August 2010

Summary: Seattle vacation with the Honmas. Utopia pool party. Sundance in Guerneville. Bon voyage to Adrian. GAPA Runway Coronation at Shangri La at End Up, Pinkalicious Princess Tea Party.

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Sun Aug 1, 2010

Woke around 5:30. Jeremy was up already, continuing reading the Scholastic edition of Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark. We awoke to beautiful passing views of Northern California. I snapped a photo of Jer just after passing Mount Shasta. Explored the train. Great views. The sleeper car is worth every penny. Lunch and dinner in the dining car. Amtrak tip: If you don't want the awkwardness of sharing a table with others, travel in a party of 4. Nap. Delayed at around 7:15 PM at Tacoma due to some kind of incident involving trains and pedestrians. At 8:32 PM the train leaves but we have arranged for a ride, so we alight. At 9:25 PM we're on I-5 north in Christine's and Nancy's cars. Picked up a minivan rental from a friend of Nancy's. Drove to Nancy's place at the base of Issaquah Highlands. this is our home for the next week. To bed late.

Mon Aug 2, 2010

Drove to Seattle, parked in the Macy's parking garage. Pike Place Market. Bought cherries, bought pastries at Three Girls Bakery, visited the mini donut machine (which was disappointingly broken for partof the time), flying fish, golden pig, Fran's chocolate shop, stopped for a few minutes at a lookout just off 1st Avenue. Christine and Zach took off, Nancy joined us. Rode the bus to Pioneer Square, visited Magic Mouse Toys, stopped at the Underground Tour but no one more than halfheartedly wanted to go so no one did, visited the totem pole and pergola, stopped at a local coffee chain called Starbucks, walked to 1st and King. I took photos of Merrill Place and 83 King. Visited Waterfall Park. We found Salumi even though we knew it was closed. Saw Smith Tower from a distance. Walked to Central Library where the kids found books and Nancy checked them out. We ran out of time and didn't even leave the ground floor. Drove to Christine and Doug's. Christine had prepared a delicious feast for us then she and Doug left for a few hours for a meeting while we watched Mia and Zach and the other kids while they were gone. The kids played.

Tue Aug 3, 2010

Woke before everyone. Breakfast: warm caribbean banana bread, hot water, Rainier cherries. The kids watched Tom And Jerry. Lunch at Old Country Buffet. I was afraid to check in on Foursquare because I imagined becoming mayor of Old Country Buffet—a just-okay all-you-can-eater. Visited the KidsQuest Children's Museum, which kept the kids busy for a few hours. KidsQuest is really quite a gem for Factoria and the Seattle/Bellevue area in general. There are play areas for kids from newborn to early teens, and a lot of the exhibits have learning elements to them. A grand Korean feast at Barb's, a friend of Nancy's.

Wed Aug 4, 2010

Breakfast at home. Stopped at a car dealership; Rob bought some parts for Christine and Doug's car. Parked near 8th and Lenora. Picked up cheese pizza and other food at Whole Foods Denny. Ate in Denny Park. Learned from a city worker that most Seattle parks do not have public restrooms. Walked around Seattle Center. Visited the Pacific Science Center. Changed in the car. Watched skaters at the new skate park. Dinner at the Space Needle with Nancy and the Honmas.

Thu Aug 5, 2010

Snoqualmie Falls. Seattle Central Library. Dinner at Etta's. Boeing Museum of Flight. Stopped at Christine and Doug's; Rob fixed a car problem for them involving some hoses. Back to Nancy's. To bed late.

Fri Aug 6, 2010

Breakfast and lunch at Nancy's. Left Nancy's at about 11:40. Attempted to watch the Blue Angels from Luther Burbank Park on Mercer Island but didn't arrive early enough and spent the hour in traffic at Exit 7. Checked in to a Doubletree Inn near Sea-Tac. Visited Costco #1 looking for local gift chocolates but didn't find any. Snacks for all at the food counter, including 3 scoops of gelato in a waffle cone for $1.50!

Sat Aug 7, 2010

Early flight from SEA to SFO on United. BART to Daly City, Muni 28 to home. Snack: tortilla chips, organic hummus. Nap. Snack: shrimp ramen with broccoli. Watched Lost Highway (1997) on Netflix DVD. Edited photos. Dinner at home: naan from frozen; steamed dumplings from frozen from Kingdom of Dumpling. Amputagged a lot of clothes because tags were itching me. Edited and uploaded photos to Flickr.

Sun Aug 8, 2010

Breakfast at home: oatmeal with organic thompson raisins. Cut my hair, showered. Bought sandwich fixins at Safeway. Utopia pool party. Brunch with Emery, Scott, Andy, Brian J, Eric N, Dave M, Scot B, Ben H. Co-cabana boys were James K, Brian J, Emery, Scott, Andy. Met Mackenzie, Jose, Paul, Mark D, Fabian (or was it Fabio?), and others. I failed to follow Emery's advice.

Mon Aug 9, 2010

Breakfast at home: organic oatmeal with thompson raisins, nonfat milk. 1-on-1 with Eric. Lunch: roast turkey sandwich from home with romaine, cheddar, and mayo. Snack from Panda Express: 2 veggie spring rolls, no sauce. My fortune: You will be honored with a prestigious prize or award. Grocery shopping at Safeway. Dinner at home: corn on the cob, multicolor linguine in sweet basil sauce, hot organic lemonade with brown sugar. Dessert: pina colada yogurt.

Tue Aug 10, 2010

Breakfast at home: organic oatmeal with fresh sliced banana, nonfat milk; hot lemonade with brown sugar. 1-on-1 with Eric: brainstormed filetypes fields for The Archive. Lunch: roast turkey sandwich from home with romaine and mayo. Worked late. To home. Corrected a small problem with crontab on my iMac. Adjusted rules in Apple Mail. Dinner at home: a few ounces of nonfat cottage cheese; roast turkey sandwich from home with romaine, cheddar, and mayo; hot tortilla chips with organic hummus; hot water. Dessert: chocolate-covered cherries. Web work for Recharge Spa. Bought Myst 10th Anniversary DVD edition for my sister's family.

Wed Aug 11, 2010

Breakfast at home: organic oatmeal with fresh diced pink lady apple, organic cinnamon, nonfat milk. Lunch at desk: roast turkey sandwich from home with romaine and mayo. Dinner at home: large hearts of romaine salad with sliced roast turkey breast and poppy seed dressing. Laundry. Linkchecking for home websites. Began packing.

Thu Aug 12, 2010

Vacation starts today. Slept in. Drupal Commons webinar. Resolved a problem with MAMP PRO and MySQL—my databases were not working and I determined after much effort that they were named incorrectly. To resolve the problem I copied the databases to the correct name, tested that it worked, then deleted the wrongly named ones. Brunch at home. Drove to Guerneville the long way because that's what Google Maps told me to do and I didn't know better, checked in to Creekside Inn. Dinner at a picnic table by the pool: smoked turkey sandwich, tortilla chips, a banana. Walked through downtown Guerneville. It took about a minute. Chatted with Tina on the phone.

Fri Aug 13, 2010

Breakfast downstairs with Jackie and Autumn: vanilla yogurt, small croissant, slice of raisin bread, scrambled eggs with ketchup, grilled potatoes, goji berry hot tea, orange juice. Yoga: standing warmup practice. Weight training: 3-minute advanced plank, advanced pushups. Checked out Johnson's Beach. Bought groceries at Food for Humans. Drove to Armstrong Woods. Walked and hiked over 2 miles, spent 3 hours there, left feeling very relaxed. Ate a meatless chicken salad sandwich by Super Fresh! Foods, vegan roasted garlic hummus wrap with crunch vegetables by Fundamental Foods, and other snacks. Bought groceries at Safeway. Ate bing cherries. Nap, shower. Sundance weekend passholder party called Dusk at Sonoma Nesting Company with house music by DJ Rob Kaftan ( Walked to Rainbow Cattle Company then Triple R (DJ John). Back to Sonoma Nesting Company. This evening was mostly not happening.

Sat Aug 14, 2010

Pre-breakfast in room: 2 oatmeal packets. Breakfast in the dining room. Met Bonner and Mary. Roasted red pepper and corn strata, wheat toast with butter, blueberry (scone?), fresh blueberries and melon, peach green tea, orange juice. Triple R for the daytime pool party called Daylight with JY, Adrian, James. Met Caleb, Grant, and Mauricio. DJ was Lee Decker. Dinner with JY and Adrian at Applewood Restaurant—meal and company both very enjoyable. Jerry's nightclub for the nighttime party called Moondance. DJ was Blaine Soileau.

Sun Aug 15, 2010

Breakfast downstairs: oven-baked French toast, blueberry yogurt, oatmeal, mint green tea. Met Beth, Jay (aka Jonathan), and Natasha. JY and Adrian stopped by briefly for a surprise visit. Had a great, long chat with Natasha. Daytime dance party called Sundance at a private estate. DJ was Phil B. My earplugs needed earplugs. Met Gavin, Jon, Jerome, Jack, Yoshi, David, David (pron. Daveed), Derek, David, and more. Jerry's Nightclub for the closing night party called Sunset. DJ was Luke Johnstone. Met Kevin M, Daniel, Bao, and more.

Mon Aug 16, 2010

Yoga: standing warmup practice. Watched Behind Enemy Lines (2001) from somewhere in the middle to the end on TV. Breakfast with Natasha and Collin. Egg muffin thing cooked in wonton wrappers. Checked out of Creekside Inn. Stopped in and looked at a bike shop and fabric store. Lunch at Garden Grill with Rich and Alan: for me: veggie burger, seasoned fries. Food is standard American fare. Service is pretty good. Drove from Guerneville to San Francisco, drinking Red Bull and stopping 3 times along the way to rest. Dinner: vegetable beef soup, hot water. Nap. Thought about going to 80s night at Trigger but didn't. Yoga: standing warmup practice. Late meal: broccoli and organic sweet corn from frozen with butter, water.

Tue Aug 17, 2010

Breakfast at home: organic oatmeal with fresh diced granny smith apple, organic cinnamon, organic nonfat milk. Could not finish. To work. Caught up on email. Late lunch: veggie burrito from Carmelina's. Worked on the supp app project in Drupal. Here's how I hid primary links in Drupal 6. How to hide primary links for unauthenticated users: Visit /admin/build/themes/select and select the Configure link for the theme you're using. In the Toggle Display section, uncheck the checkbox for primary links. Then visit /admin/build/block and ensure that the primary links block is not disabled. For example, move it to Header. Select the Save button. After the changes are saved, select the Configure link for the primary links block. Set block title to "<none>", set the role specific visibility settings accordingly (I chose only authenticated user and website administrator), set the page specific visibility settings accordingly (I chose show on every page except the listed pages" and "<front>"). Late dinner: ginger fish and brown rice from Thai Chef.

Wed Aug 18, 2010

Breakfast: oatmeal with fresh diced pink lady apple and organic cinnamon, 16 ounces of V8 juice. Doctor appointment. Bought energy bars at The University Store. Prepared entering students data for CBW and Doug C. Linkchecking. ICRD work for Peter L. Reported a password problem about the staff portal. Helped JCB with a computer problem on his home computer. Supp app work in Drupal. Muni to Duboce Park, stopped at the Castro Farmer's Market. Bought super-expensive local honey, candied almonds, white nectarines. Lime Messy Wednesdays with Emery, Hing, Rich, Steven, Andy, Scott, Josh, Alex, John B, JY, Adrian, Matt, gogo boy Andrew, Craig D. Late meal: leftover ginger fish and jasmine rice. Weight training: advanced pushups.

Thu Aug 19, 2010

Breakfast: white nectarine, half order of oatmeal with fresh diced white nectarine and organic cinnamon, 16 ounces of V8 juice. Supp app workshop (now presentation) revisions for JWG. Helped JCB with a computer problem on his home computer. Lunch: sandwich and cookie provided by Susie. Updated the ECAP brochure for Grace. PharmD and prospective students redesign work for Cindy. Stopped by Aggie's, met her, picked up her computer. Aggie is a friend of Doe's, and I agreed to fix her computer for her. Dinner at home: TJ's stuffed salmon belle mer, leftover naan from frozen, corn and leftover broccoli from frozen with butter, hot water. Began work on Aggie's computer. Dessert: one candy cane almond roca leftover from last December. Late meal: chunky soup sirloin burger, hot water.

Fri Aug 20, 2010

Weight training: shrug, one-arm dumbbell row, advanced partially one-legged advanced plank. To work. More supp app presentation revisions for JWG. Lunch: roast turkey and cheddar sandwich. Shuttle to LHTS, chatted with Sarah P. Social media meeting with David K and others at Laurel Heights. Back to Parnassus, chatted with Sarah P, David H, Malinda W. Met with student PM about a laptop that was not starting up properly. Asked DLS to install PGP for our supported computers. Scanned photos. PharmD and prospective students redesign work for Cindy. Prepped an HTML email for Sue. Listserv maintenance. Calendar management. PharmD and prospective students redesign work for Cindy. Had Kevin Y resolve a problem with my password to the staff portal. To home. Continued troubleshooting Aggie's computer. Dinner at home: organic alfredo mac and cheese with albacore tuna, hot water. Watched 30 minutes of La Mission on Netflix DVD.

Sat Aug 21, 2010

Weight training: superslow dumbbell fly, superslow dumbbell press. Made purchases for Aggie's computer. Drove to Kaiser for some routine lab tests. Stopped at Divisadero Car Wash. Lunch at Luna: veggie omelet, hot water. Grocery shopping at Mollie Stone's Tower Market. Used Coinstar for the first time today. To home. Web work for Drew: put in a new slideshow using malsup's jQuery Cycle Plugin. Laundry. Edited photos. Tried on new clothes. Some fit, some didn't. Finished watching La Mission on Netflix DVD. Linkchecking for home websites. Edited photos.

Sun Aug 22, 2010

Breakfast at home: organic oatmeal with fresh diced white nectarine, half tablespoon of City Bees McLaren Park honey, organic cinnamon, nonfat milk; Dole pina colada (-flavored) juice. Drove to Emery's. Rode with Emery to the San Jose Pride Festival in Discovery Meadow at Guadalupe River Park. Parking in the nearby garage was $7. Hung out for about 4 hours seeing a lot of South Bay friends (Matt W, Dale, Eric N, Dave R), and I met a lot of other people that Emery knew. Ate a fresh $8 veggie burrito and had 8 ounces of some kind of champagne for $5. Emery ate a Philly cheesesteak sandwich and the same champagne and (later) some boiled corn on the cob. We watched Derek Jamesom and Finding Stella perform. Spent some time at the Dance in the Park stage listening, watching, and dancing. Walked among the booths, entered a raffle at the Symantec booth but neither of us won (by the time we left). Received a free Alice radio fridge magnet but it was so weak in terms of magnet strength that I ditched it—not useful. Got two free Symantec TSA-approved luggage locks—potentially quite useful. Back to SF. Eagle Tavern with Emery. Met Jeremy, Jeremy, Antonio, Darryl, Vince, Fred. Dinner with Emery at Basil Canteen. A fun day. Weight training: hammer curl.

Mon Aug 23, 2010

Breakfast at home: organic oatmeal with fresh diced organic bartlett pear, organic cinnamon, nonfat milk; 12 ounces of hot organic lemonade with half tablespoon of City Bees McLaren Park honey. To work. Helped a recent grad with a question about email. Made live changes to the supp app workshop—now presentation—page. Asked Valerie then DLS about a license key for Office Pro Plus 2010 (MCCA). Checked in with Leslie Y about ShareCenter. Calendar management. Worked on online payments for PID. Burned MCCA installer discs for Office Pro Plus 2010. Investigated using Google Forms as a solution for some web needs. To home. Weight training: front raise, lateral raise. Edited photos. Laundry. House cleaning. Post office, chatted with Gigi. Snack: 1.5 organic peanut butter sandwiches on wheat. Nap. Testarossa 80s night at Trigger, DJ Mark Andrus. With Emery, Ted, Matt, Brett, Marc, Steven. Met ex-Marine doorman Joshua (who thought I was 26 years old and with whom I talked briefly about cockblocking), Lisa, Greg, Matt and Joshua from Kansas City, Joe the lightpost climber, and a tall redhead named Samuel. The staff was dressed in red Devo hats and black outfits. The secret passphrase tonight for a free drink before (I think) 11 PM was "Whip it good!" Mark Andrus played an 80s tune that no one in my group knew. It was "Echo Beach" by Martha and the Muffins. This night was the most crowded I had ever seen Testarossa. After 11:15 PM or so, the crowd turned almost entirely straight. Not literally. You know what I mean. It was too crowded to be much fun, so I took many more breaks this time. Afterwards I had a $3.50 slice of veggie pizza at Nizario's just before it closed.

Tue Aug 24, 2010

Amazingly hot weather yesterday and today; I love it! Breakfast at home: organic oatmeal with pink lady apple, organic cinnamon, nonfat milk; 12 ounces of generic V8. To work. Snack: granola bar. Lunch: organic butter leaf lettuce salad from home with broccoli, mushrooms, organic tomato wedges, and organic sunflower seeds; tortilla chips. 1-on-1 with Cindy. Modified the preview session page to use Google Forms. Opened a new bank account at the local credit union for the sole reason of having a place to get rolls of quarters for laundry. There was an outreach event today with a lot of leftover food, so I scored some tuna salad and orzo salad to take home. Dinner at home: 2 tuna sandwiches, leftover popcorn. Web work for Recharge Spa: hours and other small edits. Uploaded content to Flickr and YouTube.

Wed Aug 25, 2010

Yoga: standing warmup practice. Weight training: tricep kickback, superslow front raise, superslow dumbbell fly. Breakfast at home: organic oatmeal with fresh sliced organic banana, organic cinnamon, nonfat milk; 12 ounces of generic V8. To work. Helped Susie with an istockphoto video issue. Sarah M confirmed that our PGP license at UCSF is good for non-University-owned computers such as those used at home for telecommuting—excellent! Small web update for JWG: blog link. Supp app Drupal work. Calendar management. Lunch: tuna sandwich, Bearitos Crunchitos, water. More supp app Drupal work. Changed into long pants. Muni then BART to PDR's. Tea, cheese, and crackers. Phil picked up me and Drew in the car and we drove to Bombay Indian where we met Emery, Ted, Scott, and Andy for dinner. Afterwards I stopped at Badlands to use the bathroom, then took Muni home. Uploaded and titled photos.

Thu Aug 26, 2010

Breakfast at home: organic oatmeal with fresh sliced organic banana, organic cinnamon, nonfat milk; 16 ounces of generic V8. To work. Met with Shirin about the preview session page. I switched it over to use a Google Form. Shared image repository meeting at the library. Bought my bus pass. Small meal: orzo salad with sundried tomatoes and goat cheese. More supp app Drupal work. To home. Took the trash out. Pulled some weeds in the front and back yards. Dinner at home: 2 tuna salad and sliced organic tomato sandwiches, hot water. Accidentally dropped a glass jar of organic cinnamon. Cleaned up the mess, lamented the loss. Did some ironing and amputagged a shirt. Linkchecking for home websites. Confirmed that my new bank account has the correct amount of money in it.

Fri Aug 27, 2010

Breakfast at home: cherry yogurt, a plum, an organic banana. To work. More supp app Drupal work all day. Lunch #1: orzo salad, water. Lunch #2: tuna sandwich, water. To home. Snack: half tuna sandwich. Nap. Late dinner: leftovers from Bombay Indian.

Sat Aug 28, 2010

Resolved a problem with CrashPlan in which my external backup drive did not cleanly unmount and appeared in /Volumes with a dash followed by the number 1. I thought at first I was going to have to contact a human but the CrashPlan support website came through for me. Breakfast at home: cream of wheat with fresh sliced organic banana, brown sugar, City Bees McLaren Park honey, nonfat milk. Cut my hair. Showered and cleaned the tub at the same time. Safeway for groceries. Small lunch: leftovers from Bombay Indian. Marinated chicken in bourbon sauce. Adrian's farewell party at Lookout with Adrian, JY, Scott, Andy, Ted, Emery, Eric N, Dave R, Dave M, Phil, Glenn, Kris, Mike, Tyler, Remi, Jesse, Ryan, Jason, Jeremy, Todd, Russ S, Lam, Charlie, Francis, and probably others I forgot. Left after an hour. To home. Baked bourbon chicken. Potluck. Shangri La at End Up. Arrived at 2200. Met Chris, who apologized for not being able to get me in early. Joseph, Tommy, Chris with the Star Wars shirt, Joseph, Somsack, Alan, Chris, met Tita Aida, Sean, Glenn, Kris, Hao. Met Doncha Vishyuwuzme. Left at 0415, found a $55 parking ticket on my car that was written at 0405, but I was smiling the whole drive home nonetheless.

Sun Aug 29, 2010

Bought gas. Stopped at IKEA mostly for hangers. Also got a cutting board for the office. Went to a pinkalicious princess tea party. Dinner with Eric, Maia, and family in their new place in San Jose.

Mon Aug 30, 2010

To work. Troubleshot the kiosk, couldn't get it working so I shut it down until Rodney returns. Linkchecking. Web edits for Cindy: educational outcomes, HPM changes to HSPR (schedules only). Said farewell to Shannon. Took the shuttle to Mission Bay with Eric. Met with Tom Ferrin's group about Drupal. Tom, Elaine, Conrad, Craig, ?, Eric, Doug, Darren, Leonard, ?, Emmanuel, Susan, Al (hardware, mentioned but not present). They bought lunch for the meeting: burritos and soda and water. Back to Parnassus. Reposted fall draft schedules for Lucia. Helped student MS with a question about Exchange and Google Calendar. Helped Dick and Carol troubleshoot a mail delivery problem. More supp app Drupal work. Watched The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (1974) on Netflix DVD. Dinner #1: organic butter leaf lettuce salad with broccoli, mushrooms, organic tomato wedges, organic sunflower seeds, and lowfat ranch dressing. Dinner #2: stir-fry with tofu, broccoli, mushrooms, baby bok choy, garlic, ginger, peanut oil, canola oil, steamed rice. Received Aggie's new hard drive today.

Tue Aug 31, 2010

Running in place: 23 minutes. Weight training: dumbbell fly. To work. Student computing working group meeting. OSACA staff meeting. Continued helping Dick and Carol troubleshoot a mail delivery problem. Kiosk flickr work. Linkchecking. Helped Susie understand SEO better. Reminded OSACA staff how to resolve problems with spam. Helped resident Lori H with an account closure. Met with Eric D to stop using (which we were just using as a test) and set up a new domain for us to host static files on a cookieless domain to improve page load times on Followup with Sarah M and Kerry C about security improvements for our office. Set up calendar reminders about timesheet reporting. UCSF is finally now going all-electronic with timesheet reporting. To home. Dinner at home: leftover stir-fry, hot water. Web work for Recharge Spa. Aggie's battery arrived today. Continued troubleshooting Aggie's computer: calibrated the battery. Late meal: vegetarian chili from a can.