup. Rodney 1-on-1. Forwarded a request from Forrest S. Lunch: leftovers. Spotlight is broken on my Mac Pro at work. I tried fixing it but failed. Responded to an image use request from Damon L via Nada S. Met with Cindy about PharmD website changes, spent a lot of time selecting photos. Chatted with Michele F about websites and Drupal, set up linkchecking for www.ucsf.edu, sent her followup links in email. Worked on PharmD section changes. Management activities. Purchasing (LukeW's book). Dinner before leaving work: leftovers. To home. Chatted briefly with Karl B on the 6. Nap. Dancing at Badlands, encountered Ted, Matt, Brett. Met Dale, Jacob, Egill (sp?), Luke.

Thu Oct 21, 2010

Vacation day. Breakfast at home: organic oatmeal with fresh diced banana, City Bees McLaren Park honey, cinnamon, nonfat milk. Laundry. Snack: 2 cinnamon honey almonds. Made butternut squash gratin. Lunch: large butter leaf lettuce salad with carrot shavings, lite bleu cheese dressing, heirloom tomato; butternut squash gratin. Folded laundry while watching various clips on YouTube. Resolved a problem printing to my color printer by turning it on. (I didn't change anything and now it's working again.) Dinner: leftover stir-fry. Late meal: leftover gratin.

Fri Oct 22, 2010

Yoga: standing warmup practice, beginner practice 2. Weight training: advanced, one-legged push ups. Breakfast at home: organic oatmeal with fresh, diced Bartlett pear, cinnamon, honey; 10 ounces of fruit juice. Cut my hair, showered. Finished packing. Picked up fresh maps and tour books at AAA. Filled up gas and got an automatic car wash. Drove to Pacifica Taco Bell, had a cheesy bean and rice burrito and vegetarian nachos. I haven't eaten fast food in a while and it tasted terrible but I ate it anyway. Drove through Half Moon Bay, gray skies, pumpkin patches. Road accident on Highway 1 just south of Bonny Doon Road. Detoured through Bonny Doon, got in to Santa Cruz at 2:40 PM, checked in to the Holiday Inn Express (2009), waited for Tina to arrive. She hadn't eaten lunch, so we shared a small meal at Hula's: Dr. Funk, iced tea, vegetarian spring rolls, luau pork sandwich with sweet potato fries. Back to the hotel. Tina settled in with her things. We drove to Colleen and Pedro's. They gave us a house tour, served drinks. I remet Alysia, met or remet Antonio. Dinner at Caruso's: lasagna (Antonio), filet mignon special (Pedro), mushroom pizza (Col), risotto pescatore (Alysia), asparagus soup (Tina and me), Caesar salads (shared), vegetarian pizza (Tina and me). We have a red wine but I can't remember which one. For dessert Tina orders one of everything on the menu: vanilla gelato, chocolate gelato, tiramisu. dessert arrived as Pedro drove the kids home. Afterwards we had a drink at Bay Bar and Grill. Back to their place. Tina drove us back to the hotel.

Sat Oct 23, 2010

Woke around 4, fell asleep around 6, woke around 8:30. Continental breakfast at Holiday Inn Express. The scrambled eggs tasted very strange but the other stuff I ate was fine—yogurt, toast, butter, tea. We checked out Ferrell's—disappointing—and drove around the city just sightseeing. Nap. Late lunch at Stagnaro Brothers. Dinner with Tina and Colleen at Bonny Doon Vineyards Cellar Door Café.

Sun Oct 24, 2010

Picked up brunch items at Gayle's in Capitola. Stopped in Los Gatos for a car nap and a chai at a coffee shop. Drove to a Chipotle in Stanford: veggie burrito, chips, iced tea. Home. Nap. Picked up a double chocolate fudge cake at Mollie Stone's Tower Market. Pho dinner with Phil, Drew, Danny, Romy, Max. Gave Max a ride home.

Mon Oct 25, 2010

Weight training: advanced bridge; advanced, one-legged push ups. Breakfast at home: organic oatmeal with fresh diced organic fuji apple, City Bees McLaren Park honey, cinnamon, nonfat milk. Back to work after 2 days away. Linkchecking. Answered a question about linking agreements for Susie and Nancy N. Web edits: PHPM-to-HSPR, MPH, MDD PhD link change, prospective students root. Answered a question about licensing for Matlab for student RH. Management activities. Lunch: leftovers from last night, one piece of salt water taffy. 1-on-1 with Susie. Web team meeting. Dinner at Rigolo with the Honmas. Dessert: one egg custard tart.

Tue Oct 26, 2010

SCWG meeting. Staff meeting. Web edits: copays. Helped 2 students set up wireless, fielded an email address change request, followup with Mark B about accounts automatically closing when they should not have. Lunch: butter leaf lettuce salad with grated carrot, organic heirloom tomato, lowfat bleu cheese dressing. Confirmed that P1s are on the intern jobs mailing list for Cindy. Small web edit for Joel about AP scores. Followup with Chris W and BTS about a new site they want to launch on our server. 1-on-1 with Cindy: web edits. Ordered computer books: Yahoo! Style Guide, LukeW's book about forms. Computer maintenance: Shirin, Lucia, me. Left work late, treated myself to dinner at You See Sushi.

Wed Oct 27, 2010

Telecommute day. Web edits: image credits. Installed Windows updates. Lots of work in the PharmD section prepping for Cindy's changes to go live, still awaiting word from Lucia about releases. Installed Office Pro Plus 2010 at home. Online PID and jqGrid work the rest of the day. Lunch: leftover mushroom risotto. Dinner: potato curry, leftover naan from frozen. Nap. Witnessed a jayrunner almost get hit by a speeding car at Market and Noe. Actually, she said the car tagged her foot. Scary. Met William H at Cafe Flore. We walked in the Castro a bit. I gave him a ride home afterwards.

Thu Oct 28, 2010

Breakfast at home: organic nonfat yogurt, 1 tablespoon of Mad River Farm dune preserves, apple-blueberry granola. To work: Management activities. Pcard management. WCWG meeting with lunch: roast chicken sandwich, Sun Chips, water, 1 Ghirardelli chocolate. Listserv management. Small edit for the conferences page for students RG, NG, CL. Asked DLS for Office 2011 for Mac download link and license key. Submitted a late email address change request to ITS for a student. Sent Public Affairs a link correction. HSPR edits followup. Reported the following problem to ITS: When using Outlook Web Access, OWA will unexpectedly log me out when I attempt to perform a certain action. The problem is consistent but not repeatable with specific steps. This problem has happened for years and I just never bothered to report it until now. I am not the only one who sees this problem. I also see this happen when students are using OWA as well. Problem happens in IE and Firefox on both Mac and Windows. Below is one student's description of the problem. If necessary, I can gather more info about how frequently it occurs. To see the problem, just use OWA as your only connection to UCSF email for a week. You should see the problem at least several times within a week." Copied white coat ceremony photos to the network from DVD for Cindy. Updated current students news. Posted and announced various schedules for Lucia. Snack: some leftover potato curry. Dinner at Bar Tartine with Ben H, Tim C, John B, Andy M.

Fri Oct 29, 2010

Breakfast: same as yesterday. To work. Management activities. S/MIME followup announcement to students. Web cleanup: science cafe. Timesheet activities. Submitted an email address request for online payment receipts. Listserv management. Lunch #1: leftover potato curry. Lunch #2: visited with Eric the newly remodeled and reopened Moffitt Cafe (aka the cafeteria). The space feels much larger, there are a few new food items, but the workers still seem to be getting their bearings. One of two grill chefs left the grill for 5 minutes to pick up hamburger buns while a long line formed. 1-on-1 with Eric: we created a video title card. Calendar management. Installed Office 2011 for Mac. Computer maintenance for Lisa, Lucia, Carol: Eraser installs. To home. Dinner at home: leftover potato curry.

Sat Oct 30, 2010

Slept in. Breakfast at home: french toast. House chores: vacuuming, laundry, cleaned the front entrance of dirt. Made celery-lemon risotto. Installed Office 2011 for Mac. Masquerade Cocktail Halloween party with Danny, Phil, Drew, Romy, Cricket, Eddie, Linh, and many others.

Sun Oct 31, 2010

Breakfast at home: french toast, hot water. House chores: ironing, cleaning. Errands: Walgreen's, Beverly's, Trader Joe's, Party Warehouse, gas station, car wash. Late lunch: butter leaf lettuce salad with organic heirloom tomatoes, grated carrot, blue cheese dressing. Car maintenance: touch-up paint, interior cleaning. House chores: vacuumed pillow covers after they came out of the wash. Worked on divorce paperwork a bit. Snack: 3 lightly salted Trader Joe's rice cakes, a few cinnamon almonds. Drinks at Lookout with Andy M, Emery, Scott T, Elmer, John, Alan, Chris, Rick, Ted, Marck G, Erich, J.E.. DJ when I arrived was Jay Huffman (facebook.com/jdjsanfrancisco) who spun dance music. Dinner at Escape From New York Pizza. To Trigger. Met Oscar, Glas Kat Danny. Ran into Stephen again. Emery's iPhone 4 got picked out of his pocket by a thief—very sad.