June 2010

Summary: Return of the Empress: GAPA happy hour, Bombay Indian. San Diego vacation. Pink house party hosted by Jeff N, Josh A, Chris N, Rob C. Melissa returns.

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Tue Jun 1, 2010

Breakfast at home: Caribbean banana bread slice, hot water. To work. Management activities. 1-on-1 with Rodney. Management activities. Lunch: leftover stir fry, one almond chocolate cluster from student LR. 1-on-1 with Cindy. Management activities. Web edits: new admissions calendar, ECAP, photocopying. Worked late. Home. Dinner at home: leftover stir fry. Recharge Spa work: postcard review for Drew. Linkchecking for home websites. Dessert: chocolate-dipped rice krispie treat from student LH.

Wed Jun 2, 2010

Breakfast: can't remember—probably oatmeal. The Archive permissions meeting with Eric D and Susie L. Posted updates to the web page describing photocopying services on Med Sci 9. Lunch with Eric D and Scott E at Ten. Communications overview and strategy map meeting with Sarah P and Christina C. IRC student survey prep. Management activities. Chatted with Cesar about some permissions issues that DLS is resolving. WCWG work: sitemaps followup. SCWG work: IronKey. Gave access to Susie to a bunch of photos to review. Completed the draft of the hallway poster for Cindy. Dinner at home: shrimp tacos: organic corn tortillas, shrimp, spanish rice, organic sour cream, taco sauce, mango salsa, cheddar cheese.

Thu Jun 3, 2010

No breakfast. Doctor appointment. Late breakfast: scrambled eggs, hash browns, wheat toast, butter, 16-ounce POG juice from the cafeteria: $4.28. Management activities. Sent Sam S a copy of the poster at his request since he contributed a photo. Posted graduation ceremony news for Cindy. Sent the poster to DMM for printing. Helped student NN with a password problem. Management activities. Updated the conferences page. Late lunch: #2 burrito (Diego Rivera) and Calistoga lemon mineral water from Carmelina's: $5.94. ECAP edits. Chatted on the N Judah with Lucas. Sent the websteering lunch reminder. Drinks, free food, and later dinner at a GAPA event at Lime with Ben, Trevor, Parapol, Kenji, Edward, Andrew, Mike, Mike, Danny, Emery, Other Ted, JY, Adrian, Galen, Ric, Brad, Coby, Steve, Scott, Scott, Andy, Empress, Hing, and others.

Fri Jun 4, 2010

Management activities. Poster production followup with Jim T. Management activities. More network permissions chat and resolution with Cesar. Lunch at Soi Gow: pineapple fried rice, hot water. Afterwards drank a Rockstar energy drink from University Store. Computer requirements web page updates, thanks to Nathan S. PharmD/PhD updates prep. Stopped at Lime to see if I could find my lost orange sweatshirt—no luck. Cafe Flore with Andy and Scott, then others arrived: Bryan L, Empress, Patrick C, Dan B, Timmy D, Leland R, Jeremy B. Andy signed with others who arrived for a deaf group meetup. Went to dinner at Bombay Indian with all of these 9. We split up afterwards, some going to Blackbird, others going home. Patrick gave me and Bryan a ride to Bryan's car, then Bryan gave me a ride home.

Sat Jun 5, 2010

House chores: bathroom cleaning, removed 4 flies with the spider catcher. From where did they all come? Breakfast at home: organic, free range, 2-egg omelette with oyster mushrooms, spinach, mushrooms; leftover Phil's grilled potatoes with sundried tomatoes and capers - yum! Dessert: chocolate covered rice krispie treat. Removed 3 more flies. Drink: 7 ounces of non-alcoholic ginger beer. Errands: shoe shop, post office, drug store, Kingdom of Dumpling. Snack: a bowl of black cherry chocolate chip lowfat frozen yogurt. Removed another fly. Midafternoon meal: salad. Disco nap. New Wave City at DNA Lounge with Emery. Skip and Shindog played the main room. In the lounge: Lowlife and Michael Charming. I convinced Emery to check out this night because we were tired of hearing the same set of about 120 songs Mondays at Trigger's 80s night called Testarossa 80s (Don Lynch). New Wave City (which I will heretofore abbreviate as NWC) was an OK time, but it was frustrating because it still wasn't the great 80s experience I was seeking. Both 80s nights have really good things and pretty bad things about them. Each NWC night has a theme—tonight was The Smiths. The visuals at NWC were videos but these videos were not the same as the music coming out of the speakers. So, for example, Chrissie Hynde's voice came out of the speakers but on the screen I saw Morrissey singing in concert. Morrissey seemingly channeling Chrissie Hynde was very disconcerting to me, and I had to look away from the screen. It would have been better for NWC to use stills if not live video mixing of the song that was playing. A lot of the main floor music at NWC was good for listening but not exactly music that got you on your feet to dance. I can play good-for-listening 80s songs at home; I go to the club because I don't have space for a dance party at home; I want to dance. The lounge played dancier music, so we spent most of our time there. It was great to hear more 80s songs than we had been hearing at Testarossa. The lounge dance floor had a better vibe from the crowd probably due to the dancier music, but I still missed Don Lynch's fun technique of cutting out the music at key points during songs to let the crowd sing or react. There were several opportunities to do this while we danced, but the DJ did not take them. There was no mixing of tunes in the lounge—only a crossfade lasting a few seconds, requiring essentially no DJ talent. iTunes can do this automatically—why did they hire a human to play the lounge? On both floors the DJs seemed to play only radio tracks—no remixes, no extended remixes. Full songs were played, and to me that's worth it only if you're getting something other than a radio mix. I prefer the fast, short mixes that Don Lynch did at Testarossa. To their credit, both NWC floors did avoid playing only the biggest hits and included some of the more obscure smaller hits—Don Lynch, are you reading this? (But I have yet to hear an Oingo Boingo song at an 80s dance night in San Francisco. Where is the justice?) The crowd was about only 5% gay and lesbian but otherwise pretty diverse. I didn't see very many good dancers. Women were better dressed than men overall. It seems to me that straight mens fashion has fallen into a rut out of which it cannot pull itself, and because of that I feel so sorry for straight women, especially those that are single. Crowd was polite and orderly except for one woman who kept backing into me and Emery on the lounge floor. It was unclear to me why and in what state of mind she was—we later guessed that she was rudely and aggressively taking floor space. After a few minutes I just gave up negotiating with her, stopped dancing, and left the floor. We danced for a bit on the main floor, and then I was wanting to leave because I had found out what I needed to know. Conclusion: If Don Lynch is still playing Testarossa 80s on Mondays at Trigger, that's a better time than NWC if you haven't been to Testarossa 80s more than twice already, and this is true no matter if you are straight or gay or somewhere in between. His live video mixing is top-notch and fun to watch. You can tell he enjoys pleasing the crowd and building a good vibe. If only he diversified his small playlist I would keep coming back. NWC is better for you if you're straight, not much of a dancer, or don't already have a lot of 80s tunes to listen to at home. After NWC Emery got a hoodie from home and drove us to the Castro where we met up with Empress and Andy at Trigger, and we enjoyed ourselves a few hours. At my request, Sneeper recommended that I drink a tequila sunrise; I liked the taste but it didn't seem to be as effective as other drinks I've had. Rode the L-Owl for the first time, met Joanne, Gabby (Gabrielle), and a gay guy (whose name I didn't get) who owned cute pitbulls. Joanne, Gabby, and I missed our stop and walked back from 28th, noticing a dead raccoon at 27th which I reported to @sf311. Muni's L-Owl actually worked for me—I hadn't expected it to, but it did. Met China/Anthony on 26th. Home. Late snack: leftover spanish rice.

Sun Jun 6, 2010

Breakfast: 2 small nectarines. Sewing projects. Lunch at home: grilled fresh vegetables over steamed medium grain white rice. Removed 2 more flies. Long nap. Dinner at home: large organic mixed greens salad with chopped organic carrot, homemade organic sour cream dressing, red cabbage, grated cheddar; 12 ounces of organic honey green tea. formspring.me has recently made live an eye-pleasing site redesign. Late meal: 14 dumplings from frozen, Kingdom of Dumpling: 7 vegetable, 7 shrimp and chive.

Mon Jun 7, 2010

Pre-breakfast: one small nectarine. To work. Breakfast from the cafeteria: scrambled eggs, hash browns, wheat toast, butter, darjeeling tea. cdrom work all morning. Rodney reported a problem with the IRC audio system, so I helped him strategize a solution. Brainstorming communications strategy over lunch by myself at Chow: corn chowder special soup with mahi mahi sandwich (burger, really) special; hot chai tea. Embarrassingly expensive, but so satisfying I didn't mind. This brainstorming I've been doing lately has to do with figuring out how people are communicating now and how can we make that better. I've thought for years that people at UCSF rely on email far more than necessary. We have some really big holes in communications tools—web discussion forums I think is the biggest. With rare exception, UCSF people still think that one-to-many (one-way) communications are ideal and that PowerPoint presentations in person are even better. If useful dialogue occurs, it only happens in 3 ways: (1) in email, (2) in small meatspace meetings, or (3) in the limited Q-and-A time at the end of a large meatspace meeting. In my spare time, I'm trying to get a grasp of the big picture as well as the fine details while simultaneously attempting to define a vision for what communications and communications tools at UCSF could be like in the future. So far I've found it's a big mess, and I know I see only a tiny part of the whole picture. No one can figure out the whole picture; I think in this little project I've taken on we just want to see how close we can get. Errands: Posh Bagel, Progress Hardware. I think it's funny how San Francisco hardware store owners optimistically put the box fans near the store entrance this time of year. That's worthwhile for maybe a few minutes before the fog rolls in. If I owned a hardware store, I would put heaters and box fans on a lazy suzanesque display and spin it based on the weather at the moment. Or maybe I would just put it on a slow motor and leave it spinning all day long. Al's Market is going out of business (again). There are many organic food items that are buy 1 get 1 free, so I bought a few things. Bookstore: Rockstar energy drink. CPFM finally completed our request to mount a key cabinet and whiteboard for Eric—nice work. Helped Joel resolve a printing problem with PDF forms filled out successfully with Apple Preview but which display and print incorrectly in Adobe Reader. The issue exists because of some incompatibility with how Preview writes the resulting form and because some of our applicants use Preview instead of Adobe Reader to complete the form (despite our instructions to use Adobe Reader). The workaround: print from Skim or Preview in OS X or ask the applicant to complete the form again using Adobe Reader. Minor web work: social media linking-from-home-page strategy (my recommendation: do nothing for now; we have more social media work to do before we should link). Management activities. Bought organic nonfat milk on the way home. Dinner at home: essentially the same salad as for lunch yesterday. Reloaded the pepper mill with organic whole black peppercorns. Tried on clothes received in the mail from abercrombie kids: 10 unbelievably-perfect-fit wins, 2 close wins, all keepers, all on sale, very happy. The knit tops in large and the sweatpants in medium are what fit me perfectly. The button-downs will require a little finessing with the sewing machine to make just right. For all the stuff I've bought from aberkids, I understand all the fits and the cuts except for the button-downs; the shape in the torso is not right, I think even for their target market. The cuts of the button-downs don't make sense given the cuts of the knits. Of particular note: compared to other clothing stores, there are almost no photos of kids wearing the clothes either on the website or in the abercrombie store. Late snack: salt bagel, whipped cream cheese.

Tue Jun 8, 2010

Yoga seated warmups. Breakfast at home: sesame bagel with whipped cream cheese on one side, organic peanut butter on the other. Management activities. Shorturl group management. Listserv management. Quick lunch at The Pub, chatted with Judy E about OAAIS changes. UCSF Communicators Group meeting at Mission Bay: headshot photos, met Kaspar and Caroline. Errands: Columbus Cutlery, shoe shine shop. Too tired to cook tonight. King of Thai Noodle: yellow curry tofu and vegetables with steamed white rice. The curry turned out spicier than I had liked, but I ate it anyway. Installed Microsoft Office 2008 12.2.5 at home. Late meal: leftover curry and steamed white rice.

Wed Jun 9, 2010

Began some laundry. Removed another fly. Breakfast at home: Telecommute day. Facelift followup all day: sentence case edits. Chatted with Susie and La'Trece about pcard procedures. Lunch at home: stir-fry with organic extra firm tofu, spinach, baby bok choy, onion, garlic, soy sauce, canola oil; 12 ounces of hot tea (Tazo Awake). Washed 3 loads of laundry throughout the day. Drink: 12 ounces of cold honey green tea. Cut my hair, showered. Did some vacuuming. Dinner at home: herb crackers with leftover sag aloo, leftovers, 12 ounces of hot water. Finished folding laundry.

Thu Jun 10, 2010

Stayed home with a sore throat. Breakfast at home: oatmeal with fresh, chopped granny smith apple, organic cinnamon, organic nonfat milk. I used the Cuisinart today to chop the apple and wasn't very happy with the results. Reorganized my dresser. Snack: herb crackers with tomato basil hummus. Lunch: 7 vegetable dumplings and 7 shrimp and chive dumplings from Kingdom of Dumpling from frozen. Drink: hot organic lemonade with organic simple syrup. Watched 40 minutes of Rashomon (1950) on Netflix DVD; Bearitos organic popcorn with salt. Got tired, took a nap. Woke at 9:00 PM, took the trash out. Late dinner at home: organic mixed greens salad with grated organic carrot, sliced red cabbage, cheddar cheese, homemade organic sour cream dressing; listened to Savage Love episode 189 via iTunes.

Fri Jun 11, 2010

Breakfast: one small nectarine, one toasted whole grains and flax english muffin with organic peanut butter, 16 ounces of hot tea (Tazo Awake). Miscellaneous work. Final ECAP edits for Susie. Worked with David R from Medicine on a document involving student headshots. Pcard account lockout resolution. Helped Lucia with a question about voicemail passwords. SCWG work: response to wireless news. Management activities. Lunch: Panda Express to go: fried rice, honey walnut shrimp, veggie spring rolls, brought my water bottle, sat in the sun on the library steps. My fortune: Do not dwell on differences with a loved one. Try a compromise. Posted and announced fall draft schedules for Lucia. SCWG work: cd building. Admissions edits for JWG. Chatted with Eric D and Alison S on the N train to Castro. Dinner at Nirvana with Chris, Nate, Ivan, Drew, Quyen, and Romey. Afterwards we walked to Bi-Rite and I picked up a few grocery items and the others bought supplies for bananas foster which was prepared at Phil, Drew, and Romey's place. Nap. BART then Muni home late.

Sat Jun 12, 2010

Breakfast: 16 ounces of hot tea (Tazo Awake). Yoga: standing warmup. House chores: washed dishes and windows, vacuumed. Prepared old unused items for sale. Repotted an orchid that wasn't doing very well. Washed windows. Pleasingly hot weather today. Lunch at home: organic southwestern black bean soup, 2 pieces of leftover naan from Bombay Indian. Continued watching Rashomon (1950) on Netflix DVD but after about 30 minutes it made me sleepy again. Within minutes of turning it off I was alert again. Altered 5 shirts: 1 from Gap Kids that I had previously altered (made some refinements to it) and 4 from Abercrombie. These Abercrombie button-down shirts are a pretty good fit for me right off the rack. Once they are taken in on the sides just a bit, they are a very good fit. They could be longer an inch or two, but the whole thing still works for me. Since these needed to be taken in widthwise less than all of the other shirts I have previously altered, I tried a new method: 4 lengthwise darts, about 0.25 inches wide, 2 along each seam, running from the armpit to 2 inches from the bottom hem. This method worked really well, better than the other method I had been using, and it also meant I could leave the backup buttons in place. I also added an 8-inch dart at the lower back center. The 5-dart method takes only 15 minutes whereas the previous method took over an hour. Late dinner at home: oven-baked, herb-crusted, lemon-dijon pacific salmon from frozen; organic vegetable foursome (corn, green beans, carrots, peas) from frozen; Kashi wild rice medley; cold organic green tea with honey. Finished watching Rashomon (1950) on Netflix DVD. I found the concept of the story interesting, but as a whole I did not enjoy it—way too slow for me. Edited and uploaded photos.

Sun Jun 13, 2010

House chores: washed dishes. Web work for Drew. Breakfast at home: oatmeal with organic thompson raisins, organic cinnamon, organic nonfat milk; hot water. Wrapped a gift. Altered 3 more shirts. Tidied. Cut my hair, showered. Repaired the hair clippers which had fallen apart because I accidentally dropped them. (Only the 2nd time ever.) Met JY at Dolores Park, sat in the sun with him and, later, Ryan, Jason, and Craig, for a few hours. Early dinner by myself at La Fajita Grill: veggie burrito, tortilla chips, mild salsa, plain water. Afterwards I got a Straus Family Creamery soft serve cone (half vanilla, half chocolate) from Super Duper and hung out at The Cafe for a little while. Was going to go to Lookout for drinks, but JY canceled and I was very tired. To home.

Mon Jun 14, 2010

To work. Breakfast at the cafeteria: scrambled eggs, hash browns, wheat toast, butter. Lots of computer maintenance. Eric made live our new background image—the petri dish (my favorite of the background images). Lunch with Scott and Eric D at NKRB. I had chow mein noodles with shrimp. Web team meeting with Eric D and Susie. Lots of computer maintenance. Dinner at home: leftovers from lunch. Dessert: some pieces of chocolate.

Tue Jun 15, 2010

To work. Breakfast from the cafeteria: yogurt and granola parfait with fresh blueberries and strawberries. Completed a document for David R. Added SDH graduation ceremony speech video to the website. Resolved a login problem with HR Simplified. Computer maintenance. Had a problem yesterday and today with Onyx and Maintenance and Disk Utility all quitting instantly when attempting to securely erase free drive space. Resolved it by restarting with the OS X dvd and doing the same thing using Disk Utility. Met with Cindy and Shirin about handling online payments for pharmacy information day by November. Web meeting prep. Late lunch: veggie pizza slice from Cafe Bellini. Resolved a pcard procedure problem with Jacqui G. Watched VMware videos about virtualization, research for the IRC. Listserv management. Conferences page edits for Don K. Listserv rotation prep. Dinner at home: sauteed sliced boiler onions, organic carrots, carrots, salt, fresh pepper; penne rigate #68 with marinara sauce; dinner roll with butter and peanut butter; hot water. Web work for Drew.

Wed Jun 16, 2010

Non-meat breakfast burrito to go from Carmelina's. Shorturl group followup. Small web edit for Susie. Project list cleanup. Web edits: ECAP for Susie. Lunch at Bistro 9: zataar pizza, bella park beverage. Student profiles coding. Preview session edit for Shirin. Visited Thomas, met Fellini and Ponti. Dinner with Thomas at La Med.

Thu Jun 17, 2010

Yogurt and granola parfait from Palio is a much better deal than the same thing from Cafe Bellini or Moffitt Cafe. ECAP edit. Finished editing new student profiles text. WCWG meeting. Handled an email issue for a student. Lunch: salmon salad with green string beans, potatoes, and tomato wedges—leftover from a meeting. Met with Shirin: reviewed new student profiles. Faculty meeting. Updated the wireless page. Dinner at Vega with Patrick. Patrick's place: some computer stuff. Finished packing.

Fri Jun 18, 2010

Breakfast at home: oatmeal with blueberries from frozen, 1 tablespoon of raw cane sugar, 16 ounces of hot nonfat milk. 1-on-1 with Rodney. Web work with Eric D. The Medical Sciences building elevators now have new, all-steel elevator panels. To SFO airport by Muni and BART, chatted with Lisa M very briefly on Muni. Flight delayed. Dinner at SFO Bistro Burger: veggie burger with cheddar, iced tea. Browsed in stores at the airport. Found a power outlet and wasted time with Facebook and reading news on my iPhone. Flight on Virgin Airways ended up being 3.5 hours late. In-flight wireless internet did not work for me at all, but I didn't bother to complain. Tina and Spike picked me up. Snack: fresh spring rolls.

Sat Jun 19, 2010

Breakfast with Tina at The Sweet Spot: tofu and veggies scramble, toast, coffee, tea. Lots of computer maintenance for Pippin. Hillcrest: Bread and Cie. Tina ran into Doug and Wenpit. We sat at Peet's, ran into Thom and Manny - said hello. Groceries at Whole Foods: a hippychick asked if I had a cellphone she could use, and I told her no. Back to The Sweet Spot. Watched Tina prepare herbed butter. Afterwards, I helped her prepare 2 fruit salads: (1) bing cherries, white peaches, plums, blackberries, agave (2) strawberries, pineapple, cantalope, blackberries, kiwi, agave, peppermint chiffonade. Sasha and Candice came over to visit. Tina and I picked up Majella then went to BBQ with a side of Wii with Lee, Trent, Aaron, Chris, James, Cally, and many others. We met JJ at The Loft. Met David, Dan, and Steve. Visited Sasha at his place, Tina made drinks for everyone else. Drove to Hillcrest. Stopped in at Chocolat, said hello to Candice who was working the gelato counter. Planned to go to The Brass Rail but changed our minds in front of the bar, went to Mo's instead. Watched the country westernish line dancing until it ended around 11:45 PM when it switched to pop dance. Met Donny M. Tina and I danced for 1.5 songs. Late meal at Jimmy Wong's Jade Pagoda with Tina: shrimp wonton soup for me, chicken tom yum soup for Tina.

Sun Jun 20, 2010

Pre-breakfast: naan slice with hummus, grated carrot, cucumber spears, parsley sprig, sea salt. Corey and Domenica came over for breakfast: strawberry waffles with fresh cherry compote and agave. Afterwards we went to the pool area. Tina, Doe, and I sunbathed; Tina jacuzzied, Doe dipped in the pool somewhat. Corey sat in the shade. After a bit, Tina disappeared and returned with a snack: crackers, tortilla chips, hummus, and a bowl of sandwich trimmings. We decided to see a movie later. Corey and Doe returned home. I took a shower. Saw Iron Man 2 at Parkway Plaza with Corey, Doe, and Tina. Yoga: standing warmup, strength practice.

Mon Jun 21, 2010

Breakfast: small organic yogurt with sliced strawberry, peppermint chiffonade, granola, local orange blossom honey. Tina and I drove to La Jolla, walked on the beach a bit. Visited Birch Aquarium at Scripps. Lunch with Tina and Matt at The Museum Cafe. Planned to visit The Citrus House but then decided there wouldn't be enough time. Back to The Sweet Spot. Nap. Tina prepared a fish and vegetable chowder. Watched Moon (2009) on Netflix Instant Watch on Playstation 3. To bed late.

Tue Jun 22, 2010

Breakfast: plain organic yogurt with strawberry, pineapple, granola; green tea. San Diego Zoo with Tina. Snack: soft-serve chocolate and vanilla swirl. Rested at The Sweet Spot. Midafternoon meal: leftover fish chowder served cold with Sun Chips. Shower. Dinner at Saigon on Fifth with Tina and JJ. Gelato with both at Chocolat.

Wed Jun 23, 2010

Woke early, made breakfast for myself: organic 2-egg scramble with chives; 8 ounces of cold nonfat organic milk. Back to bed, slept until around noon. Late lunch at Evolution Fast Food. They accidentally gave us someone else's chili fries. I went to the register to let them know I would pay for it anyway, but the woman at the register was too busy with other customers. Weird to be eating healthy (or healthier) food that was fast. SDO airport. Cut my hair, showered. A-List at Trigger, chatted mostly with John B.

Thu Jun 24, 2010

Breakfast at home: organic oatmeal, peaches in grape juice from a jar, organic cinnamon, organic nonfat milk. Moved the car. Nap. Went in to the office for a dual celebration. (I'm on vacation, but this was the only time that most of us could make it.) Scott E is leaving us to attend Oregon State University, Eric D's birthday is imminent. Afterwards I went to an acupuncture appointment with Joseph. Automated car wash and gas refill nearby. Home. Changed clothes. Went to Recharge Spa's art showing (Elise Mahan), re-met Kristin, met Tracy, Cricket.

Fri Jun 25, 2010

Slept in. Breakfast at home: organic oatmeal, peaches in grape juice from a jar, organic cinnamon. House chores: prepared the repaired small space heater for installation, laundry. Caught up on journaling. Late lunch: vegetable dumplings and shrimp dumplings from Kingdom of Dumpling from frozen, hot water. Edited and uploaded photos. Folded laundry. Continued completing divorce paperwork. Late dinner: 3 pieces of Green and Black's milk chocolate with toffee, grilled sirloin steak chunky soup with leftover wild rice, hot water.

Sat Jun 26, 2010

Yoga: standing warmup, beginner 1 practice. Breakfast at home: oatmeal with peaches in grape juice from a jar, organic cinnamon, organic nonfat milk. Errands: post office (to complain again about misdelivered mail and other problems), dry cleaner, groceries. Lunch: large mixed greens salad, lowfat blue cheese dressing. Dessert: milk chocolate pieces with fresh parsley and fresh peppermint. Nap. Muni to Castro for Pink Saturday. Stopped at the liquor store, picked up some watermelon schnapps. Pink house party hosted by Jeff N, Josh A, Chris N, Rob C. Learned how to make a creamsicle. Met Ennis (aka Dennis, aka Denny), Scott, Mike (Dave's brother), and many others. Walked around a bit in the Castro with a bunch of others I knew. We were standing a few yards northwest of the new planters at 17th and Market and I heard at least 5 quite loud pops in quick succession. At first I thought it was from fireworks but then I looked in the direction that everyone seemed to be looking—in the middle of the street between Pottery Barn and The Cafe—and there was an area quickly clearing of people. I saw a dark shape that looked like someone lying on the ground, and then I heard someone near me say it was gunshots. I checked the time on my iPhone: 11:30 PM. There was a bit of a panic from the crowd, and, grabbing the arm of someone in our party (I can't remember who now), I quickly moved a few yards further from the body on the ground, putting a planter and some fair equipment between me and the shooting site. I kept thinking I should take cover, but it wasn't clear that a threat remained, people were curious to see what happened, and some of our party didn't bother to move away, so I was trying to see where everyone we knew went, too. Police seemed to be at the site instantly. We were too far away for me to clearly see what was happening. I remember seeing only one person—really to me just a dark shape—lying on the ground. There were no more shots, and eventually we regrouped. Those who were nearby were clearly unnerved by the event and there was no longer much of a mood to have fun. However, further away from where the shooting took place, thousands of other people did not yet realize what had happened and were partying like nothing had happened, and this seemed wrong. Paramedics arrived within minutes, and I saw at least 2 more small groups of police rush in over the next 10 minutes. Part of our group had split off to get pizza, so some of us went to meet them at Marcello's, and I was hungry so I decided to get a slice. While buying, a woman dropped her slice of pepperoni pizza on my shirt and jacket and got grease and tomato sauce all over me while the crowd around us groaned along with me in dismay. She and her woman friend were both very apologetic. My jacket was brand new, too. A staffmember quickly handed me a large wad of paper towels, and I cleaned it up as best I could. Outside, after finishing my slice, I stayed around for a few minutes more, but no one seemed to be in a happy mood anymore, and the party appeared to be breaking up. There was no more music since shortly after the shots were fired. Took Muni home, which was, typically Muni, unbearably inefficient. It took 40 minutes to get from Castro Street Station to West Portal Station. I walked from West Portal Station to 14th and Taraval, then caught an L train from there to 26th. Late meal by myself at King of Thai Noodle on Taraval: pad thai with shrimp, ice water. Home. Did emergency laundry, which failed at removing the stains.

Sun Jun 27, 2010

Breakfast at home: oatmeal with 2 small fresh diced peaches, organic cinnamon, organic nonfat milk. Had a food storage disaster: I had stored a 2-quart plastic bottle of ready-to-drink organic honey green tea on top of the fridge and mistakenly did not push it far enough back and consequently the bottle was sitting partly on the freezer door. When I opened the freezer door to get something, the bottle fell, the cap broke, and 1 quart exploded out before I picked up the bottle and threw down rags and towels to soak up the mess. Some had seeped under a bookcase next to the fridge, so I had to empty the bookcase so that I could move and turn it over to clean and dry the underside. Pride Parade with Chris and Nate then later Jeremy B, Andy M, Scott T, Tim, Rob, and others I am sure I did not remember because I'm writing this a day later. After arriving at Civic Center by Muni, I had a takeout lunch at a Chinese restaurant inside the celebration area: fried rice, shrimp with green beans, veggie dumplings, shrimp and leek dumplings. Met up with Chris and Nate and we walked around, seeing most everything. I took Muni to Powell Street Station then walked up to Zara on Post to see if they had another copy of my new jacket which was ruined yesterday by the woman who accidentally slid a pizza slice off a paper plate and onto my chest. They did not have another copy, but I did find a boys dress shirt that might fit me with some simple alterations: $17.51 after tax. Partly restored order regarding the bookcase. Dinner at home: gigantic salad similar to the one I recently made. Nap. Sanctuary. Late meal at King of Thai Noodle: shrimp pad thai, ice water.

Mon Jun 28, 2010

Woke up groggy. There was a small earthquake this morning but since the upstairs neighbors are moving out I thought it was them moving some furniture. Breakfast at home: half order of oatmeal with a small fresh diced peach, organic cinnamon, organic nonfat milk. Back to work after a week of vacation. 81 messages in my inbox after the first pass, started taking care of issues. 1-on-1 with Rodney: virtualization meeting. Takeout from Palio: couscous salad with shrimp, bread, water: $4.50. Shuttle to Laurel Heights. 1-on-1 with Susie. Web team meeting. Shuttle to Parnassus. Small meal: taco #10 at Carmelina's: under $4. Dropped stuff off at the office. To home. Chatted briefly with Ed who is taking care of former tenants' belongings in the garage. Small meal: organic vanilla nonfat yogurt with peppermint chiffonade, sliced organic strawberries, simple syrup. Some yoga stretches. Late meal: 1.5 medium quesadillas: one with cheddar and mushroom, the other with grape tomato, parsley, and cheddar; 8 ounces of hot nonfat milk.

Tue Jun 29, 2010

Breakfast at home: vanilla organic nonfat yogurt, diced strawberries, diced kiwi, peppermint. Staff meeting. Troubleshot a problem for Darius. Sent Susie instructions for setting up DND for her phone—she doesn't have it for some reason. Updated our primary profile pic images for Facebook group and fan page. Answered computer requirements questions for entering students JL, CR, and XC. Announced the availability of the computer requirements. WCWG meeting. Lunch: taco verde #9 ($2.37) from Carmelina's to go, water, at desk. Faculty and staff page edits for Alana S. Gave Brad D feedback on tiny. Met Melissa at Cafe Flore. She's back in town after New York. We had dinner at Barracuda, then got Bi-Rite soft serve at Super Duper, then she gave me a ride home.

Wed Jun 30, 2010

Yoga: standing warmup. Jogging in place: 20 minutes. Breakfast at home: oatmeal with sliced organic strawberries, half and half, organic nonfat milk, sour cream. To work. Scott's last day at the OSACA. Cindy brought bagels for a final farewell. Eric and I had lunch with him at Hahn's Hibachi. Web edits involving Scott's departure, PACCTR, edited content for the new PharmD/PhD pages. Helped Lisa find the procedure for how to remove accidental forwarding on fax lines. Began listserv migration. Provided Mark B with feedback on the revised ITS wireless page. Met with Eric, worked on improving speed with the homepage. Dinner at home: veggie and tofu stir-fry with bok choy, mushrooms, spinach, zucchini, green cabbage, organic garlic, organic ginger, homemade sauce. Chatted briefly with Zach who said we were the quietest neighbors he has ever had—so sweet. Jogging in place: 25 minutes.